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  1. I think not just in the case of Marburg knowing about it being Thorton who potentially kills Gelato Man but pretty much anyone in Rome prior to their meeting and also of others knowing about stuff Thorton does, has to be taken not too seriously. If we were to completely analyse the game for realism, there could be huge holes there. Seems the only ones not good at knowing who is killing whom is the proper authorities. All the spies/secret organisations seem to know almost everything about especially Thorton even if he covers all his tracks. Oh wait I forgot, the one thing Leland doesn't seem to know (unless he is just toying with Thorton) is of any 'assistance' he got from Albatross or Sie. Kind of amazing how he can get so much info about Thorton's escapades but he can't find that piece of information out. Like I said, it basically has to be taken with a pinch of salt and suspension of realism required.
  2. Last playthrough I did was Veteran. As per usual, once you get your way out back onto the courtyard after the initial run in to the building that has the vault. Mina is on comms and mentions how the person Brayko is torturing is your ally. IIRC when you choose the 'Veteran' option in the conversation I think Mikey mentions how they should be able to keep alive a bit more longer whilst you go deal with the vault. I went to the vault and when came out went over to the building where the ally was (in my case Albatross) and rescued him before continuing on to deal with Brayko. I think you will only get the option to deal with the keycode on the door for the room the ally is in if you are Veteran and chose the Veteran option or if you are a high enough tech specialist (not done my pure techy yet) who can pick whatever option comes up for them. Edit: As for the Marburg situation, am sure in my last playthrough where I killed him in Rome I wasn't majorly suave. Then again I did Rome first and had Thorton be flirty with Madison so perhaps I was up till that point surely killing at least one person during the Rome lead-up missions has to count as well, because during the part of the conversation where he mentions Thorton broadcasting his position am sure that is one of the major negative rep additions of the conversation, whereas if you don't kill anyone he commends you for keeping a low profile and generally gain positive points from that.
  3. With my Field Agent/Spy playthrough that I am going to start soon. Am going for the 'Casual' look approach, attempting to do all the game with just the 'casual' gear on. I've seen a video where someone did about 60% of the game (last 2 missions and graybox finale), but am intending to try doing it all. I've worked out that by level 20 I aim to have the following build. Stealth - 15 (all boxes) Pistol - 15 (all boxes) Sabotage - 1 Technical Aptitude - 9 Martial Arts - 12 I've done 4 playthroughs so far and I do seem to notice that even when not having much stealth I've tended to play the game more sneaky than gung-ho. Only time I did the latter was with my Soldier playthrough. Who just went around shooting anyone and everyone. Am wondering whether to move some of my points around for my Field Agent though maybe swapping some points from one of the higher ranked sections to more points in sabotage for extra hacking skills (seeing as my EMP carrying won't be as high due to casual wear).
  4. I just suddenly thought of a way you can go through this mission without Albatross cut-scene at the end. Do Moscow beforehand and kill both him and Sis off... simples Anyone tried that yet?
  5. Well as far as the actual 'ending' goes, I don't think there is one for Sie even if she is the only one left with you. Madison is out of the story after Rome and makes no re-appearance at the end. As for getting Scarlet, I believe you either have to kill Mina or she has to have a negative rep with you and you tell her to leave when meet her in the graybox. Regarding Scarlet herself, I believe you would need to find out about her being the assassin, either from her telling you or from Deng telling you and then you speaking to her in the graybox before the final fight. I can't actually confirm the above, just my assumptions from what I've learnt about the game
  6. One further thing to point out if the achievement requires him to sell Mikey out. You need to do Taipei last to get that. Otherwise Heck will never sell you out even if he hates you. In my last playthrough I had his rep at -8 but did Taipei second and he didn't sell Mikey out even though I hadn't erased his data and pretty much did all that Jacobsen had described. In my previous playthrough I did Taipei last and whilst he didn't hate me as much as in the last playthrough, he did sell Mikey out. I can't confirm about the achievement though as I've got PC version which doesn't have achievements.
  7. From what you've said, you talk about not getting option for execute/leave with Scarlet. Looking at the achievement page, you shouldn't be going anywhere near Scarlet in the Graybox, that being said not sure why you aren't getting a 'leave her' option. What is your rep with her? Also who is your handler in the graybox? Seems best option is for it to be Heck (seeing as he is the only one you can't kill anyway), have a neutral or lower rep with scarlet and don't bother going for her in the graybox, when you come to face Leland, initially spare him, Scarlet should show up and shoot mikey, Heck should then show up and allow you option to have him shoot Scarlet and then Mikey shoot Leland.
  8. Just finished my game where I got Mina's rep to -10 thanks to killing all of the CIA, Embassy Guards and Taiwan police people and basically just being aggressive with her in virtually all conversations. Was fun seeing difference between that and the normally nice Mina I've dealt with in the previous 3 playthroughs. Also made sense for when Thorton killed her and he states how he just wants her to be silent after having to put up with her in his earhole for most of the previous few missions
  9. In my current playthrough, Mikey to the most part has killed anyone he can. Saudi - Nasri and Shaheed both killed without any talk Rome - NSA agent, CIA agents and Marburg all killed by Mikey, Madison killed by Marburg Taipei - Deng killed by Mikey without any talk, Sung killed due to choosing to stop riots and didn't wipe Heck's file (Heck Rep at -8 animosity, yet didn't tell on Mikey as still had Moscow to do) Moscow - Embassy guards, Brayko, Surkov, Sis and Albatross all killed by Mikey, Sie not attacked and only talk with Brayko was to get him to spill beans about Surkov. Surkov killed without any talk. Pre-Graybox safehouse - IIRC from last night when I played this bit, the News reported that the world was on verge of WW3. Graybox - Sided with Leland and intending to kill Scarlet, Mina, Parker, Darcy and Westridge. I think killing all potential people that can link Halbech to any of the goings on and siding with them ensures the plan goes as it would without Thorton's intervention. I'll report back once I've finished the playthrough to advise how it ended. The reason I think the Taipei thing still ends up messed up even with Sung dead is because if you kill Deng it mentions how the suspected assassin was found dead. I can't quite remember but I think it talks of them finding out he is chinese and thus the tension between the 2 countries remains.
  10. Don't see why sparing Marburg is going to affect the romance with Sie. Only thing she really does is send an email stating how you allowed Marburg to get away all for a girl (her email is actually a little more expletive than that).
  11. Tell me 'bout it. 5:20 I mean, my Mike is a bit psycho too (a la Steven Heck) but there's a fine line between being an **** and being a total madman. Got to say for some crazy wierd reason I really did love my 'Angry' Thorton playthrough. One of fave 'angry' quotes is during the talk with albatross pre-finale... "Hope I live through this, I'm running out of people to piss off!" Got my 'Suave' Thorton and 'Professional' Thorton to do yet, the other 3 playthroughs (including my current Vet playthrough) I've already done (besides 'Angry' Thorton) have all been fairly mixed in convo choices.
  12. Yup most likely will, I also think you need to kill either Gelato Man or at least 1 CIA dude. I got my first rome kill last night and it was so fun hearing Mikey rip into Marburg beforehand. Up to a certain point in the convo it is pretty much same which initially had me worried, but then he suddenly just lays into Marburg with all the dossier stuff and it is a major "WTFPWNEDROFLBBQ" moment. Few moments later, 5 cheap shots point blank range to the head and Marburg was dead I think I ended up with -8 dislike gaining a few more - during that conversation (even with a +1 for going for the bomb). To get the above I killed all the CIA bods, Gelato Man, Al-Bara, chose all suave options in every conversation with Marburg, went to diffuse the bomb rather than rescue Madison who I had romanced. -8 dislike, 83% dossier+Secret (secret gained in convo with Leland after finishing the mission) and will most likely for prosperity complete the dossier when get to the graybox in the finale. Going to try again in one of my later playthroughs who is going to be just totally 'suave' in every conversation with everyone to just kill Gelato Man and maybe a CIA person by accident and save Madison and see if can still piss Marburg off enough to kill him in rome.
  13. didn't work for me. all suave and didnt save madison - marburg runs away with -3 rep Am going to guess you have to have -6 or more. ie. completely piss him off with hardly any + rep
  14. What rep did you have with Brayko? I am imagining that it has something to do with Rep as I've done a playthrough where I went and fought Championcik then stopped/executed Surkov as he was heading for his chopper but no sign of Brayko turning up. I imagine have to have a good rep with him for this to occur?
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