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Bugged Belt in WMII: Arthrek(Arthek/Athrek)'s Cord



There's an item found in the Ondrite temple called Arthek's cord, which provides +1.8 move speed and +21 Interrupt while above 75% Endurance. However, it only provides +1 Interrupt when worn. Sucks because I want to use it on my super speed Monk.

This is an obvious bug. How do I go about editing the file to make the item what it's supposed to be?

Edit: It's also spelled differently in every instance it is used.

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Did you check if it works in combat? Watch the combat log and hover over an interrupt message in order to see your interrupt value that was used for the dice roll. Sometimes it's just the GUI that doesn't show things right.

If you are over 75% endurance your interrupt value should be lower than at 75% and below endurance.


Also, you didn't get the description right: it says +1.8 move speed while over 75% endurance and +21 interrupt when under 75% endurance.

Edited by Boeroer

Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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