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  1. So if ME2 sold 1.8mil in over 5 months how is 300-400k in the first month so bad for AP when it had less than 1/10 the advertising? Virtually all of AP's sales were at full retail price. It has just now today been discounted at Steam. I didn't buy ME2 until it was $30 as sci-fi doesn't interest me that much.
  2. I did the recruit run on normal without purchasing any armor. Of course that was a stealth build so... It actually wasn't too bad (in fact it was kinda awesome), but I will tell you that I died A LOT during End Game. Made it though. I may have to try this when I replay the game. I'm doing FarCry 2 on infamous now. The stealth you learn in Alpha Protocol helps a lot in that game.
  3. You can change the values yourself in APGame.ini and find what works best. Make sure you can still outrun Brayko though. lol I believe you can press 'V' to slighty alter the camera to each side.
  4. The premise of the game is that you have to find your own money. They tell you this. As well as the game is about choice. If you try to get all the money you can there is close to $1mil total. I'll have to count up the exact figure, but you can start at Saudi with $35000 or so and discounts on gear/intel. I never buy all maps and intel. I pick and choose the good ones. Most of that stuff is unnecessary. If you want a character that requires a bunch of funds to make it then you need to make compromises(choice). If you are trying to actively seek out a bad build then I'm sure it's possible to no
  5. Edit the levelling cfg in my documents \alpha protocol folder. You can award yourself level 20 from the start if you wish and max out sabotage skill.
  6. So damage can't be increased through the ini but accuracy can? Have you edited any of the AI to see if it has an effect? If the levelling effect could be reduced it would be almost as good as increasing damage of the weapons.
  7. Too accurate on your mod video. I barely see a 6 inch spread with full auto. Could you work on a realistic version that is somewhere between yours and vanilla? Double the default damage and double the default accuracy for starters. Mostly just for pistol and SMG and lower level shotguns possibly. I think you would like that better. Some challenge is always nice. But good work anyway. I think I'll download it and peek at the files. Edit: I only see that you edited it to have 0 spread, and changed default 450 to 10. lol 45 times more accurate. I think editing the mydocuments files doesn'
  8. You get $20000 for Darcys training mission, over $100,000 from bribing Halbech, weapons cache in Moscow you can sell, trophy weapons you can sell. You can get more money in safes with the higher sabotage skill. You can also bribe Hong Si. I'm sure $1,000,000 is a possiblity. Not bad scratch for a rogue spy. lol
  9. I changed all damage=20 to damage=100 and it didn't change anything with my pistol or smg. Do you have to start a new game and are you editing the mydocuments configs?
  10. Exactly. I just edited the bottom damage to 25 from 20 and I will see how that does. I edited the guards ability to heal but haven't noticed much on that so far. You can easily edit the damage they do as well. There appears to be some levelling buit into the game as the variable SDL which adds health,damage and clipsize to the enemy for each level you get. So basically most things are editable.
  11. I agree mostly, but it would be nice if the pistol and SMG could do some damage when you hit an enemy. This isn't Gears of War. The people that complain about accuracy expect headshots from 60 feet with a pistol and don't know what spread is. The game forces you to use stealth skills and chain shot and I would like to play without those with more realistic weapon damage. The game could be fun that way especially after you have beat the game 2-3 times.
  12. Put it on easy and give yourself level 20 and don't worry about alarms and stuff. Boost your sprint speed, sprint time and you can blow through each mission in 1 minute. lol
  13. I don't have a problem with the accuracy. Have you found a way to boost the damage for all weapons? On hard level I shoot people 6 times-- and I do hit them as I hear the sound and they react to it-- and they don't go down. I would rather boost damage of the pistol and SMG at least 20% and not make it 1 shot 1 kill. That would be too easy unless you find a way to spawn more enemies. Do you need to start a new game after editing? I gave every class the ability to heal and gave them beserkability but I don't notice much in the way of changes.
  14. I have never had lag in PDA or Clearinghouse(i7 920,W7 x64,6GB RAM, GTX 470 SLI). I still have missing dialogue when I force AA with tweaks. AF works fine.
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