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  1. Totally agree, thats one of the reasons I think the land mass of the game should be like 3 times larger (but with content). Ive finished game twice now as LS jedi, now doing it as a Dark Jedi and already seeing massive things I missed because of light side influence. and yes, it was really obvious the endings were put togather as after thoughts unlike KotOR1. Hehe, and im starting to see some HUGE contradictions now as well in game as playing through for a 3rd time! Really quite funny I think the ONE thing tho that bothered me more then any other issue in game is the Jedi Council (after you save 3 worlds no less) acted more like Sith then the Sith did. If you saw the holo of Vroon in Dant and then how Vroon acts through out the whole story line, sorry thats text book sith! I think as a Light Jedi I should have had option of declaring them SITH and attacking to be honest!!!!! In part one the Jedi Council acted like the Jedi council, in part two they acted like jealous children after a spanking to be honest. VROON as the Sith Lord for part 3 please (yes I REALLY REALLY wanna kill him, playing through again tghis time as dark Jedi just so I might get that option!!!!!!).
  2. 2 to 3 years developement? Gotta disagree STRONGLY with that (unless they make a MMORPG....which I would be totally game for). Fact is, after two successful releases of the product series, LA knows the numbers in terms of sales, they just need to make sure the company that gets the contract (be it Obsidian, Bioware, who ever), has (and is willing to guarentee it) a staff large enough to put out a larger game but keep the quality at the same level (at a minimum). The KotOR franchise is a HUGE money maker for them so they should put some of those profits back into the development of the franchise I think. My only real compaint about both releases has been the size of the game, both have just been way to small and cramped! PS: I agree with other posters, Star Wars in about good vrs evil, not many shades of grey! If your looking for Grey in Star Wars, go play SWG where the dark jedi are politer and freindier then the so called Good Jedi's) The villians in KotOR have been top notch Villians. Heck most of the supporting cast NPCs have been top notch (altho to be fair, im sure if I posted the ones I disliked from parts one and 2, many more people will have liked them, so its just personal taste). hehe, me im just happy there is once again a RPG on the market thats athrow back to the older days of substance and story over bang bang boom boom!!!!!!
  3. LOL! Just finished KotOR 2 (gotta love a game that can maintain yas interest enough for forsake sleep and all else for 4 straight days!). Overall id give it 9 outta 10 rating For some reason the storyline just doesnt seem to flow as smoothly as the first one, having said that tho the story line is MUCH MUCH more advanced then the first one. They definately made this second game more mature in nature to allow for a more advanced storyline. Obsidian made the same mistake Bioware did tho, many of the planets just dont seem complete because they limit you. At the least I would have liked to seen/had access to the areas that were available in part one (if one same planet of course). Game just seems to small in nature because of this. Of course it could just be a fact that im a huge fan of this series (KotOR series, not so much Star Wars in general) and am left wanting more always. Up side is unlike the first one, the sequal to this one is already forshadowed at the end confrontation. If they do in fact go the route the story lays out, it should be a interesting and compelling part 3 *Note: Of course they could just make you play a different character next time around (create a new storyline to fit in this one again) so while the sequal stuff there dont take it as gospil truth* So my suggestions are this 1) Make sure players have access to areas of same planet the other game (guess games if talking part 3 now) had. Could only be some NPC critters there even but please grow your universe with each game 2) Would have liked to see a cut screen movie at the end of game like was in KotOR, not just ship flying away. 3) This bothered me in KotOR1 and 2, why when on ship cant I attempt to repair a droid with the party member who has the highest repair skill. I usually end up doing the game with the same combat partners for the most part, and repair is not really needed for the adventuring aspect, but that leaves people on ship that can learn and utilize repair skill. (also being able to select a Different NPC character on ship would help greatly in organizing equipment and such! 4) hurry up with KotOR3
  4. Wow! what a friendly bunch of people here! To the ONE person that asked a real question. Ashrons Call ran a monthly story Arc early in their retail MMORPG. Thats about it tho to be honest. SWG does infact try to have a story line but its boring and ignored mostly. WoW, EQ1&2,UO, all of them have minor story backdrops in chunks here and there but no REAL outlined story (meaning you might find a story on the official site but you will be hard pressed to see same detail or close to in game). Hope that answers your question Now for My question, heheh OBSIDIAN personal, has there been any talk or chance of you and LA joining togather for a Star wars Old Republic MMORPG? While a few folks bashed the genre, it is still waiting for that one Sci Fi game to take control and I personally think (been playing mmorpgs since 1991 and alpha and beta testing close to 90% of them since then) KotOR theme would be a great success in that genre. Its alot more open and free then the SWG story line. Anyways, just wondering and suggesting (as this suggestion board). I really think it would be a huge huge success.
  5. Topic says it all I find the Old Republic much more interesting time line and story line for a MMORPG then the Movie Time Line used in SWG. Any chance of you and LA getting togather for this?
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