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  1. I don't think the G22 is cut content just as for Sean Darcy, well you'll see. Let's just say, G22 is probably going to have bigger a role if there is going to be another Alpha Protocol. They have many similarities to Alpha Protocol, but their profile suggest they rarely act and rarely show themselves.
  2. I don't have the game yet, but from the liv feeds and videos I've seen, you CAN reload a previous checkpoint. So, if you messed up, just reload. i don't recall if you can SAVE a checkpoint, though.
  3. Color me shocked. Some people bought this game thinking they getting the next Mass Effect, and what they got was a CROSS between Mass Effect and Metal Gear Sold/Splinter Cell. The live streamers dislike this game, but they seem to forget MGS and SC were both VERY unforgiving in their first incarnations. And yes, playing on HARD and Recruit means... just that, HARD and RECRUIT. If you can cruise with through the game on those two settings, Easy and Field Agent or Easy and Techie must be a cakewalk. Obviously, I'm glad it didn't turn out that way.
  4. And this is why I never preorder games online. Not a knock against you, but the "online preorder" systems still needs them polishings.
  5. I hate to say this, but this game DOES punish you for power-gaming. Now, you can STILL do it. But if you do, you get served. As "bad" as the AI is, it's still better than you, at least in the beginning. Just looking at how bad that guy with the feed did annoyed me. He was clearly impatient. The thing is, anyone that has ever played Splnter Cell or Metal Gear series KNOW you must be incredibly patient with Stealth. Hell, the playtime for just waiting the right moment needed for Stealth approaches means you have to wait, which means you have to patient, which adds a lot of time. D
  6. Personally, I don't mind spoilers. I've been watching that live feed the whol day... and this guy really really is bad.
  7. Wait, so you are right next door? You can't take a boat instead?
  8. I know your joking - by the time you find a flight, get on the flight, the delays, and get back, it will already have been releaed all over the world. Darn it, SEGA, you should have stuck with the October release date.
  9. Oh no no. If it's WORK, then I understand. Everyone needs the monay...
  10. Yeah... I heard only video games are cheap in the USA. It makes me wonder anyone outside of Japan and the uS buy video games.
  11. The Spanish are a forgiving people?
  12. Deus Ex FTW!!! Seriously, if it has ANY success like the first Deus Ex, will we see a sequel.
  13. Actually, *chuckles* the more expensive a hooker is, the less likely her clientele is interested in having sex with her. So, for a high-class hooker, if they want less work, jack up the price! :lol:lol I didn't believe this was true until I read about it.
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