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  1. I actually agree with Darque on this, I think society as we know it just isnt working and we are entering a transition period (I have no great predictions as to how it will all turn out) but change is defenatly starting. As for the original posters comments, I think the looting in the aftermath of Katrina is just as bad as the roits in France and Australia. Just Katrina was more in the publics mind and attention so more people had "opinions " on it. Thats why you had threads on the disgusting acts done in the aftermath of Katrina and not endless threads on France or Austraila. Simple as that. Thats the price you pay for drawing attention to yourself as the world leader and being the one of the few super powers left. The actual acts tho (be it looting, racism, gangs, ect) are all just as disgusting as the next.
  2. sorry but you CAN see Bastilla speaking to Carth in K2 (if you go LS Male) so the theory is false. Sorry sik, but just like your other complaint posts about story in K2, if you play it as the obvious main story (LSM) you get the whole story. Just because it doesnt show in female play doesnt mean its not there.
  3. LOL of course he was evil! The whole taking over the republic, killing people that stood against HIS beleifs, Captureing and turning jedi to his beliefs. It doesnt matter what his motives were created from, the way he went about it was evil. Hitler did much the same thing and we wouldnt call him LS but using the darkside to his advantage! Revan was a smart evil before being turned back to the lightside, but he was evil all the same! LOL, Im amazed this is even debated to be honest!
  4. Guild mate posted this on our guild forums and its just so funny it needs to be shared!
  5. Welp Sik, this quote explains now why you cant understand the completed story (different thread) for K2. Its not you cant or story not there, you just refuse to see it is all. I love romances in RPG if they are written well and make sence. K2 and handmaiden romance was top notch and well done. K2 would have been half the game it is with out Handmaiden in the game (IE: Game with disciple doesnt even remotely compare). I understand that female players want and desire BADLY a RPG with a female lead. I just dont think we are going to see it UNTIL gaming companies figure out how to tell a truely unisex story (IE: male and female lead equal in all points). Computer games are mostly driven by male players, so it makes sence (story wise and financially wise) that males are the lead character. Anyways, noting to do with influence so ill stop here.
  6. I use to do Nar Shaddar first but in later games found the route that makes the most sence to me is: 1) Goto Dant and get personal Crystal then leave (pick up Disciple if playing female) 2) Dunx/Onderon 3) Nar Shaddar 4) Finish Onderon 5) Finish Dant 6) head back to NAr Shaddar and tell rodian vendor about Dant and Onderon to finish quest 7) Korriban Thats the route I always take now anyways
  7. I loved the influence system myself. If used in more games only thing Id suggest is spreading the conversations out more. IE: gaining influence once doesnt equal new dialog. For K2 you should have had to gain like 3 influences to open next dialog so you couldnt just breeze through a NPCs full dialog in one setting. Still though, much much better way to go then K1 or JE were.
  8. Hes part of the darkside smuggling quest. In other word, if you dont have a med pack and cant open the supply container he is used for that. Had to do it once in one of my games is why I know. Other then that hes a waste. I always thought he might have something to do with Onderon stuff but if he did it was cut or never put in.
  9. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I know what your speaking of Sol, but I always just marked it up to jedi levels requireing more xp then normal class levels. I could be wrong on this (have no proof, but thats what it always seemed to me anyways). LOL, and yes, beating Hanharr and getting out to open door at level 6 is a huge pain with mira. Doable but fustrating! I also never experienced any of the game stopping bugs people complained about. Saw a few of the non game stopping bugs but those you just chuckle at
  10. LOL, no big surpruse its not selling well in Japan. Japan is Sony and Nintendo territory! I still plan to buy a XBox 360 in Feb/march (tax return time) with no plans to ever purchase a PS or nintendo system. Course, only games im truely interested in are marked for XBox 360 release anyways
  11. LOL, actually my post wasnt that bad either (just asked if he actually reads more then the first sentance of someone post before bashing it and what his problem was) but Chris had just deleted anouther of my posts before he saw this one, so combined I got in trouble. Aye, he had follwed me around there for basically 3 days baiting me, many were removed I saw. As I said, my own fault regardless. I sunk to his level and got what I deserved! LOL, not polite, just I would have warned me to if I was a mod, so how can I truely complain? LOL water under the bridge, just a heads up to others, DONT TAKE THE BAIT on their boards. As Volo said, for some reason, some of the flamers and baiters get away with it and you will only get yourself warned/banned.
  12. LOL, well its been awhile since I ranted them but since I just finished replaying game yet again, heres my updated list! Kreia: 5/5. For what her character was meant to be, she was perfect. I do agree there wasnt enough incentive to take her out on missions but her role was amazingly strong even with that fault. Handmaiden: 5/5. Just the perfect romance story plain and simple! Lots of background, required interaction to gain trust, and the final pay off of her telling you her name was fantastically written (also, she was a major kick butt jedi). T3: 5/5. This is how a droid should be! Simple as that. T3 in K2 was perfect! Atton: 4/5. I dont normally like the Hans Solo type character (hated Carth in K1) but Attons back story was so interesting and came off as a complete surprise! The interaction between him and Kreia in the force cages was PERFECT forshadowing. Didnt give away the story but peaked your interest. Visas 4/5. Great character but not a 5/5 because of lack of lenght in backstory! But even with that draw back she was amazing and could draw you in. The force sharing was very well done and her 2 bits on the ravanger really completed the tale. Who ever did Visas voice should definately be hired again for future projects! Mira: 4/5. Again, great character but to easy to get backstory. Mira should have been a 3rd romance option though, all the peices were there for it but Obsidian never pulled the plug for it to happen. Mandalore: 3/5. Still great to have in group (was a regular Party member in both K1 and 2 for me) but lacked much backstory this time around. Obsidian definately could have done more with him. HK: 2/5. Stilll humorous but it started to get old. Probably would have ranked much much higher if the droid factory had been in game as that was obviously his storyline. Bao Dur: 1/5. Character really does fall flat. I think his main problem is he just doesnt compare to the others that aare available for use. Hes a great unarmed fighter and tech but personality just wasnt there. Disciple: 1/5. Boring! Boring! Boring! Did I mention boring??? What else really needs to be said? Hanharr: 1/5. To be honest, I didnt think it was possible to make a wookie I disliked more then Zalbarr (from K1), I stand corrected! Only ever got him once because after that if I planned to go DS I MADE SURE I got Mira before turning DS. Stupid wookie added nothing at all to the game. Was useless in battle, just really really hated him. Go To: -10/5. Hated this character in EVERY GAME I PLAYED! Not hated as hes a good bad buy, hated as didnt want to hear from him EVER! Dont think Ive ever actually gotten his full story because that voice grats my nerves and his personality type just turns me right off to the point that not hearing his story is preferable!
  13. LOL, well I just got a warning there but cant complain really. I deserved it, STUPID me took a flamers bait and lashed out (Houkko spammed every thread I posted in and flame baited me till I responded then reported me). Ahhh well, my own fault, I know better after all these years then to rise up to the bait like that. Do really wish companies would just ban known spammers and flame baiters though before anyone does take the bait (not just me, anyone in general). Least it wasnt a ban! guess ill just avoid the ME forums for abit and hope the FPS crowd there get bored and leave. Just a heads up for everyone, dont take their bait over there cause yas will get nailed.
  14. LOL, no way! Atton was great! Disciple on other hand, that freak needs serious injection of a spine! Still say you should be allowed to kill him for that fruity curtsy he does when you first meet him!
  15. Only real surprise for me was the unfolding of Attons Storyline. It was so well written. I dont read walk throughs or such until AFTER I finish game (why would you?) but its was obvious Kreia was a sith from word go. As for the three masters, was more surprised they would try and cut me off from the force after everything I had done then Kreia coming in and killing them! LOL, and yes, not being able to return to Telos acadamy was annoying!
  16. Kreia may have been lying in order to manipulate them. also, i wanted to place this smiley: <{POST_SNAPBACK}> yuppers, Kreia tells you later that she was lying to force to the conflict between you and Nimbus. Getting you to Atris put you at Telos for the meeting (remember she brought back the dead Valku general (died to the beast on Onderon) and sent him to Nimbus with your location). So yes, she was manipulating the situation She manipulated the Handmaiden to ensure you were where you were suppose to be. LOL, its all there explained in full Just have to read what was said Opps, just understood question. Kreia informs Atris shes a Sith Lord, AND to have Atris tell the Exile Kreia awaits him on Malachor V (just listen to what Atris says when you face her, its obvious and all answered). As for "Your mistress awaits you", they are Artis's guards and a VERY ANGER Handmaiden is on her way! It does all tie togather and is answered Next question please
  17. I thought that at first to Cassidy UNTIL I unlocked the droid playback of him on Dant speaking to Yoda wanna be (heh forget name). That whole discussion was emotional based and seeking revenge and set up the meeting in the cave perfectly to expand on his hatred/anger of you. As someone else said, no matter what you say he hates you. Hes given in to hate/anger/ (and imo) jealousy fully and completely. Also, I think atris's fall was alot more subtle. True based on the recording of her with the console I dont think she should have had a seat either but at least her anger had a reason supporting it (there was at one time a emotional connection between you and Atris and she felt betrayed when you went to war). Her setting up on Taris I do think was with the intent to rebuild the jedi as she states, just all her sessions of listening to the sith holocrons changed her slowly with out her noticing. Vrook on the other hand, gave in to his hatred and anger willingly with out outside or exterior influences and wasnt only focused on you (lets not forget his attitude towards an LS Revan as well.... unforgiving, totally bias no matter what you did). PS: BECAUSE!
  18. hey now, some people like me :PPPPP hehehe
  19. Agreed. Let me toss in Herzog Zewi (Still a great 1 on 1 game) And anyone remember the adventure game Noctropolis? That, Oregon Trail for the Mac, and the Great Machine put PC gaming on the map for me. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> LOL, I played Nectropolis It was definately under rater but then again, except for a short period of time, all those style of games (multimedia cut screen games) were (phantasmagoria 1 and 2, Gabriel Knight; The Beast with in, ect). I remember I REALLY thought companies were finally going to start making games FOR adults (rated R) back then (nectropolis had breif nudity and Phantasmagoria was definately mature in theme) but they seemd to back off almost immediately afterwards. Real shame IMO that gaming companies are not like movie companies and make content for a wide assortment of preferences. I dont mind nudity or swearing when it FITS the part (hate nudity and swearing when its added for the sake of having it or saying it), I hate it when the part should have something like that and people water it down to allow for a younger audience. Its like when a movie does a bad editing job to get a younger rating even though it leaves the movie flat and with out appeal (see almost any directors cut vrs theater release for what I mean. Directors Cut is 99% of the time better!)
  20. hmmmm, thats hard to say because its so open to personal tastes. For me, I think older games like the gold box games, original Wizardry, original Might and Magic are under sppreciated now adays because the majority of folks now on the forums never played them (and wont because they so old). Those really were "gems" and alot more companies should use them as learning material for their own games. Newer doesnt always mean better!
  21. Bastilla because her personality changed with the weather! No matter how arrogent or annoying the others were, at least they were consistant!
  22. Vrook because hes actually turned to the darkside and lets his emotions control him based on the way the Jedi are set up. I cant see for a minute him sitting on the counsel with his attitude and lack of control. Was a major major OPPS on the part of Obsidians writers (and Biowares in K1) for that character. All hail Sith Lord Vrook! *you should get lightside points when you kill him IMO*
  23. ?????? It was resolved fully in the male version. Handmaiden thinks Kreia killed you and goes to Telos to get refenge (as thats where Kreia says shes going), apon arriving there she (Brianna) is confronted (and kills) her "sisters" at which point Artis appears and defeats her (LOL, good thing its written that way cause Handmaiden a kick arse Jedi who ALWAYS defeats Atris before being forced to lose in my games). So she never gets chance to get ahold of Kreia. You arrive to save Brianna, face off against Atris, and then have the BEST/Most moving (of K1 or K2) Romance scene in the game with Brianna. What part do you think is unresolved there? Its pretty straight forward and complete. It covers why you go there, why Brianna goes there, why Handmaidens seen defeated in cut screen (which isnt explained in Disciple play through) and why you face Atris (which also not explained when Disciple apart of group) and CLOSES the Brianna/Exile Storyline FULLY. All the who, what, where, why and hows are covered and explained. What part do you think is unresolved there? Its pretty straight forward and complete. not being rude here, what aspect do you think is unresolved? I actually want to know.
  24. naaa, some are cool, other are annoying. just dont reply to the annoying ones
  25. LOL Hades, I saw your posts and truely doubt yas get banned there Was nothing wrong with them what so ever.
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