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The Kickstarter Thread


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Prometheus Wept is still slugging it out on Kickstarter. 78% funded, with 8 days to go. Looks like it's going to be down to the line :)

I've also made a couple of dev playthroughs of the demo, one showing a simultaneous battle between cyberspace and the physical world. Here you encounter a strange entity in an abandoned underground bunker, and must inject your consciousness into the bunker's network to open the blast door. While you're inside, your ally, a sociopath con man with the ability to manipulate people's mind must defend you from a group of marauders.

The other playthrough shows the first combat area in the game, where you are dispatched to restore order in a dilapidated fishing village, who residents have become violently insane.

If anyone has any questions or feedback about the game, let me know!

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Looks ok for what it is - I lol'd at Bob the Beaver. That was cute.

“Things are as they are. Looking out into the universe at night, we make no comparisons between right and wrong stars, nor between well and badly arranged constellations.” – Alan Watts
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On 3/26/2024 at 1:20 PM, daveyd said:


KS just launched for the new cRPG from the team behind Atom RPG.  It features both turn-based and RTwP combat modes and there's a demo available on the Steam page

Bumping this as the campaign has only five more days to go. It is funded, and now working towards stretvh goals. I backed it at 50 euro purely because they were considerate enough to include an integral RTwP option. :)

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