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  1. I am an extremely sexual being and could probably recognize hundreds of pornstars just by their bodies, but if you get off from the sexuality in games you're weird to me. I too dislike the mixing of soft-childish sexual connotation in games. It's basically like watching game of thrones. Who watches these softcore scenes and not skip them? I am here for the movie and its lore, not the cheap sex scenes which are obviously there only for those who have a problem or are 15 years old and have never seen porn before
  2. American accents are very dull and boring as it is, having to listen to them yet again in a video game is just torture. And its completely out of place, even for colonies. Imagine if BG1 or BG2 had such low quality accents, how would you have been able to immerse into the game? Imagine if Sarevok spoke with the dull american accent, would you have played the game and subsequently played all its babies like POE? There are many youtubers who post vids them playing POE who have a much more appropriate voice/accent than many of the voices in the game. I dont think its a budget problem, its something else
  3. ship combat was a very good idea in general, it was just implemented poorly. This menu type combat is dull. The thing that doesnt fit into the game is how fast and exciting and spectacular the normal fights are compared to how slow ship fights are with all that pointless repetitive narration and repetitive actions. If anyone were to enjoy these narrative-type mini games, one would have created millions of separate independent such games because they are very simple to develop. But nobody likes them, so why was it added....
  4. some classes have excess talents. For example the chanter. You only really need to pick 2-3 chants and 2 invocations for your strategy. So thats 5 talent points. What do you do with the rest 20 or so points? The chanter doesnt really provide many passives. Thats why the chanter is good with paladin multiclass: because you can spend the excess talent points on paladin's passives and such similar thing with many other classes. For example the wizard.
  5. ive not seen any bugs. The main issue is the difficulty. But if you dont read on whats overpowered on the forums and/or if you dont accidentally pick an overpowered strategy then the game will be challenging, although still not as challenging as POE1.
  6. i dont have a dedicated graphics card so I run everything on lowest. POE lagged a bit more than Deadfire and its graphics were worse for me. So performance wise I think Deadfire beats POE by far. I did not even expect my computer would even handle Deadfire... but it actually runs very smoothly
  7. i have both aloth and serafen in my party as damage dealers(pure cipher and pure wizard). Serafen dealt 7k damage so far while Aloth only 5k damage I also havent played ciphers much. All I did with Serafen is gave him 2 pistols and made AI behavior to use only 1 level 2 spell: I think its called "mind blades". It basically bounces through enemies I am waiting to unlock level 6 spells before wasting a perk on another offensive spell. I think ciphers have more realistic dps potential and possibly easier to set up behavior AI (you probably really only need to setup the casting of just 1 spell of your choice) Wizards require more attention but have more cheese dps potential (like web+fireballs). Alot of their good spells seem to be AOE that can hurt your party so you cant really just rely on AI behavior . Wizards are also more flexible because essentially you dont have to invest into a specific spell: you can use grimoires, whereas the cipher is restricted to the spells you waste skills on and you really should be trying to spend as little skill points as possible on active abilities and focus on passives so in the end the cipher has a choice of just a few spells while the wizard has dozens
  8. In a subject verb object questioning sentence, you get a form of 'do' before the subject. And after a use of do/does/did, you always get the infinitive. So 'say', in this case. -> "Why did Josh say they are very powerful? Specifically considering all the cool new loot we got in-game." 1) When two or more words modify a preceding noun, it is best to hyphenate these words to avoid confusion: "subject-verb-object-questioning sentence".
  9. i liked beckoner. Its very simple requiring no micromanagement yet it looks pretty cool with all the summons. Contrast to my previous, a ranger, who also didnt require much management but he looked boring as hell (you shoot arrows/projectiles from level 1 to level 20, nothing ever changes)
  10. my only problem with ranger is that Maia is a very good ranger sharpshooter companion. There is no point of making one if you can recruit a better one. And having your main as a ranger is very, very bland
  11. even if the intro was at least somewhat interesting, it'd still make sense to have an option to skip it
  12. watch out for the ones with Indian accents. As far as I know they mostly target females with 0 in streetsmarts
  13. what POE did is essentially they made every class a wizard. Other classes are called differently but essentially they can get so many abilities that the difference between wizards and non wizards is in name only
  14. please help me with AI behavior setup. I am running into several problems upon trying it out: My main, ranger, wont shoot the wounded arrow that I setup. And my cleric always spams just one spell even though I selected 3. Ranger setup is like this: Conditionals>Self Engaging anyone, Action> Wounded shot, target type>Enemy, prioritize>lowest health Cleric is same thing except there are 3 actions of 3 different spells any help would be appreciated since I plan to heavily play with AI behaviors
  15. 1) Everyone has a right to be annoyed by something. Just because I am annoyed, and you arent, doesnt make you somehow morally superior or in any way more or less correct than I 2) I was simply making an observation with my initial post. I did not suggest something should be changed. The way this thread is going reminds me of my anal friend who, lets say you make an observation that you dont like the weather, and he will start explaining how its your own fault for not liking the weather I felt there was too little (little or few which is correct?) combat. Based on the argument "well thats because you didnt do X and you made the choice not have combat", by that logic one could argue against anything with that such as: the game doesnt work - "well thats because you need to learn to program and develop software and fix it so its your own fault, you are the one who made the decision to buy it and not to learn programming"
  16. And I feel kind of stupid for reading your post. If you have found nothing to fight, and you are 10 hours in, HOLY CRAP are you trying hard to not find any combat. Why don't you try I don't know, leaving Neketaka or doing something that is not crit path for an hour? Also again for all those who lack reading ability, or the power to do even basic research. POTD has been confirmed, days before release even, as being easier than intended and will likely get patched very soon. Mr. 2900 posts, not everyone shares your desire to read forums about a game prior playing it. And i didnt leave Natakakakatakata or whatever its called because I like to get all quests in one go prior venturing forth and also because I expected POTD to be difficult and thus in need to get xp before fighting. But yea I guess i should leave, good point As for not many battles, I agree that too many is bad as well and I am partly playing this game for the lore. Its just weird that I spent more time creating my character at char screen than actually fighting. I havent had the chance to really test anything... I see all these strategy guides and all but whats the point if (at least it seems) fights are so rare and easy The other kind of annoying thing is all the names and many clans/tribes are complicated to remember. This makes reading dialogues even more difficult since its hard to understand what NPC"s talk about.
  17. I loved BG1 and BG2 wizards too. They were sick and fun. 1 wizard against a whole army (2-3 webs and then fireballs and stuff), or a series of magic missiles that actually killed stuff or a lightning bolt or the best: powerful summons its was a good trade off that wizards started off crappy but eventually became game-changers
  18. I played BG1, BG2, icewind dale, POE, Divinity 2... Spent probably tens of thousands of hours on DD games, yet I've never even been close to finishing any one of my games because I like to restart for some reason
  19. the one definitely good thing about POE2 is graphics and how the game runs. I have an All-In-One computer where my graphics card is crappy and permanent (Nvidia 520 or something), yet the game runs much more smoother than POE or divinity 2, and the graphics are amazing even on lowest settings
  20. POE story is just like all the stupid marvel movies: there is a bad guy and you're the good guy. Except POE makes all these unnatural twists and turns for the sake of having twists/turns. If there was an option I'd remove all these dumb dialogues I have to read related to the main story line and instead only read the separate quests. I am tired of seeing "Ethos" this Ethos that, or that I am the chosen one who is so special. BG1 or BG2 stories were better at that time because we werent used to seeing stories. 20 years later, 10 more rpg games, and no story has changed. Just different names. No creativity put into the core of the story or to storytelling; all creativity was put into twists and turns which only confuses and irritates me because I've no need to learn about another mythical tale of how a chosen one is so special that he defeats and challenges a god.
  21. I am not sure if 'exploring" aka naval combat, would make things more exciting. unless I am missing something, i'd rather play checkers with my own self than go through another 1 hour game of naval "combat"
  22. party is level 7. And I cant remember last time I fought anything. All I've been doing is walking around and talking for 10 hours... kind of stupid. the hardest part about this game is remembering which dumbo to talk to when you're in an area so you dont have to come back to finish one of these "talk to X" quests POTD is a joke. If this is how POTD feels, I cant imagine how easy the lower difficulties feel. There is absolutely no point of even understanding combat there is no point of understanding combat. Just target an enemy and you win assuming you're not at a significantly inferior level and the more I talk to npc's, the more I see how useless dialogue is. There is no point of reading all this bla bla bla from every retard. Its basically reading for the sake of reading. As far as dialogue this is just another game where you just skip all the talk and all you need is an objective/quest/pin point where to go and who to talk to in order to fulfill a quest. If my (imaginary) gf or my mom were playing this, they'd love it
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