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  1. Point rather, I want this thing to hit me with some absurdity and fun. From the looks, Outer Worlds seems to be that game, while Bloodlines 2 could be taking itself too seriously. Maybe Boyarsky and Cain had more influence in the first game than let on, either way, I care less about systems here except for replay with multiple pathways, etc.
  2. Heh, yeah, about as real as those fanged up characters that have the shakes for blood. I don't see what is wrong with that brand of storytelling - seems people/designers today turn their noses up at fun.
  3. It has to be present day or near enough. The main plot seemingly has to do partially with big tech control.
  4. If you're looking at it in terms of overarching narrative, sure. That's not what kept it interesting or unique from quest to quest though. WoD itself is pretty cringe. There are so many stereotypes with dialogues specifically written and voiced for cops, cashiers, surfer dudes, manics, street peddlers, to name a few, the world pretty much is brought to life in a caricature sort of way.
  5. Somewhat, but even the morbid subject matter came through a sort of horror show flare. That game just set out to entertain. The sequel just doesn't give off that vibe from what's been unveiled, or disclosed from designers.
  6. Huh? It was caricaturized and silly, in the best of ways.
  7. Agreed. But I have to say I've gotten off-put by their decision to go dark and semi-serious. Comes off boring and a bit too self-important, something the original game wasn't anything near.
  8. True. Was speaking more in the realm of suspension of disbelief but got the message crossed with the rest. People always going to gripe. I guess though one of the differences is that it's more on the micro level today, so even the most trivial can have the same weight as a potentially larger issue. But that's not so much an entertainment issue as it is first world as a whole.
  9. As if on command - watched a 50's movie last night without much looking at the plot and it turned out to be a warning of Nazi Germany establishing itself in the Caribbean with rockets much more powerful than the V2 to destroy intended targets all across America. This being a mere decade before the Cuban missile crisis. And of course, the director was Jewish. Lolllllllll - the intentional blind eye intellectuals turned and still turn towards communism is simply astounding. It's as if it's too incomprehensible, even for smart people, to imagine two evils in the world. There must only be the one.
  10. You like those? Crossfire is more my style but it's just overdone for me. Like everybody had to have a crack at the anti Jewish film. I remember one director even saying his head wasn't really in it but felt like he had to make it.
  11. I don't know about sacred but there was a time when audience members were more in it for the ride, as opposed to wanting to have a say and be part of the creation. Also, there absolutely was, at the very least, communist sympathizers in old Hollywood. It wasn't even hidden. Some writers changed their names and still wrote straight up communist scripts. Almost every political movie back then was heavy-handed, preachy junk. Having them rounded up was just a ridiculous show and wrong, but at the same time, if you're going to produce straight up propaganda, don't be surprised if you find yourself out of work.
  12. Use of the word "intent" is pretty careless and egotistical for a concept artist or are they known for that? Boyarsky's point of view is right on point. I have no time for preachy, one-sided, straw man arguments and especially don't want it in a game I intend to play. Can't see how it actually offends anyone to even say that.
  13. Why complain about it then? It's revenue as real as any other. Average intelligence isn't very intelligent by definition. It's practically one step from an oxymoron.
  14. Internet has greater reach and is much, much faster. You're basically telling people to jump off the wave of the future and swim back out and drown with the sinking ship. Also would like to know by what metric are people very intelligent? In comparison to a chimp? Yeah. To a real brainiac? No. Change "very" to "basic". Most people are basically intelligent.
  15. That game is going to be selling a lot of hardware. Reminds of the good days when hardware was pushed by the most innovative games. I'll probably go cheap on the cpu and double down on the gpu. Really don't need the extra cpu power unless games these days are more reliant than the past. Also want to keep that heat and power draw to a minimum. Ah, the love/hate of building a new system.
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