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  1. Granted it is a great game. I played it while waiting for Alpha Protocol =P
  2. The thing is a lot of gamers I know still think of Obsidian as the guys that didn't finish Kotor 2 and when I try to tell them that AP is a great game I get shunned as they go by gamespot's review and not even bother to play it and make up their own mind (Glad they're not mates just guys I tend to kick their arse from time to time =P), they should bloody damn well get over them selves already as it's been 5 years. But what are you going to do?
  3. I have to agree with Tigranes. I did play VTM by recomendation of a friend who lent me his copy and I couldn't put up with it for 10 minutes without going out on the internet in search for a patch. I have yet to run into any real bugs that a few people have reported in, except the obvious jerky mouse controls of the camera in a few levels, which can break the fun for a few seconds before I continue on. But it has as Tigranes stated a very smooth launch as far a RPGs go. But Obsidian have really made a fantastic game and it is just a shame that major game reviewers are giving this such a poor score as a lot of people will listen to those review and walk right on by this game without a second thought and not make up their own mind or even worse they'll pirate it, which won't give Obsidian and Sega much encouragement for a sequal.
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