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  1. I played 3 playthroughs like that, pistols and melee are amazingly good
  2. About the boss battles: it's a RPG, it's normal that bosses aren't whimps. It's not a shooter. The save Surkov mission is pretty easy, just use martial arts and don;t let htem to close to Surkov, first time I made it easy. Oh maybe don't play it on a laptop and change some things on the ini files to get a better framerate
  3. At the darcy harassing me mail, you can also select suave and professional
  4. I think you will be quashed, not because your negative, but because your negative after only playing a game for 30 minutes!
  5. Plis the most expensive weapons aren't always the best. With assault rifles on of the best is only 19.000 to buy, so choose wisely!
  6. I went from pc to 360, cause it just plays smoother
  7. I had only level 1 for hacking, but I liked how the controller responds on hacking and now on the 360 without the framerate drops it's really easy!
  8. Just watched the first ep of the new season of Burn Notice!! Now going back to see the other Michael LOL
  9. I liked the DLC's of Borderlands (2 of the 3), it gave a lot of hours of playing or Fallout 3 DLC. If it's like that a few more hours, I would be incredible happy
  10. I'm not playing for the graphics, but for the experience and I played on pc also with a controller, but the feel wasn't great and now on the 360 I would give the game a higher rating, just because it plays better
  11. I just went from the pc version to the xbox 360 version and what a change. Mini games way better, no framedrops, so atm I think the console versions are better
  12. Then you explain Lucasarts was the one that gave Obsidian 1 year to complete the game, plus Lucasarts found the holidays to important to release the game, instead of give Obsidian more time! It's still a great game btw, even now I still play it
  13. That's why I play it on pc with my 360 controller, it works great for the minigames
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