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  1. Not my thing. But anyway, apologies for disturbing anybody with my mere pipe dream. Video games is serious bidness. Must remember to wear a permanent frown when venturing through the wastelands.
  2. Eh, if I had a ton of money to sink into a project, I'd happily supply those two with some vices and see what insanity comes out of it.
  3. Yeah, and that's partly why the gaming industry is full of play-it-safe fluff. I've been looking for a reason to upgrade the PC, but nothing is worth it.
  4. How many people are still around that made New Vegas? A sequel would most likely not resemble the same game. How about Microsoft hire MCA and Mitsoda and put them on a character and C&C rich RPG? An offshoot of Bloodlines, considering that travesty.
  5. 20% would most likely mean more power draw? 10% is more in line with standard improvement, which should keep the midrange models at 65w, I'm assuming/preferring.
  6. Tell me more about these rumors..
  7. Yeah - fun stuff all around. Although honestly, still came off like Mitsoda to a degree... that type strong characterization is in Bloodlines too - Damsel... practically all of them.
  8. From what I remember, one side wanted AP to be more cartoonish, the other, more realistic. With the inclusion of Sie, pretty obvious which side won. Good game either way.
  9. Who knows? Mitsoda writes a lot of dialogue - said there are even more characters in this sequel. Maybe the team was too small or most likely poorly managed to support a huge, story branching RPG. Anyway, the whole thing makes me kind of sick. Feel bad for Brian and the fans that waited 17 years for this just to have it pulled out from under them at the last stage. Sickening.
  10. Lol, they get to use Mitsoda's writing while hiring a bland Ass Creed designer to smooth the edges. Paradox should've hired the latter to start with, given their preferred style of soulless assembly line gaming. Disgusting. Maybe if Paradox didn't waste resources in useless additions like building scaling that nobody asked for, then maybe the game would be already released and Mitsoda would be busy writing additional content.
  11. Depends on the type bugs/game. Rather have a game full of minor bugs and ambition than a soulless but otherwise polished one. Somewhat seems like the company doesn't get what made the original so good. Wouldn't be surprised if they're taking time to rewrite parts to include today's shenanigans in Seattle, and or pandemic...
  12. More time to piece together the rest of the build.
  13. Yeah - should be another month? I'm going with an 8 core and a ton of RAM - the two things that have locked me out of some games on this ancient rig.
  14. I guess I'll choose the 4000 series for my needed upgrade. Don't care about missing out on DDR5, it's just ram anyway. Rather choose lots of DDR4 at a better price. Only question - should I go with a 6 or 8 core CPU for whichever few future games I might play? 6 cores still plenty or just better to go ahead and choose 8? Maybe just waiting for a price drop in an 8 core 3000 is the best choice...
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