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  1. I think I am the only one on these forums who would gladly leave Mina behind =P I am not being mean it's just that the mission always comes first. Plus she did kinda get annoying after a while =P
  2. That's all I needed to hear. You and I best friends for life =P Haha G22!? I never trusted Albatross! =P Just kidding. I think one of the main reasons I didn't like what she did to me was; I don't like being used without my knowledge. I can understand her doing what she did but I don't apporve.
  3. I completely agree with you =P I found Heck to be one of the more trust worthy characters ingame.
  4. Granted it is a great game. I played it while waiting for Alpha Protocol =P
  5. The thing is a lot of gamers I know still think of Obsidian as the guys that didn't finish Kotor 2 and when I try to tell them that AP is a great game I get shunned as they go by gamespot's review and not even bother to play it and make up their own mind (Glad they're not mates just guys I tend to kick their arse from time to time =P), they should bloody damn well get over them selves already as it's been 5 years. But what are you going to do?
  6. Back from my nap =P Haha alright down to business... You even trusted her from the beginning in the infirmary? I didn't trust anyone from Alpha Protocol. That was my general rule throughout Alpha Protocol don't trust anyone unless it is absolutely necessary and Mina conveniently helping me out at very convenient moments just made me think she was up to no good. I think my Father and Grand Father drilled into my head don't trust anyone unless absolutely necessary and if it's too good to be true it usually is =P EDIT: Exactly, I also unlocked her dossier 100% and the secret fact and also learned *Spoilers* that she was the one that made you rogue. Should I trust Parker, or shouldn't I? This game has so many shades of Grey it's awesome =D
  7. Ok just out of curiosity did anyone else not like or trust Mina or was it just me? Also *SPOILERS* did anyone else not save her? Yeah it's abit short and abrupt but I want to get peoples opinion first before I say why. Also tired from working and being at uni today =P
  8. If you let Brayko live all I've discovered is he gives you his 80's sound system and Disco Globe. Then you can play the song during his boss fight in your Russian Apartment. That's all I've discovered anyway.
  9. I have to agree with Tigranes. I did play VTM by recomendation of a friend who lent me his copy and I couldn't put up with it for 10 minutes without going out on the internet in search for a patch. I have yet to run into any real bugs that a few people have reported in, except the obvious jerky mouse controls of the camera in a few levels, which can break the fun for a few seconds before I continue on. But it has as Tigranes stated a very smooth launch as far a RPGs go. But Obsidian have really made a fantastic game and it is just a shame that major game reviewers are giving this such a poor score as a lot of people will listen to those review and walk right on by this game without a second thought and not make up their own mind or even worse they'll pirate it, which won't give Obsidian and Sega much encouragement for a sequal.
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