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  1. I really hope they have a 3rd person option, even if it is janky like Bethesda's 3rd person view.
  2. Really disappointed to hear this. It's going to be weird not playing an Obsidian game on launch day.
  3. Something that isn't medieval fantasy. Sci-fi, near-future, modern day(could even have supernatural/fantasy elements).
  4. Someone's opinion is different than mine! /worldends
  5. Just ran into this as well. Gonna reload my 2 hour old save and hope I can get passed this Edit: Just ran through it again with no problems. Even told Azo I'd turn him in. I did notice that after I was first attacked in the North Ward the first time that all of the patients/guards were still around. This second time, the patients were gone and there were a few bodies in the area.
  6. First story DLC incoming. Trailer tomorrow. http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2015-03-23-first-screenshots-of-dragon-age-inquisition-single-player-dlc
  7. A Golden Wake. An hour and change in and the story hasn't gone anywhere yet.
  8. I basically played ESO as a single player RPG.
  9. A lot of people are hoping for Fallout 4... But I'd prefer another TES game.
  10. Same. The trailers reminded me a lot of The Secret World, which I'd love as a setting for a single-player RPG.
  11. Bioware Austin's multiplayer 4 vs. 1 action RPG, Shadow Realms, has been cancelled. https://shadowrealms.com/blog/an-important-update-on-shadow-realms
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