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  1. It depends how you are as a gamer - I'd encourage you to go back as far as you can handle with the M&M games. Get the graph paper ready and have at it - it's a lost art that, the whole mapping of levels - and have at it. If anything it'll show you how far games have come, and how hardcore gaming used to be.
  2. I actually stopped caring many years ago what people thought - truth is, I'm a human. I have seen no evidence of that. After all these years? *sigh*
  3. I actually stopped caring many years ago what people thought - truth is, I'm a human.
  4. <.< I have time between compilations.
  5. http://clickonline.com/games/interview--maciej-szczesnik-[the-witcher-3-wild-hunt]/18544/
  6. Was more on about W3... As I'm at CD Projekt Red now - I take it you're still at Bioware, Alanschu? Anyways - I'll be picking up DA3. Sobering comments are great.
  7. Well this thread was an interesting read... I'm not sure if people are just older and more cynical. That said, considering the global gushing that just occurred it's nice to see some sobering comments even if I didn't expect them to be from here. P.S. Volo you're still a spooner.
  8. Bok, your rigs looking a bit old... and seriously... Bioshock is pretentious crap.
  9. No. Data serialization can be extremely hard, especially in complex code-bases. Check point based systems allow for some control over the matter.
  10. Yeah, it's be real nice to hear from him, see how he's doing...
  11. This stuff isn't that simple, and it isn't really worth the operational cost to achieve either. At any level, wanna play PS3 or PS2 games, get the console.
  12. Anita has one interest, and it isn't feminism. She just want's to be famous. It's bollocks.
  13. Extra Credits - its good at doing one thing, communicating to the wider general public how things work internally and what kinds of processes take place at some companies. I don't watch the show, I've seen a few episodes, and found it to be entirely irreverent to me - I'm an engine programmer - most of the stuff seems to be related to design, production and creative direction - it is - entirely useless for the average person in the industry. That said, I'd recommend people who are interested in design, and/or production to look into the show as there is some useful advice for n00bs.
  14. American's who have left the US are stuck paying taxes in both the country they currently live in, and then tax in the USA. People I work with for example have to pay US taxes despite the fact they are living in Poland, and paying Polish taxes.
  15. Why is Josh happy about this? It means more work for engine programmers. He asked... Bokishi? Actually it means LESS! work for engine programmers, and more flexibility in approach... So Josh is happy because development on Sony consoles actually just got a lot easier.
  16. Would help ya... For payment naturally - I'll except a cheeseburger.
  17. I hate it when dev's lie, I hate it more when they know they're lying - worst of all I hate it when claim X is made before claim X have even been achieved. It happens, and it's the people at the top who say such things.
  18. ... No... The BG2 intro sucked. Only because it's an eminently replayable game and it gets tedious on replays tho'. First time it was p. okay with me. Sure... But its a massive flaw.
  19. First CRPG Hmmm... Probably 'The Wild Bunch', it was RPGish, the first RPG I truely remember playing and loving was 'Shining in the Darkness' That said I've played a lot of the older CRPG's after I got very into RPG's when I was about 13, 14.
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