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  1. It all depends You cant ask a open ended question like this and expect serious answers because the situation is what depicts if its ok or not. If the 100 are pedophiles that have harmed children, then no they have no rights to defend themselves! If the 100 are women oppressed by some religious fanatic then yes they have the right to defend themselves! It all depends on the situation. By asking this question in such a open ended way, you are basically saying you support something you know in your heart that is wrong but are trying to defend it anyways by making vague statements that honestly dont pretain to the situation. Just come out and state what you are talking about and then everyone can answer you honestly and clearly. Simple as that. Dont hide your agenda in the shadows like you currently are doing. Be a man/woman and not a coward and step up to the plate!
  2. I just saw the commercial for Lost Planet on the Xbox 360 and their graphics were better and more impressive then 90% of the sci fi movies and TV shows on the current market! WTH? If a gaming company can use actual game play to advertise their games in depth graphics, why cant we expect TV shows and Movies to at least attain the same level or detail? Right now the ONLY movies that compare are the huge budget ones. I seriously doubt a xbox 360 game costs 100 million to produce so why cant middle budget movies and upper rated TV shows do the same? Im serious, everything in this commercial was better then ANYTHING you will see on BSG. And about equivilant to the HD scenic shots of Atlantis on Star Gate Atlantis. But as we all know, The rest of the SG:A show isnt as pretty as the scenic shots of Atlantis. Really makes me wonder, the technology is out there, its easily accessable, should we expect this as the norm now rather then the exception?
  3. There is going to be no animosity between Canada and the USA because of it. I really think the USA should step up to the plate here and admit they were wrong but thats going to cost them ALOT of money if they do that in the lawsuit so I dont expect that to ever happen. Kinda sad though because the guy has been PROVEN innocent beyond ANY reasonable (or really unreasonable) doubt. He should be taken off the no fly list immediately and should NEVER have been sent to Syria like he was to be tortured! Canada just settled with him and gave him 11.5 million dollars (that includes legal fees) and our prime minister just publicly appoligized to him on TV and in writing. But you know what REALLY REALLY REALLY bugs me about this topic. Not what the states did (its bush and over reacting his middle name), not the settlement (id want compensation as well if it happened to me). What really pisses me off to no end is Canada bias F'ing news reporters. NOT ONE OF THEM! NOT A SINGLE ONE has asked the obvious and most prudent question, HOW THE HELL DID MARTIN AND THE LIBERALS ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN? Seriously, can you imagine the uproar if Canada deported a american with out any evidence and then shipped that american off to a 3rd world country to be tortured until he confessed? It simply would never happen! EVER. If the USA tried that today Harper would be all over them sticking up for the Canadian. But because Canada's news is so freaking slanted to the left, not a single reporter is asking the question. I for one want to know why this happened and why the government that was in power at the time didnt act to protect a canadian citizen from false prosecution. What makes this even scarier is that same liberal party right now looks like they will win the next election all because the canadian media refuses to hold them up to a minimum standard that should be expected of ANY AND ALL political figures! That to me is the biggest travesty of this whole circus routine. The fact that average Canadians didnt learn diddly squat from this exercise in ignoring basic fundamental rights. You americans think you have it bad with Bush, just wait till next election when Canada puts into power a Liberal that cant speak english and hates the USA, then you going to see abuse of power and mind boggleing stupidity from a federal leader! PS: Canada and the States will never merge into one country because there is fundemental differences between the two countries that could never be addressed. HOWEVER, its not a stretch to think Alberta and the West might willingly join the states if the east continues to use its unfair and outdated electorial power to force liberal governments into power. Western Canada hates the liberals and has been raped by them and ignored by them for the last 100 years. The seperatist movement out there is growing fast everytime Ontario and Quebec hold the country hostage and force in Liberals to power. Canada desperately needs electorial reform or its not going to last anouther 50 years im afraid to say. Its sad to say but the Harper government has done more for the west (western canada) in one year then the liberals did in ten years, yet because of how electorial seats counted, Ontario and Quebec basically decide who the Leader is each election. Ignoring the fact that the West is the fastest growing and richest (pays most taxes and revenue transfers) portion of Canada. You cant expect them to stand still for ever but Liberals will never change the rules because if everything was even the Liberals would have less seats then the NDP would. Liberals are wel;comed in two Canadian provinces only and those two provinces currently hold all the power because of outdated and idiotic election rules.
  4. LOL never fails, some idiot makes some lame come back that has nothing to do with what was said and idiot #2 comes along trying to stroke his ego (and other more physical body parts). Welp if these two the best anyone can come up with then I guess my point stands solid in the realm of REALITY and thats good enough for me.
  5. And your saying you want to bring real world politics into a fantasy world based on your own beleifs. Hey I want the sith and jedi to join forces and chop off the heads of all Liberals and NDP'er here in Canada (mainly because they just to stupid to live. Or as Klingons would say "they a waste of good skin"). But thats a political request that has NOTHING what so ever to do with the game/setting of Star Wars. So yes by saying you want homosexual interaction in a Star Wars game you ARE pushing your own politics into the topic.
  6. A gay scene is never going to happen in Starwars, period. You forget that there are some very strong groups in the US that would boycott the game and raise merry hell if anything like that was so much as implied in the game, let alone shown. To give you an idea when the star of a US Sit-com came out as being gay these groups had enough clout to have her show pulled. LA is not going to try and tackle these groups, frankly it wouldn't be worth it. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I agree and its one of the things I like about Star Wars to be honest. I just dont understand why Homosexual relations need to be promoted for some people in games and TV and movies. Society is coming around to treating them like human beings and protecting their way of life, thats fine and im all for that but that doesnt mean we have to PROMOTE IT in our games and fantasy worlds. Im glad Star Wars doesnt bother with the gay topics and keeps everything on the straight (pun intended) and narrow. Im watching/reading/playing Star Wars to escape real life for a short period of time, not to have some minority push their own values upon me ruining the escapism of the whole thing. Im not religious and Im not homophopic, but enough already, leave your sexual desires and demands up to the CREATOR of the genre. In this case Lucas dictated romance is between man and woman, plain and simple. People should have enough respect to accept that and not try to push their own politics into the game/story/show/movie/ TOPIC! Really cant say it any clearer then that! And yes the other poster was also correct, star Wars is not some Hack and Slash Gore fest. You dont need blood to get you point across. Frankly I think blood would take away from the genre. This isnt a Jason movie/story/whatever. Its star wars and it has a higher level of thought process then some slasher flick. Star Wars doesnt need Blood in it. It does just fine with out the blood!
  7. For me, I just grow tired of Evil being stupid in games. You can kick the cat/dog only so many times before it becomes silly. A good example of evils Id like to see is in Jade Empire actually (the concept anyways). Your master is evil but he manipulates (even if it was easy to predict) you to do his bidding by making you think your doing good. A evil character doesnt need to call everyone names and insult them, doesnt need to steal from the poor to be evil. Look how Palpatine got Anakin to turn to the dark side, it wasnt by insulting him, it was by tempting him and manipulating him. Evils that think are so much more interesting then borish bullies. It takes not thought at all to be a bully, it takes alot of thought to turn someone thats good to your way of thinking through manipulation. KotOR2 actually did a great job with this in some aspects on how you effected your party members. Through your actions you brought them to your way of thinking but it was through the subtle actions, not the outright no mind evil actions. A great example of this was on Nar Shaddar where you could tell those guys to jump over the edge killing themselves. Handmaiden objected greatly to this but if you set them up to be killed by saving the pesent she was fine with that. Thats a really basic example but it shows the difference in thought process. Thats always been my biggest problem with KotOR1, it was so one dimensional in its good and evil. Evil doesnt need to be stupid, you can still save the weaker person to attain a greater objective, you dont have to insult them and kick them as they already down.
  8. I actually think the best reason not to make WII games is the same from previous years. the market already saturaded enough with games being made for PS or Xbox. We seriously dont need even greater market stauration with WII entering the GOOD RPG race. I will never own a WII and frankly if any company ever makes a WII only rpg that I really wanted to play Id stop buying their products because of the insult. Im disabled and cant use the WI controllers so to be left out of a genre I love because I cant flap my arms around like a bird would be the ultimate insult from a gaming company. Stick with PS3 and XBox 360 and leave the WII for kiddies with to much energy and adults on to much sugar rushs
  9. LOL nice deflection of your previous statements. You made sweeping statements and then argued when presented with FACTS, so rather then change topic how about you now enlighten us with YOUR FACTS? Cant? Didnt think so!
  10. Actually Meridian 59 wasnt 1st, 2nd or 3rd NWN on AOL was first and had a user base of 10,000 (huge in that time era). Then there was a game on imagination network Followed by the Realms (first 3d graphical game) Followed by Dark Sun Online Followed by Twilite lands Followed by Meridian 59. Meridian 59 only came out a year before UO did and was widely considered a failure as its graphics and in game mechanics were of less quality then games that came before it. When UO released M59 was really shown for how poorly it was designed. M59 was nothing more then the SSI Ravenloft series (also huge failures) made into a online game. Should note that the 10k NWN had in its high point is equivilant to WoWs 7 million in modern era. NWN was a huge success for AOL and the first MASSIVE hit for MMORPGs. Before that there was muds that had a couple 1000 players at most signed up. Anyways, always laugh at people that talk about MMORPGs with out having any clue what they speaking about. Seriously Alan and others, if your going to make statements about MMORPGs, at least take the time to learn about topic somewhat. Its not very hard. Should also point out EQ2 is not a failure as some claim. EQ2 didnt project 7 million users at their target and the game is VERY healthy with its current sub numbers. So lets stop this sillyness that EQ2 failing, its not. Nor is EQlive, both still maintain very good subscription numbers for the genre and both are considered (for their time) industry leading games that change and evolve the genre. WOW has the greatest amount of sub numbers but you people really need to learn that sub numbers and popularity doesnt always equal quality. Just no other way to put it to make you understand this simple yet truthful statement. So if you wanna play a watered down version of EQ and DAoC, go play WOW, many have. If you wanna however play systems that challenge you and enhance your game play, then you have no other choice but to try the EQs and DAoC (or in near future Vanguard and Warhammer). 7 million is the key there. That's an insane number. No one comes close to that, so every MMO will now be compared to WoW simply because WoW is on top by an insane amount. No other game comes close to those numbers. Before WoW, every MMO was compared to EQ because that was the most succesful. It didn't matter that Meridian 59 came first. That's just the way the industry works. You can argue quality all day, but the only real indication of success is raw sales figures. Quality is just your opinion. <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
  11. LOL nero, im on EVERY MMORPG mailing list and beta list. Fail to see what your point is? Warhammer isnt a copy of WOW, just because you say it doesnt make it true. Ive backed up my reasoning with valid and relivant FACTS. You have just made sweeping false statements based on your limited and obvious unexperienced opinion. So you watched a couple vids? So what, have you read the dev journals? Read the dev chats? followed the game since BEFORE Mythic took over? Do you even know who was making Warhammer before Mythic? Nuff said! Have you tried Lord of the Rings? Since you bring up that game you must have experience in the game or have you just seen a vid again???? LotR is a poorly designed game that is the areas with cameo appearences from the movie characters. All in all its a poor attempt to try and cash in on the movies and will not be a even moderate success. But you knew that right? I mean with all your vid watching experience!
  12. hehe Alan, I beta tested WOW and had friends in EQ2. EQ2 started testing 6 months before WOW and released 1.5 months before WOW did. So they came first Ive read the WOW crap in SWG as well. I recently retried SWG and can say there is no wow in it. All they have done is what players asked for since release, more quests more, SW content. The WOW comparrision so silly its laughable, but SWG players so bitter they also laughable anyways so wouldnt put much stock in anything they say to be honest. If any comparrison going to be made, SWG copied EQ2 with its starter Island (space station in SWG). Both almost identical in theory and application. Seriously, visit their forums, they are by far the most bitter and whiny players on the entire net and thats saying ALOT.
  13. LOL, yas know WOWs community use to bug me ALOT but that was before game released and all the mental midgits that play WOW were spamming other games forums with how great WOW is. I mean you get what you pay for and its obvious to all WOW players are on the low end of the evolutionary chart. So if you play there you only got yourself to blame. What DOES however turn me off about WOW is all these morons saying such and such a game copying WOW. That drives me nuts because These games were all out before WOW. So if their is similarities (and there is because WOW didnt bring a single new idea or concept to MMORPGs) its WOW that was copying the others, not vise versa. In a different thread a player just told me Warhammer looks like a WOW clone. In actuality Warhammer looks (and is) DAoC2. The only reason it looks similair to WOW is because DAoC is one of the games WOW copied out right when designing their game. Warhammer is a updated version of DAoC, not a WOW clone. EQ2 is not a WOW clone, EQ2 released BEFORE WOW and was in production for alot longer then WOW because unlike WOW, EQ2 brought new ideas and concepts to the genre. EQ is not a WOW clone, EQ released something like 7 years before WOW so how can they be a WOW clone? SWG is not stealing ideas from WOW, SWG (along with DAOC, EQ2, Anarcy Online, ect) all had instanced dungeons in game and running before WOW so just because they have instanced dungeons doesnt mean they copying WOW. I could go on and on till blue in the face but think Ive made my point. NO ONE is copying WOW, NO ONE. To copy something means you have to be the first to use something. WOW has ZERO new concepts or ideas in its game. Every game copies others to some extent but usually each and every game brings something new to the table as well. WOW is the first MMORPG that brought no new ideas to the table and just blatently copied everyone else 100%. Thus the statement that anyone coping WOW is incorrect because WOW doesnt own and cant lay claim to any of the ideas in their game. Not a single one.\ Give credit where credit is earned. WOW didnt earn any! Simple as that, they simply made someone elses game, attatched the Warcraft and Blizzard name to the box, and sat back while 7 million brainless lemmings bought what they were selling with out a single question. LOL, MacDonalds would be so proud!
  14. Before anyone flames me, im being serious here. Use to be that a rpg required mental abilities and not just dexterity. But in recent years ive noticed that the mental puzzle solving, tactics driven rpgs are being replaced by twitch mechanics. Now the twitch players, of course, will tell you that this is a improvement but for me, I miss having to think in a game and work out issues. Even KotOR 1,2 and JE fell into this patern (even though I loved all 3 games). The combat could have been so much more interesting but instead of having to think you were forced to try and push a button to activate sheild and other such things. Defensive skills use to matter in games, now its just do you push your sheilds button in time. I gotta say this is the ONE thing about Biowares Mass Effects that has me worried. They have already stated they trying to mix rpg with twitch and I just dont have any interest in playing twitch games. Id rather win or lose on skill and character build then worry if I hit a button fast enough or do a button combo fast enough. Guess I just miss the older games where you were rewarded for useing your mind. Anyone else notice this as well in todays games? I really dont think this movement to twitch gaming is a improvement what so ever. If I wanna play a twitch game Ill go buy a Wii
  15. I loved MOO2 except for one thing. (forget name now) that one ship weapon upgrade you could get that destroyed planets because no matter how well you defended a planet, soon as the first player got this tech, game was over basically. MOO3 sucked but I always wished they would make anouther MOO game where the techs were balanced so defending your planet was doable.
  16. as I said Nero, Wow is the most popular but if you examine both games indepth EQ2 is the far far better and more indepth game. Sadly in MMORPGs, quality doesnt always equal sub numbers (altho to be honest EQ2 not hurting sub wise either). Warhammer might be successful but I doubt if it will be as successful as some people originally think. First off Warhammer doesnt carry the name recognition that Warcraft or Dungeons and Dragons carry so its going to hit much small group of players over all then those two games did at initial release. 2) Its very pro PVP. As has been proven beyond any and all doubt, pvp doesnt sell to the masses. Most players want pvp but they want it as a add on, when push comes to shove though, if pvp gets equal amount of development time as pve, the masses get turned off and look elsewhere for their gaming fix. Thats just the god honest simple truth of the matter. In my youth I was very active in pvp so its not as if I hate pvp, just after 16 years of playing mmorpgs even I cant deny the obvious. Now Warhammer pvp should be better then most other games pvp because the team making the game (designer of DAoC) have a successful template to build off of (if they go that route). DAoC was a huge success pvp wise until they started to add realm point abilities so they should be able to make a interesting and working system for players. But in the end they faced with the sad truth that pvp doesnt sell, pve content does. So they better make sure Warhammer pve is up to snuf or the game going to fail out right. Anyways, just because WOW has the most subs doesnt make it the best game out there. Having played all the games on the market I can tell you right now EQ, EQ2, and DAoC are all better quality then WOW. Mainly because each of them tried new and exciting things to promote and advance the genre. WOW did nothing new or exciting, it just stole ideas from other games (and in many cases made inferior copies of theose ideas) and got sales off its game name and company name alone. Which brings us back to MacDonalds, MacDonalds is not the best restraunt in the world, hell its not even the best fast food joint in the world, but the golden arches will always attract and sell, no matter what. WOW is exactly the same thing, lower quality, higher profits! Cant really bash them for being successful but people should never mistake sub numbers as meaning higher quality! Thats just a falsehood and out right wrong statement in every sence of the meaning (and no, thats not bias opinion, thats truthful FACT). As for Bioware, I think its pretty safe to say they going to stick with what brought them to the dance and their MMORPG will be fantasy based. If Mass Effects sells huge I could see them doing a Mass Effects MMORPG AFTER the trilogy plays out first. Heck I could see them doing a JE MMORPG as well but again after the JE games have all run their course first. Im also looking forward to MAss Effects but the original poster asked about MMORPGs, not single player games. yas know, quotes like this are misleading people new to the genre. When I look at Warhammer online I see DAoC 2, not WOW. When I look at WOW I see a hybred of EQ/DAoC/SWG/UO. People need to start understanding that there were successful games before WOW (not to same sub amounts mind you) and those games, not WOW set the standard for all games (including WOW) and how they made. Games are not coping WOW, WOW copied other games. There is a HUGE difference. Warhammer is not a copy of WOW, Warhammer is a updated version of DAoC. WOW was a copy of DAoC. I really think posters that say stuff like (insert game here) copying WOW doing the genre a total and complete disservice by not recognizing or understanding or even knowing the Truth of the matter before they speak. Do you think MacDonalds invented the hamburger? Of course not, so why assume WOW created everything in MMORPGs. Fact is WOW doesnt sell on its game play. It sells because its Warcraft and its Blizzard. If players actually cared about Quality WOW would be bankrupt already and closed as it does nothing better then the original designers of the ideas. EQ, DAoC, EQ2, ect all have better graphics, better raids, better quests, better writing, ect ect ect (you get the picture). So please stop giving credit to something that doesnt deserve the credit. Give credit where credit is due.
  17. I actually DONT suggest people try the free trial. Main reason being is SOE has added a very fun and engrossing newbie area to game so if you try that, you will thing the game great. But thats misrepresenting the rest of the game. If the whole game played like the newbie space station did, I would still be playing the game and loving every second of it. Sadly, it doesnt. There is MORE content in the newbie space station then there is on ENTIRE PLANETS once your finished with the newbie space station. So the worst thing you can do is tell someone to download the free trial to see if they like the game as they not going to get a realistic or accurate veiw of the game from that trial. To be honest I hate that this game (SWG) no good because I deperately wanted to enjoy it. I would love a properly made SW mmorpg. Id be forst in line to sign up and would spend years and years playing it. Just because I think, if done correctly, Star Wars is a role players and adventures wet dream come true far as gaming goes. SWG just doesnt fit that bill and never has sadly. Im currently playing EQ2 (awsome game) and every day I play there I wish someone would make a Star Wars game using the designs of EQ2. The game is so invloved with its factions, skill trees, adventure xp, acheivement xp, crafting xp, guild xp, and so on and so on and so on. Its easily the best mmorpg on the current market (Ive played them all). Not the most popular (thats WOW) but if MacDonalds showed us anything, it that to be the most popular DOESNT mean you have the best quality. Sadly I think with the failure of Anarcy online, SWG, and some others (even Eve is only limited success at best) I dont think we going to see a real Sci Fi mmorpg any time soon as sci fi quickly getting the rap in MMORPG circles of not being a good sell. I truely hope some company out there understandds that if they made a quality sci fi MMORPG, it would attract alot of people, just to date the games that have been made have been poorly designed and even poorer in upkeep. Sci Fi can sell, it just needs the right game to be made.
  18. bah that makes no sence, my cat definately has conscious thought but still lacks many of the rights I enjoy each and every day. Dogs obviously (well some anyways as dogs only slightly more intellegent then cows) have conscious thought but obviously lack in the rights dept. Actually I cant think of ONE living animal that doesnt have conscious thought but ALL lack in the rights dept. Im not a vegin by any stretch but if your going tpo make a insane statement like Sand did, at least try to back it up!
  19. To me making it legal makes the most sence really. By making it legal you can protect those involved by being able to have access to the police, ensure cleanliness with in the proffession, and bring in taxes to support the communities. People (men and women) have been using these proffessions for ever and I just dont see that changing anytime soon. But with aides and other diseases being so appearent in the world today, it just makes sence to legislate them to protect everyone involved rather then having people roll the dice with their health. Also, many of these women are oppressed because they are forced underground and forced to have pimps to protect them as standard laws dont apply or cover them. Doing away with pimps would help many of these workers out in the long run allowing them to actually keep what they earned, there for allowing them to have some sort of life while plying their trade. Women rights organizers as usually are outta touch with reality and society on this topic (like so many others), sure some women are forced into this life style through abuse and such but just as many end up in a office and forced into relationships they not interested in by unsrupuless bosses and employers (again man or female) so by making this legal you at least allow for the women to have a sence of accomplishment in their choosen trade! The Philosopher is also dead on, we as a society allow religion to impact our lives far to much. What ever happened to the seperation of church and state? I honestly think its about time this statement started to matter and get implimented already! Here in Canada (toronto) at our city courts the workers were not ALLOWED to put up a long standing tradition of having a xmas tree because some idiot liberal judge ruled it negatively impacts those not of the Christian faith! SO FREAKING WHAT. Xmas is a North American tradition and has long ago lost its religious over tones for all but the devote! People no longer attend church services because its xmas, no longer veiw it as the birth of christ. Its simply a celebration of society where family members come togather, exchange gifts, and spend some time with each other in a far to hectic modern day world! Its about time ALL Religion was taken outta the equation of ALL DECISIONS! Simple as that!
  20. I want K3 to continue the story of the Exile looking for Revan. Its layed out and everything and also we could finish things like droid factory in k3 this way.
  21. WOW, im surprised you all like Star Wars then because at its core its cowboys and indians in space with a hooky religion and aliens galor! Its whole premise is good vrs evil in the most generic way possible. But good vrs evil sells, always has, always will to the general public. From what I have read BSG has had alot of trouble finding a audience and its still touch and go if it keeps going from season to season. Definately hasnt grabbed the public the way SG1 or SGA has. As I said, In my opinion I dont care for the show. I know thats not going to change others opinions and thats fine. I DID watch it with a open mind (well somewhat open, im old enough to remember the original series so of course comparrisons will be made. And ill even admit I was turned off by the female starbuck character and still am. I dont watch BSG faithfully but if its the only thing on ill catch a episode here and there. I did watch the first season from begining to end and it really came off to me (and everyone I know to be honest) as a sci fi soap opera of the same quality (regarding writing, visually it was good). Ros, im not surprised you disagree with me either after your reply about SWG and why it failed in other forum. We definately see things differently on pretty much every level, and thats fine but dont tell me my mind was closed when you actually dont know that as you dont know me. Im a VERY open minded person and everyone I know put alot of faith into my opinions on MMORPGs and Sci fi/fantasy stories as im VERY VERY VERY well read (from Dickens in original english text - to law- to finances- to history- to more fantasy/sci fi then you probably seen in your lifetime) and one of the true pinoneers you will ever meet in MMORPGs having beta tested the very first MMORPG ever made and played close to 90% of all MMORPGs that came afterwards. Fact is I put alot of though and practical experience into my comments and they come from real experience and not just fly by my pants ideas. I see the good and bad and the reasons behind the good and bad in almost everything and its truely rare that I think something is outright bad. BSG just happens to be the exception to the rule is all.
  22. Canada would survive and in many cases improve if Quebec seperated to be honest. Right now Quebec is a drain on Canadian funds that could go elsewhere or result in a nice tax break. Dont take me for wanting Quebec to leave, just saying if they did Canada would not be that hard off as MOST if not all industries would vacate Quebec anyways and relocate to elsewhere in Canada. Make no mistake, these companies located in Quebec need Canada 10000000 times more then they need Quebec. Im so tired of Quebec and sepretism though that if they truely want to leave, let them go. With no dollar value (as Canada would not be supporting them) and the immediate disolution of all their social programs (again canada no longer supporting them) Quebec would quickly become a 3rd world nation surrounded by two large nations (USA and Canada) that would have no interest in bailing them out financially unless they ready to join our countries for good. Actually if Quebec left Canada could finally drop the stupid bilingualism as well. Its a waste of tax payers money and is a false front as French not used anywhere in large amount other then Quebec. Also we (Canada) wouldnt lose that much land as natives own most of Quebec land and have no interest in seperating, so really only Montreal as a city would seperate and with no natural resources they would be in hard times fast.
  23. I doubt it, Squint is a newlky promoted jedi where as Revan and Malak were already strong jedi knights when the mandalorian wars came based on the stories in the game. I know alot of people looking for revan and nihlus and such and trying to make the characters in kotOR comic them but I really think these just seperate characters telling a different story that runs along the same time as Revan and them. Someone else suggested that Zayne is really Nihlus, I doubt that as well. I could be wrong but I doubt it, but man am i enjoying this series! Glad I read about it on these boards so I started collecting from the start. Just wish the comics were bigger! LOL
  24. True but here is a better example. I was a HUGE HUGE HUGE fan of the West Wing series. Now we all know that most of our political figures are void and empty of any morales in real life and the West Wing was definately driven by whats happening in the world. Yet rather then focus on evil men (and women) taking the easy or most profitable way out, they decided to give the characters a STRONG foundation in good. So even when they were forced to do something negative you knew they struggled with that choice and would have prefered to have done the good move but were out played. Now flash forward to BSG. When Adama is forced to do something negative, I dont truely beleive there is regret from the character for that move. You can blame the actor for not getting the emotion accross but fact is thats a damn good actor they have for that role, which tells me its the writing and director moreso then the actors failure to get across a emotion or inner struggle after a negative situation or choice. Probably the worst character in that show is the 1st officer (forget his name). He is the most generic bad guy you have ever seen and his character has NO inner struggle or decency to him. Hes just plainly a drunk A hole whose manipulated the system to get where he is riding on the coat tails of Adama. Its such a bad character Im surprised anyone can stand the guy. It took NO imagination to create the character, takes NO imagination to play the character, and if thats what people consider SERIOUS, they should be ashamed of themselves! Again, it doesnt take any talent to write or play a bad guy with NO redeaming qualities. It takes ALOT of talent to write for and play a bad guy people come to care about, but BSG has no one like that. Again it focuses totally on the negative. There are no heros, no inner struggles, everyone just takes the easy way out and to hell with the concequences. Thats not entertainment to me. Again, these just my own feeling on the topic and dont think im going to change anyones idea or concepts of the shows. But if at least one person takes time to think about what im saying then it was worth it. SG1 and SGA are not fine wine of sci fi but they definately are creative and imaginative, and they definately have heros that when forced to do a evil dead, they struggle with it and show that even though they had no choice they feel remorse and sadness over the act. At least they promote a positive message for the fans and people watching. Oh on side note, heheh I like the new guy more then I did McGyver to be honest. But keep in mind I LOVED the original movie and Kurt Russell set that character up for what he is, the TV show changed the character entirerly which is part of the reason I never really got into SG1. But still ifnd the imagination used for the history and story of the show to be amazing. I love that all our old world gods were Aliens of different races and how they interacted with each other because our worlds lore. Really well done on that aspect IMO. And Rodney Mckay is hillarious! SGA would be nothing with out Rodney, he fits in so well with the other cast members! Welp time to go watch STA cyas all later
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