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New Neverwinter by Cryptic


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Well Cryptic is making a new MP only D&D 4th ED Neverwinter based game. From the recent interview sounds like NWN minus the OC. Just MP and some kind of toolset for custom content. All the servers will be hosted by Crypic from how I read the info thus far.


Sound as if they are trying to redo the AOL NWN.. interesting but the lack of SP play and 4E rules makes this a no go for me personally.



World of Darkness News




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I still have no clue how 4E works, but I suppose this makes sense. The biggest fans of the NWN series were those who loved the toolsets and MP and the persistent worlds, not the SP campaigns.


Ain't my boat, but good to see D&D CPRGs continue, I wouldn't want them completely dead.

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Who's 'they'? THE GOVERNMENT? :lol:

Keep your voice down! :)

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They claim they are getting 'rid' of the dice rolls. That's EPIC FAIL.


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