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  1. Yeah, that's what I meant by "cynical". Anyway, I barely look at gaming news/trailers really anymore. Do trailers hardly ever represent the actual game experience?
  2. Yeah, have to agree, other than the real world setting, it just doesn't feel like the same game so far. It doesn't help that some of the press releases miss the mark entirely, promo material so disconnected I stopped looking at them, and Mitsoda himself has been pretty critical of the first game, but that could just be the cynical artist with plenty more stories left to flesh out, one would hope.
  3. I like how it's already decided gender eventually is consolidated as if it's the linear progression. A hypothesis about as grounded as flying cars.
  4. Yep. Probably comes loaded with that cringe west coast humor, like Portal 2. Already see it in the trailer. I'll pass.
  5. Appreciate the honesty. Doesn't seem the game to initiate a PC upgrade, but to be picked up down the road. Can see my self still playing New Vegas after it all, anyway.
  6. Yeah that's the result of nerfing the ability to min/max, as was talked about before the game was announced. Not a fan - most ppl wont replay the game, so it just comes off as ultimately unnecessary game balancing at the cost of unique builds and replayability.
  7. Dunno. The trailer, combined with the team and the west coast gaming landscape today should have at least given off the sense of the possibility of woke segments. Sell it used?
  8. Yeah, it's ugly, like a leprous New Vegas, but that was revealed on the very first trailer.
  9. Well, it doesn't really help when the development team basically introduced the game showing how you can kill everyone save for one npc.
  10. That cyberpunk/space marine mixture surely? Nothing new to the genre, but a bit hammed up from the trailers, intentionally so, seemingly. Just hope the game hits that sweet spot of fun/interest and isn't just non-stop laughs. At times I get reminded of that Old World Blues endless geek humor, and I hope Obsidian managed to avoid that this time around.
  11. Point rather, I want this thing to hit me with some absurdity and fun. From the looks, Outer Worlds seems to be that game, while Bloodlines 2 could be taking itself too seriously. Maybe Boyarsky and Cain had more influence in the first game than let on, either way, I care less about systems here except for replay with multiple pathways, etc.
  12. Heh, yeah, about as real as those fanged up characters that have the shakes for blood. I don't see what is wrong with that brand of storytelling - seems people/designers today turn their noses up at fun.
  13. It has to be present day or near enough. The main plot seemingly has to do partially with big tech control.
  14. If you're looking at it in terms of overarching narrative, sure. That's not what kept it interesting or unique from quest to quest though. WoD itself is pretty cringe. There are so many stereotypes with dialogues specifically written and voiced for cops, cashiers, surfer dudes, manics, street peddlers, to name a few, the world pretty much is brought to life in a caricature sort of way.
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