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18-core Core i9

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What, really? Do you know how much time baking and serving cookies can take? Definitely worth the investment.



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I would say not worth having for gaming. Nothing will take advantage of it or use it properly (optimally at least) for the some years to come.

There are different perfomance values for single core, dual-core, quad-core... meaning that you won't benefit from 18-cores just yet realistically. Games are just now getting optimized for quad core cpu's and next is octo-core cpu's.

Workloads on the other hand and production.... now that's a different story. You might actually get close to reverse engineering and emulating PS3 to run games at 15fps with that kind of power!

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interesting stuff.

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Interesting that Bill Gates talks about Intel's despicable strong arm tactics in his book. I wonder if he also talks about how Microsoft used many similar tactics to gain and hold on to market dominance?
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Yes, that'd be interesting to know.


I liked the video, and I am actually happy that I've been running AMD processors since I had a K6/2 450

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