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  1. I absolutely hated Vrook! He just was a terrible example of jedi and should have been protrayed as a fallen jedi/sith IMO. Artis I didnt mind as her Arrogence fit her character makeup! Other then that, I REALLY hated the vendor in the lower levels of Taris in K1. The guy that wants you to give him the secret so he can stop his people from moving. His voice just drove me up the wall and then some!
  2. lol, i died first time through to Malak, just wasnt ready for everyone like that and blew through FP to fast. But yes, after the first time it is a really easy fight
  3. heh gab, I do love the game! I dont veiw this as a cut though. In K1, K2, and Even JE for that matter, there is ONE specific storyline that makes perfect sence. Then there is the optional play styles. In K1 it was LS Male In K2 it was LS Male In JE it was Open Palm Male all the other play styles are in there (DS, female, closed fist, ect) but each runs into storyline problems at specific points as they dont fit the intended original hero (main character). Up side is Bioware got alot better at hiding that in JE (the optional play throughs were alot smoother, not perfect but smoother) and im sure Obsidian will pay closer attention next time through as well. For me, I play through (usually as LS Male) first time, get the full story, and any additional play throughs just bonus! Sure they dont match up perfectly but they still enjoyable and better then not having the options at all. Styur correct though, if they had just left out Disciple and Hanharr from the game, alot of the more blatent misses would have been covered up better and hiding the intended heros gender better (LOL, and created more message board arguements). But then you would be getting into the whole gay issue. I suspect Obsidian wasnt truely ready for that headache, hense why they added Disciple for female players and took out Briana from the mix.
  4. Not really what I meant. What I meant was that by rewarding the extreme alignments in a tangible choice the game encourages extreme characters. I've never played a character that just chooses an option just because it is either dark or light. My character make choices according to their feelings. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> heh same, I TRY to play as a character but both games limited reasoning for choices on the LS and DS side of game. Sometimes you just have to pick the one that best suits what your playing towards regardless tho. Trying to think of a example but just woke up and nothing specific comming to mind, Ill think of one later and post it as a example
  5. I went with Onderon/Dnux as between the two they have the most contrast (real cities, landscapes, temples, outposts. ect). This poll does however show the limitation from the KotOR games as explorable areas of each planet was so small. Would be alot easier to vote if we had seen more of the worlds involved.
  6. I honestly didnt care for DS in K1,2 or JE because it always comes down to just thuggery. Back in AD&D (table top) I always played evil but CRPGs just fail to grasp that you dont have to kick the dog and kill the little girl to be evil. Shado mentioned following the carrot and hes correct in that, but that also applies to the DS game in K1 or 2, choose the dirtiest, meanest, most nasty, most insulting reply and your DS. There really is no way to play a thinking evil/good in K1 or 2. Both just as bad as the other for following a set path.
  7. LOL, Hades and I just found out something funny about this so called lawsuit! You all realize that its ONLY proof (listed in lawsuit) come from Blogs and various message boards! ROFL! Thats what the petitioner is citing as PROOF! Damn near fell outta my chair laughing when I read that! Also, lawsuit was filed 10 days after official launch and cited MSs failure to RECALL the product as one of its points! LOL a recall withing 10 days of launch? Whose kidding who here? LOL, this lawsuit now ranks right up there with the old lady that tried to sue the airline because they hit turbulance during her flight! LOL!
  8. If you skipped the intro part like I did my first time through you can miss the explaination (altho to be fair its mentioned a number of times in game as well). Play the intro part and some of your questions will be answered.
  9. Someone on a previous page said Turn based combat systems (speaking both Crps and TT Rpgs) dont have called shots. to that poster (as others already pointed out the Crpgs that do) Ill say this. -Starfleet Battles -Battletech -Chill -AD&D -Runequest -Civilry and Socery -Elfquest -Call of C (spelling) All those turn based game systems I know first hand have called shot systems (plus criticals) in them. No clue what unknown game system you played but called shots and criticals have always been a staple of Table Top Gaming. But since combat is based on a skill system you only had a CHANCE (rather then being guarenteed to hit like in real time combats) to hit. That chance was lower then normal chance so people used them sparingly as one would expect in a tactical/stategic combat.
  10. Ive won as grey as well Mira will be the default character if your TRUE neutral (as shes the main character of the two) so your alignment isnt whats holding you back there. Just double and triple check the remaining nar shaddar stuff as you obviously missed some and thats why your stuck.
  11. made sence for everyone with a grade 3 or above reading comprehension! IE: quit bitching about false complaints! K2 did have problems (just like K1) the story wasnt one of them!
  12. Fixed <{POST_SNAPBACK}> huh???? Storyline made perfect sence if you played it as intended. No clue what your "FIXED" was meant to mean.
  13. Its just anouther glitch for the female story. The story is designed for a male lightside exile so when you play female or darkside you run into these little things that are not explained fully. Way the story meant to go is Briana returns and kills the other handmaidens before facing Atris. Course to get Briana you need to play a male exile.
  14. LOL, that part never made a great amount of sence to me but at least it does advance the storyline
  15. LOL DS, no TECHNICALLY hes Lightside male Just look at the story and the more developed NPCs. Handmaiden only appears if you go male and is an IMPORTANT part to the full story, hense you know its a male not female main character. Mira only appears for lightside game and is 1000 times more developed and again more important to the story then Hanharr, hense you know game designed around lightside storyline. I mean, its not rocket science, people can go into the story and pull out vague fragments (as has happened in other threads) but as is true with pretty much everything out there. The most obvious and simplist version is the truth. One just needs to look at the characters involved. It was obvious from word go in the darkside game that Hanharr was added in after the fact as a after thought for that optional play. He doesnt fit the storyline nor the npc make up what so ever. As for disciple, welp the most OBVIOUS part there is he has no connection to Atris (unlike Handmaiden) who is an important part of the story. Male Lightside was the intended character for K2, everything else is just optional (sure its fun but it just doesnt fit in places).
  16. I picked turn based for two reasons 1) If a company is so focused on real time combat that takes away from the story of the game which should always be #1 in a RPG. Im sure there will be posters that say otherwise but its a simple fact. Games are built on time tables and the more time you spend twinking your real time combat, the less time you spend on the important aspects of the game. 2) Turn based is more tactical then real time. Again, just a simple fact. That pause is there for you to think and plan in. Real time is just recation speed. No real planing, just bolast throw as best you can and the better your reaction the better you do. There is a reason that ALL the successful war games use turn based rather then real time. TACTICS! RPGs combat is traditionally rooted in tactical combat, hense the turn based requirement.
  17. Not going to do anouther big long reply as Band just grasping at straws and making crap up as she goes along now. Christ, 90% of her answers dont even make any sence anymore! Least before she was just copying what she saw others reply in the past. However, since I already answered the following quote lets see if I can make it so even Band understands: Actually, IF you were familiar with the game you would realize it was written for a MALE LIGHTSIDE Exile! Ive played all the female and darkside options and while nice diversions, the MAIN story is MALE LIGHTSIDE! Thats the design that everything falls into place! So you can go on and on about female and darkside all you want. All it shows is you never fully played the game as designed. Female and darkside were added as "OPTIONAL" games for future playthroughs. Obsidian did a great job but just like K1, they were unable to make all the peices fall into perfect place! Hense, all your complaints are nonsence and void until you actually do that one simple thing! And for the record, K1 didnt run as smooth when you played female either BECAUSE Revan was designed as male lightside for the story. Hell, JE didnt run as smooth when you started into the "OPTIONAL" play throughs as well. Every game has ONE specific style that its designed for. K1 and K2 were MALE LIGHTSIDE! Play that, then you will have a clue what your speaking about! Let me guess, you watch a exibition game in sports and think the players there are playing to their full potential as well? What part of OPTIONAL are you having such a hard time with?
  18. In the short term yes helping the queen seems like the good course of action. However queenie as I like to call her :D has the potential to be another Princess Leai and we all know what happened to her home planet. My reasons are in the other posts. Oh and fix your quotes <{POST_SNAPBACK}> lol love to but cant seem to find where its broken so just used colors instead
  19. Give the two planet thing a rest already. Volo is a known hater of 2 (hell Mario from Mario Bros, could have been villian in part 1 and she would have prefered it)and your just making up stuff as you go along now. Stick to the fa ts and not made up fantasy. yah, and waking up in crew quarters to find out you have no memory of being transfered to Republic Ship was so much better. Babbon, if your going to complain about one item, STAY CONSISTANT! BOTH games played the no memory angle and BOTH games gave you just enough info to keep going from the start! NEITHER was better then the other in this regard. What are you, blind????? Of course the Republic is failing!!! Thats the whole theme to K2. If you didnt understand this one easy and OVERSTATED fact its no wonder you failed to grasp even the most basic of game concepts! Lets see, 1) If Telos fails so does the planet restoration project by the republic 2) If Onderon seperates it will leave the Republic blind to attack, kill off planet restoration, AND ruin trade with in the Republic and if those 2 not enough 3) GOTO TELLS YOU POINT BLANK THE REPUBLIC IS FAILING AND GOING BANKRUPT! Seriously, how much more do you need??????? ROFLMAO! Lets see, the sith attack you and only real defence you have is to regain your connection to the force. Your reconnection is TIED to Kreia. So your dumb by NOT getting rid of her?????? Are you on drugs? Of course you dont get rid of her!!!!!! Shes the glue that binds your survival. Not to mention the whole bound thing that could be leathal to you. Wow, you really like jumping to conclusions and outcomes based soly on your dislikes and bias rather then storyline dont you! How about you ACTUALLY play the game and this time READ the storyline before you bitch about it. Would be a step in right direction and probably answer 99% of your false assumptions regarding storyline. Well IF you had actually played the game you would understand 1) you goto Atris TO SAVE HANDMAIDEN. Shes gone there to get Kreia. But if that alone is not enough for you 2) Atris is SITH not jedi and misrepresenting herself to others 3) Atris has MANY artifacts from the Jedi and Sith hidden away 4) Ect (there is a ton of reason that you would understand IF you played the game) So now (by your standards) Nimbus is senceless even though it ends the storyline with Visas completely, ties in the MAndalorians, eliminates THE MOST DEADLY ENEMY THE REPUBLIC EVER SEEN??? Again are you on drugs? PLAY THE GAME AND PAY ATTENTION TO THE STORYLINE. YOUR ABOVE STATEMENT JUST SHOWS YOU HAVE NO CLUE WHAT YOUR SPEAKING ABOUT. Everyone and their dog has said Malachor V was poorly done. Thats hardly ground breaking news. But to question why you fight Sion????? Hell why dont you complain about fighting Malak in K1. Because both statements would carry as much weight as the other! PLAY THE GAME BEFORE YOU WHINE! Okies, IF you think that was Kreias intentions then you have NEVER played the game! Its that obvious! You dont have the FIRST clue as to why Kreia is doing what she is doing and her motives behind her actions! PLAY THE GAME BEFORE YOU WHINE! ummmm, lets see, wound was dealt with by Nimbus, Kreia, Atris, and Sion all after Dant. Perhaps if you had even the faintest clue what you were speaking about you would realize this! PLAY THE GAME BEFORE YOU WHINE! Well since the story was designed for a male exile maybe you should play it as a male exile and see how all the stuff falls into place! The female option is fun sure but for main and complete story, play game as actually designed and not as how you want it designed! The main romances are Visas and Handmaiden and story unfolds perfectly with them in group and as the romance options! Geee, and you didnt get a choice on who to take into Temple on ancient planet either! But guess since thats part 1 thats all ok. Game was designed for Malachor to be solo, like it or not! Thats your answer so quit bitching about some small part thats so minor it doesnt even play into equation. Id ask if you were so bad a player you couldnt do Malachor solo but since its obvious you have never played the game and argueing based what you have read here on boards we all already know the answer! PLAY THE GAME BEFORE YOU WHINE! Gee and the Star Forge wasnt hack and slash! Nice double standard! oh ya, lets stop the hack and slash after the introduction of the game! Thats a reasonable request! (shakes head in disgust) but let me guess, the hack and slash in K1 on EVERY PLANET YOU WENT TO was all done masterfully and was ok right? It was deep good writing, the fact you have missed 90% of the story as you either never played game or treated it like K1 or Halo shows how deep it was. If you actually read (listened to) what was said rather then running around thinking it was a no mind linear path you would have gotten ALOT more outta it! Dont blame the game for your OWN inability to comprehend and understand the spoken and written meanings of words in the game! Gotta disagree Shadow. Helping Valku leaves republic open to attack. Helping the queen ensures Onderon stays in republic. Siding with Queen was the smart and clearly light side choice! Sideing with Valku would ensure the falling of the Republic and Onderon! True Must! Its pretty obvious Band has never actually played K2 and just argueing to be a idiot! If he/she had played game, many of his/her complaints would have been answered and he/she wouldnt be posting about them. That or he/she just plays games like you would play Halo and ignores storyline completely then complains when storyline wasnt so basic and force fed to him/her so he/she can understand! Either way, only person stopping Band from understanding K2 storyline is Band! Not Obsidian, not the players, not the game!
  20. Taris, its the only one i can win on and K2 swoop racing was TERRIBLE!!!!!
  21. Woops! my spelling got corrected, guess someone ran outta points to debate as attacking ones spelling is always the sure sign of defeat
  22. No it's pushing the machine to it's technical limits for it's lifespan.It may be what ignorant people refer to as dumbing down, but it's hardly the case. There is no other reason to own a
  23. You were playing K1 knowing you were Revan on your first playthrough sure <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Actually yes I was. EVERY PLOT in K1 was basic and all you needed to do was read what was said! Hell, Vrook all but calls you Revan the first time your in front of him on Dant in K1. K1 was very fun and successfully made the story feel EPIC. But it was far to easy to figure out and lacked any worth while twists to the story. Course exact same complaint can be made about JE as well. Bioware writes great but hasnt mastered no give away forshadowing. PS: For other poster that KEEPS saying he doesnt understand whats going on once he hits Dant in K2 (im guessing hes refering to when you face the 3 masters on Dant). HOW CAN YOU NOT UNDERSTAND???? Even with all the cut content in K2, that part made PERFECT sence and the masters AND Kreia AND Handmaiden (after the fact) All explained the whys so a grade One student could understand. Maybe you dont AGREE with what the masters did, thats something totally different, and even I ( a huge K2 fan) would agree their attempting to strip the force from you would be very unjedi like! BUT THEY EXPLAINED THEIR ACTIONS FULLY! All you had to do was read what they said. The logic was flawed for sure, but there is NO way to not understand it. Sorry just hate when people complain about something thats so straight forward and basic.
  24. Take alook at alot of the PS releases and game cube releases (and see if they out for PC). I know my brother bought a PS for his kids and hes found a TON of new and old games he will allow them to play (and hes super strict, doesnt even allow kids to watch shows like "Law and Order", "Simpsons", or "Corner Gas").
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