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Ogre form still huge in inventory



Even though the latest beta build had this among its listed fixes:




  • (FIXED) Characters can appear extremely large in the UI. It is hilarious


It appears that the ogre form from Form of the Fearsome Brute still suffers from the issue.


Also notice how the ogre club is not displaying at all in his hands; the same is true in-game.


And to nitpick: The transformation was done with a female character, but she still got the male ogre model.


Last but not least—the ogre's armor has +100% recovery penalty for a measly 6 AR. That's not even medium armor and it's got the old penalty (pre-update 1) for heavy armor. Something's not right there.





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Also fix the malus to INT. I guess the wizard is only transforming his body, not his brains. Why nerf this fun ability with -4 INT?

Even if he was transforming brain as well INT penalty would not fit because PoE's ogres are not dumb.
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