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  1. Alan Parker - 9 Albatross - 11 Ali Shaheed - 10 Conrad Marburg - 10 Grigori Pazinhov - 7 Henry Leland - 11 Hong Shi - 11 Konstantin Brayko - 11 Mina Tang - 10 Omen Deng - 14 Ronald Sung - 9 SIE - 13 Scarlet Lake - 16 Sean Darcy - 3 (-1) That is what you get with your stupid photo's in the safehouses Sergei Surkov - 7 Sis - 15 (+1) just look at my avatar Steven Heck - 15 Yancy Westridge - 7
  2. I played 3 playthroughs like that, pistols and melee are amazingly good
  3. then I screwed myself again, I researched westridge instead of parker
  4. About the boss battles: it's a RPG, it's normal that bosses aren't whimps. It's not a shooter. The save Surkov mission is pretty easy, just use martial arts and don;t let htem to close to Surkov, first time I made it easy. Oh maybe don't play it on a laptop and change some things on the ini files to get a better framerate
  5. At the darcy harassing me mail, you can also select suave and professional
  6. First playthrough I did, I could talk with Surkov at Moloteck, make a deal without fighting Championchik and shooting Surkov in his leg. So you can avoid the final boss fight in Moscow even if you kill Brayko.
  7. I did everything like you Fallen Ghost, but now I know my rep was to high.
  8. Then you didn't listen to the whole story, he was arrested and I think he got bail and then he dissapeared
  9. no you don't go to a hub, but if you have everything in stock, then it will replenish
  10. It could be the name instead of the helmet, because al carmine's die in the GoW games
  11. It works great, especially when you use fury at the endbosses
  12. Problems are the files of Darcy, Parker and Westridge. You need to choose between them, so no you can't get 100%.
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