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  1. I didn't mean to bring it to the realism level, sorry about that. I just couldn't figure out why it took me 200-300 rounds from an SMG and close to 5 minutes each restart. Half of my SMG ammo from each clip was to bring his armor back down. The other half actually dealt damage, but there again I never really use abilities... I just kept going for health boxes and applying my first aid kits. I think the only thing I used was 1 flashbang to start Sprinted to him and opened fire with 2 smg's, ran and reloaded... Turned around and opened fire once more while he was chasing me. Repeated this while combining with melee during the fight. Enough about this though, I took the wrong approach by not using abilities.
  2. I don't see how,my fight last 3-5 minutes in each round and I was tearing him apart with two smg's. His armor would always go back up while I was reloading the guns.
  3. So you guys played it on hard mode and he was easier? That makes no sense My first playthru I played on easy, because it is assumed on easy they won't require so many hits. I'm not a fan of shooting someone dang near 10 times before they fall, when not using active abilities. A single shot to the leg would cause excruciating pain, then 1 final shot to finish the target. With that said I took SMG's up against brayko with the extended clip and swat armor and he still whooped me all around that place. It took dang near 200-300 rounds to kill the guy and 95% were direct hits, but then you say it took 2-3 critical shots on hard. So then easy is tougher bosses? That makes no sense. I went easy, because I am not one who likes shooting someone 10+ times. Hard is more realistic and bosses die faster?
  4. My question is related gameplay How is wifi hacking done? I just started a fresh career file on hard with a tech specialist/spy, but I always have to walk up to a computer and manually hack it. I just got to the taipie hub, but I have not done any missions besides saudi. At what point can you use wifi? How do you use it? Finally my last question is a bug? Is there a way to fix the if you run instead of jog, everyone turns to red... This is just a bug I want to fix as I find the fact that if you sprint everyone turns red to be insane. Outside of a hanger -I sprinted from 1 box to another and every single soldier went red They heard me thru solid walls and concrete hanger? (mind blowing) This happens on alot of levels.
  5. Al-Shaheed's lieutenant I take out with martial arts. Sis I flashbang then take out with martial arts. Brayko, this guy whooped me so many times on my first playthru it was unbelievable upclose with martial arts even at 10-15 you don't stand a chance. I lost track of how many restarts it took, but it felt really good to finally overcome this boss. When I first meet this guy I was wearing swat armor with zero upgrades.... I kept having to run from him going for health boxes on the wall Every other boss I flashed one time with a flashbang, charged and took them out with martial arts. No gunplay was involved. Brayko though, man he whooped me so many times it was upsetting. I took all the other bosses out with martial arts, but no matter what fight combo x4 I applied he always go a knife hit in. Once you flashbang a boss and charge you can use the jumping knee strike, stomp on ground, then general fists and roundhouses. This was completely ineffective on brayko though. When I beat this guy after so many retries I actually felt good to overcome him, but at the time while I kept restarting I felt like I was in an area I would never get past. If you go up against this boss unprepared with minimal armor - You will have one heck of a time getting past him. I figured since I killed the other 4 or 5 with no problems why upgrade armor. I was so wrong! If you watch my gameplay videos you will notice, that I never use these so called skills of shadow, chainshot, room clear, and I forget the others. To me they are more of what I consider cheats vs freezing timers. With that said others may enjoy the skills, but me personallly I don't like them one bit. Everyone enjoys their gameplay differently.
  6. I always remove all the bugs form an alliance and use G-22 as my handlers when possible. I love the G-22 interaction, but I hate knowing that I am working alongside a terrorist organization thru my career. (Now I really am rogue) The VCI are just too gung-ho for my tastes. (Busting thru the mansion gate in a stryker... WTF) In dossier it lists G-22 as a covert terrorist organization, but what I can gather is they are ex-field agents and operatives. The are quick clean and efficient at carrying out stealth operations around the globe. G-22 doesn't carry out attacks, they monitor world events and use covert action to stop plots. They prefer stealth 2 shots to the head vs the VCI approach of busting thru the gates in a stryker. I guess what I am asking or trying to understand is why they are tagged as a covert terrorist organization? It never made sense, since they don't do direct action unless its needed. They analyze thru data models. I ally myself with G-22 always, because I love the way they operate vs VCI. I accept and make a friendship with SIE, but I kinda just want to kill all those VCI that hit the embassy. However its my belief that killing a single VCI will destroy any type of intel sharing SIE can give. So I use tranq's and martial arts on VCI. Just the fact that they are so dang loud and non-covert makes me want to put a bullet in them everytime I see them enter the embassy, but I restrain myself and use non-lethal to keep a good rep with SIE for future intel.
  7. http://alphaprotocol.wikia.com/wiki/Interc...e_Museum_of_Art Look at the very bottom of the page one guy posted all of the triggers aswell he discovered that the game records how many times you are suave, professional, or agressive. Its recorded in your save file, but according to this guy editable thru hex. Imagine the effect of professional if you already went thru two hubs and were a nice guy, then changed when you hit the rome hub. I just came accross this last night as I was reading consequences of choices and how they carry thru future missions. A great website. What sparked my interest to research this was someones post about saving madison and her effect at the end of the game. I think the post said the math doesn't add up because in the end madison being alive outweighs the hostages you will save. Who she will become and what she will do and how many others she will save. I forget where it was, but it was a very interesting post like 3-6 pages long.
  8. I don't own a console at all, sorry. Added a Alpha Protocol Playlist function to my channel so that all videos can be watched in order for those who want to see them. New Playlist Page
  9. The links to Saudi Missions are now online Saudi Arabia Mission 01 - Airfield Saudi Arabia Mission 01 (Bug The Airfield) Saudi Arabia Mission 02 - Jizan Saudi Arabia Mission 02 Part 1 Saudi Arabia Mission 02 Part 2 Saudi Arabia Mission 03 - Arms Dealer Saudi Arabia Mission 03 Part 1 Saudi Arabia Mission 03 Part 2 Saudi Arabia Mission 04 - Intercept Missiles and Al-Shaheed Convoy Saudi Arabia Mission 04 Part 1
  10. I made this post to keep a specific post for all of my recorded missions in AP. I recorded all four missions of Saudi Arabia in 720P for youtube. The first one is now uploaded to youtube and number 2 is uploading now. v02a mod is in use. The mode is assault for all videos. You can see the saudi mission here: Saudi Arabia Mission 01 I hope you guys like them, I sure had fun making them
  11. This debate is never ending, there are so many players from different genre's and while you may enjoy the RPG aspect many other players will not. Now, I know that this is a RPG game, but many people will not like the same combat system that you do. I could not stand inaccurate weapons at 5 ft away, but I still played the game and bought my gear as I progressed thru my first campaign. Once I got to the rittergrupen tier 2 and tier 3 weapons I loved the game. It wasn't until I started looking thru the game files later on after, that I saw a way around this to suit my gameplay style. I would be willing to bet that 90% of bad reviews for AP are done by FPS players. Anyway what I found wrong from my playthru's were very minor errors. -sometimes when you are crouched up against a wall and some guy walks thru the doorway you can't strike. Its not added to many doorways and walls. -deactivating timers (using the mouse keys is easy, then you press spacebar. However using the mouse to get to a codeblock on the pc is very problematic. I have heard xbox doesn't suffer from this. Many times I would goto click on a code block and the mouse would be on the wrong codeblock cause it doesn't really follow your mouse pointer on the pc version. Maybe its cause I have 3600 DPI mouse, I am not sure. The mouse codeblock movement on pc version is very jumpy. These will affects your gameplay bigtime -When your setup for a strike, then the option to hit him in the throat doesn't popup. You have to exit the wall and sprint with melee before he can raise his weapon. You were waiting on him and then no option to use melee. Due to this error if you are not fast enough to respond it can raise an alarm or allow him to shoot giving away your presence to all enemies. The option to attack from certain walls and doors isn't there. Easily overlooked, but it is a flaw of level design that I would like to see fixed. I do the stealth route and I do the assault route... Once an alarm is raised I leave the alarm going and I just go into assault mode switching to APSD rounds and removing silencers from my weapons. I didn't buy AP for RPG as my favorite game series are easily... rainbowsix, rogue spear, ghost recon, splinter cell, project igi, and swat. what sold me to purchase AP was... Multiple endings and career paths (That is why I bought it) replayability. When I think of AP, I compare it to Hellgate London since you have to acquire money and build up your weapons slowly overtime. Gameplay - I only had 3 complaints when I first had this game (Combat * fixed now, Unable to melee on some areas, and jumpy responses to mousing over code blocks) Story and multiple paths - I love this part of the game so much. The only thing I really see that I notice alot more now is melee strikes with a knife. They appear to be off - as the body is falling mike is digging his knife out of the side of the guys throat. when the 3d model of your dead tango has almost hit the floor. Another easy one to overlook though. Other modders have fixed the crouch and movement speed for animations I just hope that obsidian fixes the knife kills animation. This is just my point of view as an FPS player and the only things that I find really affect my gameplay experience. I don't really see or can think of anythingelse at all that is wrong with this game.
  12. One final video for you folks Alpha Protocol Accuracy Mod Comparison video This is a comparison video showing how the mod changes between the 3 versions. I can honestly say I am happy with the bullet spread and accuracy of v02a. Its not perfect aim like v01a was and it includes bullet spread. In the video you see default accuracy, then v01a accuracy, and finally v02a accuracy. I doubt I will change this mod anymore as it is now just the way I want it. Its fps style, but it also has good bullet spread while maintaining accuracy. You'll see a huge improvement over v01a.
  13. You say that no one mods me? I personally have done many projects for me2... Here is a video displaying my work since its release My Mods Page My ME2 Mods Groups I belong to ME2 Ini Modders ME2 Texture Modders now on that note, I'm sure AP could be modded with texmod just like ME2.
  14. I use this program to get around timers (it freezes the extremely fast timers so you can actually hack them) Either you can hit numpad keys 0, 9, . or simply switch to an emp charge then hit 8... After your done hitting numpad 8 hit home to deactivate the program totally. I will not give you a direct link, but I will point you in the right direction (osidian may remove general direction url though, so be warned) Look at the one also tagged as numpad - I use 0,9.,and numpad - for what you saw in my first video. Alpha Protocol Timer Fix and 100+ Damage All I will tell you is the app itself is called +16 beyond that nothingelse. This work for me as it freezes the timers and allows for numpad - option. I have no desire to shoot someone 6-10 times before they fall and the fast timers are dang near impossible to get around. You other option is delete aplevel.ini and re-launch the game... it will place a default one in there
  15. Alpha Protocol Accuracy Mod v02a -2 Saved checkpoints with my gear setup for those of us who have already beat the game once before. Load the two checkpoints and have my gear and weapon setup good to go from saudi arabia safehouse with all 4 missions unplayed. I keep this for new game restarts - I am packaging it with the mod so that it will be downloadable just incase I were to lose it. -3 Config files Bigger reticules and slight spread to bullets vs being 100% accurate as it was in version 01a
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