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  1. Actually, there was a choice. They asked me if I wanted to change in light of what happened. I chose to change it so that they can concentrate on the game instead of this PR nightmare. They weren't going to change it, they asked ME if I wanted to. I can find another platform to write my controversial crap, and I will. They, on the other hand, did the right thing and allowed me to decide the fate of the epitaph. I chose to turn into something that made fun of the bitch-bastards that were complaining. They went above and beyond what I would have expected them to do. As much as
  2. A no win situation for Obsidian, but this is still disappointing. A few months ago the world stood up to protect a person's right to make a joke after the Charlie Hebdo attacks. I guess that doesn't apply here for some reason.
  3. Except everyone. I don't know, maybe I wasn't paying enough attention back then, but I never got the sense that ME1 was getting critically mauled for its use of stat based shooting.' Annnnyway, I'm curious to see what the next kickstarter will be. Hopefully 'We Can't Call it Arcanum 2 *wink* *wink*'
  4. I suspect a huge part of the problem with AP's reception was simply that it was delayed to come out after Mass Effect 2. If it had come out before like originally planned, the gaming press and public probably still would have been receptive to something that looked like a 3rd person shooter but still played like an stat-based rpg. Nobody really whined about Mass Effect 1 having those huge reticles. But yeah, fingers crossed for PoE. I really hope that this business with the tanks is just to pay the bills in the short term.
  5. Oh, I like this idea. Let's go. - AD&D 2nd ed was a crap basis for crpgs, and really held back the IE games. - Jade Empire is the rpg I most want a sequel to. - Alpha Protocol is one of my top games of the past 5 years. - It's ok to make content that 90% of your players won't see. - Fallout NV is better than Fallout 1 or 2. - I don't mind romances in games. Don't hurt me.
  6. Planetary Annihilation they priced so high because they felt they had to charge the same that it had cost a kickstarter backer for alpha/beta access, which I understand. Their backers would feel cheated if everyone else could come in and get the alpha cheaper. I don't know what the excuse for GalCiv is though. Still $100 is what a lot new release games cost over here, so it's a little easier to swallow.
  7. I think Mystic Quest would be up the top of my bad rpgs list, although at the time when I was a kid I enjoyed it enough to see it through to the end. But pulling out my old SNES and going back to it now... ack.
  8. I have a feeling he's going to have a pretty rough time of it with this build once he gets out of wolfland.
  9. Never heard of there being any differences between them. Neither the violence or the, ahem, James Bond style sections, are anything that should get the attention of censors.
  10. No, ammo types can be switched in mission. Not sure what the command is on the PC version (X I think), but it's in the menu where you pick between the two weapons you have in mission. To the sides of the weapons is the three ammo types for each one.
  11. I hate "raise dead". It's cheesy and implausible and removes nearly all the penalty from dying. In terms of making the game easy it's much worse than save scumming. Actually I'd like to propose that all versions of "raise dead" even at a temple are removed in expert mode. The whole mechanic is just silly. If that's what people mean by permadeath then I am all for permadeath. It is kind of a silly idea, especially when the main solution to any problem in these games is often "Kill the bad guy"... well, until someone raises the bad guy right back up. But, for all the 2nd ed games, it
  12. Stoneskin used to annoy the crap out of me (on enemy mages) when I first started playing. Now I remember it with such fondness.
  13. Once you subtract kickstarter's cut plus the costs of the boxes/shipping/assorted swag, they'll probably end up with about $2million. That's less that the budget of most xbox live arcade games that'll last you a few hours. 8 hours might actually be on the optimistic side. But then, maybe they can save a lot of money in some areas. Who knows. Feargus was on Kickstarter's comment page last night and he mentioned that between paypal, kickstarter and amazon, 9-10% of the money raised would be taken off the top. Assuming they get to 3 million (a reasonable number I think?) that's 300K, leav
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