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In another thread someone suggested a Chuck Norris/Ninja build, with maxed toughness, MA, and stealth, and 10 ranks of tech. I've just unlocked Veteran and I'm trying this out in my current game. I haven't built a stealth character in any previous playthroughs, so I'm finding it to be a challenge, but a fun one. I'm considering maybe a couple ranks of shotgun in case things get messy.

I heard shotgun is kind of redundant since you have MA for tight quarters situations. Maybe a lil' pistol instead? that's what I did and loved it. Although I've heard people using SMG for when things got loud while trying to be stealthy. Dunno. :p




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Picking Sabotage should be prioritary in a Stealth build, imo, since one wants to avoid combat Toughness shouldn't be needed.

Also, gadgets will be necessary for boss fights. Only the Al-Samad luitenant can be defeated by stealth.

It shouldn't be, I agree, but you just try to beat Brayko on Hard, in hand-to-hand, without Toughness. It's not going to happen, I think.

If we're going for a ninja build, I'd say that you should definitely go for Stealth, Toughness and CQC. Gadgets aren't necessary and only Ranged Hacking is really useful for stealth, anyway. That said, I've always found it weird that a "Spy"-build includes CQC instead of Sabotage - all the Sabotage stuff is right up the Spy's alley.

But not the ninja's. :D

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