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  1. True. Though I can't help but think that this could have raised five times as much five years ago. I mean, €120K is only a small portion of the total cost to develop a game like this. Fortunately in this case the developer already has a great deal of the engine and art assets made already so they should be able to make it to early access. Anyway, at least the goal was met. I couldn't bare another Seven Dragon Saga
  2. Hmm the Bard goal is looking very likely. I'd rather it were for the Bard class than more music tracks, but an expanded soundtrack is nice, too. The monk stretch goal seems doubtful, but I suppose it could be hit afterwards through slacker backer pledges... Watch the gaming news sites finally cover this KS once it's over
  3. That's actually the class I would be most interested in. There hasn't been a D&D based CRPG to feature a similar playable class since the Dark Sun games (psionicist).
  4. Ceres has pretty much said on their forums that they plan to have more classes such as Monk and Bard eventually implemented, it's just a question of when. Psion is another one they mentioned as a possibility. The monk stretch goal would just guarantee that monk ships with v 1.0 of the game, but otherwise it will likely be added in an update or expansion. A lot of relevant feats like Stunning Fist and Deflect / Snatch Arrows may already be implemented (since those feats can actually be taken by characters of any class who meet the prerequisites). The only reason adding monk will cost some money is they want to have high quality martial art animations rather than just settle for a generic punching animation like NWN did and probably some fitting portraits and monk robes. Anyway, from the sound of it, it will be pretty easy for modders to add additional 3.5e classes and feats even if they aren't officially in the game for awhile.
  5. ~95% funded. So close. Hmm, the first two days of the KS raised about 30,000 Euros. If we assume similar numbers for the end of the campaign it would end at least~125K.
  6. Just my experience from backing about 50 successfully funded games. Lots of people like to wait until the last minute... Probably to see how much spare money they have or just to think about what tier they want.. Usually you see a spike on the 2nd last day after reminder emails are sent. I have a friend / coworker who is still thinking about backing it. Says he'll decide based on how much he has left in his checking account after paying his bills. Realms beyond is doing much better than KS that just barely make their goal. I'm gonna predict it will end around 130K Euros. Maybe more if another major RPG developer gives it a shout-out or some of the PC gaming news site wake up.
  7. Well, it's shot up to almost 90K now. Must have gotten some high tier backer today. Looks like all the high tiers with a one person limit are taken now. Anyway, don't worry. It's very normal for Kickstarters to slow way down in the middle. I guarantee the pace will pick up in the final days. Last two days will probably bring in a similar number of backers as the first two days, if not more.
  8. RPGWatch's Gamescom preview is really the only actual article though. Gamesbanshee is basically just posting the updates (not that I'm complaining, I''m just glad they're giving it exposure).
  9. Well they're now at 84% with 8 days left so I think reaching they will in all likelihood reach the goal and probably a few stretch goals as well. Disappointing how the gaming news media has completely ignored this game but I'm not surprised.
  10. While I really hope they're able to make a great campaign with an interesting enough story and well designed quests I think what excites me the most about RB is that they're releasing the toolset / editor with the game. We can hope that this means players will create a lot of modules for it, similar to what was done with the Neverwinter Nights games. I don't even like the combat in NWN, but I've probably sunk more hours into NWN 1 & 2 than any other CRPG because of some great user generated content.... As long as Realms Beyond has decent combat and the toolset is relatively user friendly this could potentially become my favorite RPG (even the OC itself ends up being medicore).
  11. I've found that most of my favorite CRPGs of recent years have been on the relatively short side. For ex: HBS Shadowrun games, Expeditions: Viking, and Age of Decadence. All pretty short, especially Age of Decadence, though that game in particular has a great deal of replay value. And I played through all of those games a few times. That said, I'm not sure that the reason I like them is any way related to them being shorter. Perhaps it is connected in the sense that the developers took a quality over quantity approach (I found those games had less "filler content" than many other RPGs I've played), but then I would have been thrilled if any of those games had expansion DLC released (as long as the quality of the base game was maintained). A longer CRPG that I enjoyed was Dead State though it did tend to get a bit repetitive at times but still I enjoyed it enough to play it to completion which is something I can't say for many longer RPGs.
  12. Well, the middle of Kickstarters is almost always very slow. Things will likely pick up in the final week and last 2 days especially since the 48 hour reminder emails go out. Hopefully there will be more shoutouts. Josh Sawyer / Obsidian, Brian Fargo, and Sven Vickne has all tweeted about it in support so perhaps there will also be a shoutout in the next update of their own crowdfunded games.
  13. You didn't read the FAQ on the Kickstarter, did you? I also recall reading in the RPGWatch Gamescom preview that all characters will have personality traits such as greedy, lazy, sneaky, open-minded, which may affect how they interact with NPCs, so even the characters you create from scratch will have some personality. For example "The way this works in the game is that if you have a greedy character and you let that character barter with a merchant, it will probably not be a success, as the greedy character will not part from money or items easily and it is very unlikely that they will come to an agreement. So perhaps a greedy person is not the best person to barter with a merchant.",
  14. I don't know about additional playable races, but they have said there's probably going to be more classes either as stretch goals or barring that possibly adding them in a DLC / expansion at some point. Bards, Monks, Psions are among those that have been hinted at. They've also confirmed there's definitely going to be prestige classes (e.g., Arcane Archer, Eldritch Knight, etc.). They said they want to devote a good amount of time to each class they implement (so for instance if they add monks, they'll have high quality martial arts animations rather than just using a generic punch). And while I'd agree that more options would be very desirable, one must take into consideration that the budget of this game is (so far) looking to be considerably less than the likes of Pillars, NWN or Diablo for that matter. I guess how much they can add will depend on how well the KS does and I'd love to see this blow up and hit ~$1 million but that seems unlikely given most gaming news sites are completely ignoring this KS and the increased skepticism / cynicism regarding crowdfunding among the gaming community.
  15. I don't think they mentioned it in the Kickstarter but it was revealed awhile back that Guido Henkel (producer of Planescape: Torment and a lead designer of the Realms of Arkania triology) was working on this game as creative director. He contributed to the world design, lore, etc. Unfortunately it seems they couldn't really afford to pay him a salary so he left the project earlier this year in search of a paying gig. I was / am hoping that maybe after a successful KS they could bring Mr. Henkel back onto the project. Anyway, aside from basic world-building, it seems Ceres main focus up to this point has been working on the game engine; so they already have a working combat and dialogue system. And they have acquired the art assets from the canceled CRPG "Chaos Chronicles". What they need now is more actual content and writers to flesh out their dialogue and story.
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