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Anyone Know the Item Code to this Cloak?



Hello again! I'm wondering if anyone knows the item code of the Cape of the Master Mystic? A glitch happened to my game where I lost some loot and I was able to console command every one of the items back except this one. Its item code is not on the PoE wiki. I'm hoping someone on here knows how to find it or already knows it. This thread has always been very helpful so it's worth a shot?


Thank you in advance!

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I looked it up just a minute ago: 




That's the name.


So you have to type:


additem px1_backer_cape_of_the_master_mystic 1


after enabling cheats with iroll20s of course.


You can find all game objects in this subfolder of your installation folder:




The names of the files without the file extension are the names you have to use in the console. You can find pretty much anything quickly when doing a text search inside the folder. Some items have really wierd names that totally differ from the ingame names though. For example the Maegfolc Skull is named px2_giants_skull and Hours of St. Rumbalt is named hours_of_st_rumbault, The rings that give you bonus wizards spells are named ring_of_wizardry_a and _b and so on. Sometimes there's a _backer_ in the file name for obvious reasons. So it can be hard to find the right file. But most of the time the filename matches the ingame name. px1_ means it's from WMI and px2_ means it's an item from WMII.

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