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New Vampire RPG in development.

vampire horror rpg

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Just replay Bloodlines for the thousandth time. It'll probably still be more fun.




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Ahem. In Swedish, "vampyr" is the proper spelling of vampire, so I may say the same about "vampire". ;)

It's not a made up word as one might expect so the devs could claim copyright on the IP. They would be hard pressed to prevent the creation of another Vampyr game. 


I prefer Vampir actually, that's where a certain famous one comes from.


Nosferatu - Romania 
Upyr - Russia 
Yakshis - India 
Lampir - Bosnia 
yara ma yha who - aboriginal australian 
vampir - bulgaria 
obayifo - ghana 
callicantzaros - greece 
bajang - malaysia 
baital - india 
incubus - pan european 
jaracara - brazilian 
baobhan sith - old gaelic scottish 
mulo - serbian 
vampyr - slavic 
asasabonsam - ghana 
ekiminus - assyria 
kathakano - crete 
aswang - philippines 
vampira - philppines 
danag - philippines 
mananangal - philippines 
encantong dugo - philippines 
capre - philippines 
tianak (vampire baby) - philippines 
mandurugo - philippines 
pontianak - malaysia 
canchus - peru 
ghoul - arabic 
kukuthi - albanian 
lugat - albanian 
dakhanavar - armenia 
bluatsauger - germany 
nachzehrer - germany 
mulo - gypsy 
alukah - hebrew 
kappa - japan 
kyuketsuki - japan 
strix - latin 
vampir - hungarian 
upirina - croatian 
drakul - serbian 
sukuyan - trinidad and tobago 
upyr - slavic ukranian 



What I gather from this is Philipinos can't even decide how to spell it.




With regards to the game, I'll put this in my "keep an eye on it' list.  Anything RPG-related is going to pique my interest.

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