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  1. Boeroer's post in Unreachable camp on Backer Island was marked as the answer   
    I think it's not unreachable once you complete the Shadowed Vale?
    We together als "Black Isle Bastards" collected the 5000$ in this forum in oder to get a pirate crew (the one with Captain Fyrgist). We added a unique item as well (Kapana Taga). You ae welcome.
    Then Obsidian decided to create the "Black Isle" as kind of a gift. It was not part of our pledge.
  2. Boeroer's post in [Fort Deadlight] Can't free Sceydwin was marked as the answer   
    What is untrue? That I remember it that way?
    Guess I can't remember differently anyway since I always kill Benwith right away (no flag, climb the fort, go to Benwith, free the gal).
    I guess the important thing is that you can't free her once the fort turned hostile. Because then she also seems to turn hostile (as does Mike et al.).
  3. Boeroer's post in [3.0] Mohora Tanga bugged was marked as the answer   
    Did you check during battle (combat log + shift) or did you look at the char sheet or weapon-tooltip?
    It used to scale PEN as well as DMG and I only could see that in the combat log's dmg calculation. Now the PEN scaling got removed and only the DMG scaling should remain. Should...
  4. Boeroer's post in [Bug] Frenzy Raw damage incorrectly amplified x10 was marked as the answer   
    The self damage scales with power level and MIG. At higher levels 19 per tick is common. Because Power Level scaling is multiplicative. Which level were you?
  5. Boeroer's post in Who are you, Edér? was marked as the answer   
    It's a joke basically.
    Did you actually click on this option to check it out - or did you immediately file a bug report on seeing it?
  6. Boeroer's post in Spirit of Decay issues was marked as the answer   
    Druids have spells keyworded with "Decay".
    Priest of Berath and Priest of Rymrgand have decay spells (maybe some others have as well). The developers would need to check if a certain priest subclass has any spells with acid or decay properties and then grey out SoD if they don't have any. Besides that, Spirit of Decay can be good with multiclass options (Bleak Walker for example) that have decay/acid abilities but can not take Spirit of Decay on their own. Then there are some weapons that do corrode damage and might profit. So taking away the option might not be an improvement after all.
    I don't think there's an issue.
  7. Boeroer's post in Two questions about items. was marked as the answer   
    1. Retaliation doesn't stack (unless it's a passive ability like Battle Forged or from a weapon like Sura's Supper Plate). The sickening and stuck are considered retaliations (unfortunately) so one suppresses the other. It's still the case - but no bug.
    2. I think that got fixed. Didn't use it for a long time though.
  8. Boeroer's post in HEEEEELP! Stuck character was marked as the answer   
    Please note that the console version of PoE was not released by Obsidian Entertainment but Paradox Interactive. They have their own subforum for bug reports:
    Paradox Interactive: PoE Bugs (console version)
    Th same thing could happen on the PC version, too. Very seldomly though. As far as I know there's no fix other than using the console commands (console here meaning the terminal-console inside PoE) to teleport you out of that map - but on the Xbox you can't use console commands I guess.
    Sorry if I can't help you further. Maybe there's somebody on the Paradox forums who knows a workaround on the Xbox.
  9. Boeroer's post in Cannot disable Expert Mode, please help! [PS4] was marked as the answer   
    I have to correct me: you can disable Expert Mode once. Actually I never did this during a playthrough, so I missed this entirely.
    So now - in my game (Ubuntu 17.10 and also Windows 10) I can disable Expert mode during the playthrough. But I can't reenable it if I did so. Just like the description said.
    I tested this on Hard mode and PotD difficulty. I didn't try the combination with Trial of Iron though.
    So, I guess it's a bug with the PS4 version. Please note that Obsidian has not much to do with the console versions of PoE (I know, confusing). Those where done by Paradox Interactive (the publisher of PoE PC version) on their own initiative.
    They have their own subforum for bug reports: Paradox Interactive: PoE Bugs (console version)
  10. Boeroer's post in [3.06] Wary defender doesn't do anything? was marked as the answer   
    Is this screenshot taken during encounter outside of combat. I'd double-check if it works once encounter starts.
  11. Boeroer's post in Anyone Know the Item Code to this Cloak? was marked as the answer   
    I looked it up just a minute ago: 
    That's the name.
    So you have to type:
    additem px1_backer_cape_of_the_master_mystic 1
    after enabling cheats with iroll20s of course.
    You can find all game objects in this subfolder of your installation folder:
    The names of the files without the file extension are the names you have to use in the console. You can find pretty much anything quickly when doing a text search inside the folder. Some items have really wierd names that totally differ from the ingame names though. For example the Maegfolc Skull is named px2_giants_skull and Hours of St. Rumbalt is named hours_of_st_rumbault, The rings that give you bonus wizards spells are named ring_of_wizardry_a and _b and so on. Sometimes there's a _backer_ in the file name for obvious reasons. So it can be hard to find the right file. But most of the time the filename matches the ingame name. px1_ means it's from WMI and px2_ means it's an item from WMII.
  12. Boeroer's post in Bugged Belt in WMII: Arthrek(Arthek/Athrek)'s Cord was marked as the answer   
    Did you check if it works in combat? Watch the combat log and hover over an interrupt message in order to see your interrupt value that was used for the dice roll. Sometimes it's just the GUI that doesn't show things right.
    If you are over 75% endurance your interrupt value should be lower than at 75% and below endurance.
    Also, you didn't get the description right: it says +1.8 move speed while over 75% endurance and +21 interrupt when under 75% endurance.
  13. Boeroer's post in Capes, cloaks, pets was marked as the answer   
    The Unity-plugin the devs used for capes doesn't work with Linux.
    Pets: they work with Linux. You have to put the pet "item" into the pet slot of the main character. You will find the black hound in your stash.
  14. Boeroer's post in Remove an Advanturer was marked as the answer   
    Put her/him in your party and attack her/him till she/he's dead. It's like deleting - but more fun. It has no negative side effects.
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