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New Obsidz Gaim?


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Who will be the project director or lead designer on a new project? J.E. Sawyer or Tony Evans?


George Ziets(Though not sure if he actually returned to Obsidian)? Kevin Saunders? I like to think J.E is shelved aside from any possible big role in any projects for the moment until Sega knows what to do with the Aliens RPG.

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Bugga. Thought WoTC is bringing back Dark Sun into their 4th edition since they are reviving some old settings. Happends DS wasn't one of them.


Actually, there's a lot of speculation that next year's campaign setting will be Dark Sun. The proponents of this seem to have made a compelling argument for it.


Yes, the signs do point that way. As much as I like Dark Sun, though, even that won't be enough to bring me to 4E. Worse still, I fear they will butcher Dark Sun in the same way they did Forgotten Realms, which will leave the setting effectively ruined even post-4E (say after 5E arrives). As such, despite my very positive opinion of the setting and it suitability for CRPGs (the two Dark Sun games in the 1990s were awesome and the first one of those was actually my first encounter with D&D [though I played other PnP RPGs before]), I am not sure I am keen on Dark Sun being revived at the moment...

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What I would hope for the unannounced Obsidian game to be, in order of preference:


1) KOTOR 3 - unfortunately, this is highly unrealistic, given the TOR MMO

2) Pathfinder RPG game - again, this seems highly improbable

3) 3.5E D&D RPG - this too is very unlikely, as I doubt WotC would countenance another 3.5E CRPG - they would want to move it to the loathed 4E - though if it were a new NWN 2 expansion, this one might work ;(

4) Original IP - A new fantasy IP, as BioWare is doing with Dragon Age, might be nice, depending on style and flavor that were to be chosen

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One guy paid specifically to program physics?


This game iz gonna kickz so much azzes.




Currently spamming his way to the 1000th mark at risk of ban.


Um, that's not really that rare.


Physics engines these days pretty much require a BSc in classical dynamics just to understand them.

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Barum pum pum Feargus speaks


*Blah blah Aliens game canceled blah*


Q: How far had development gone?


A: It had. A lot of it was us building our own internal technologies, and part of that was an understood thing before we got to the game itself. We'd gotten fairly far.


Q: Did you retain that engine?


A: Oh yeah, we retained that. We own that, it's our own technology.


Q: Are you using it now?


A: We are. We just signed a deal about 10 weeks ago. We'll be using it on a new product.


Q: The previously unannounced game ... that's still unannounced?


A: Yes, we'll be using it on that. It will probably be announced early next year. We're working on three things right now: finishing up Alpha Protocol, Fallout: New Vegas, and then the new game which will use that engine.

Just for reference this was after Fergie had participated in a panel in which he talked about relying on established properties during rough times. Make of that what you will.

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There are exactly three North America studios with the capabilities and experiences to develop an AAA CRPG. Bethesda hasn't been using external IPs for nearly 15 years. Bioware turned away from external IPs in recent years and is owned by a publisher that a) without a D&D licenses b)Unlikely to cut a co-publishing deal with Atari.


Those left Obsidian as the only choice if Atari wants a D&D CRPG to be made. Given the current 2 years+ cycle, if development hasn't started this year then the game wouldn't be ready until 2012. By then it will be 6 years past Atari's last non-expansion D&D games. It's unthinkable Atari would let such a valuable licenses goes underutilized for so long.


So I would bet Obsidian's secret project is a new D&D game.

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The thing about D&D games is that they all revolve around rules. Everything you do, everything you see, everything you are, is pre-written in some book. It's like the actual game gets lost in the noise of a billion more or less obscure rules.


Personally I hope they never develop anything that dependent on transparent rules again. I don't want to know what kind of dices are thrown behind the curtains, I just want to play the game! I think this was the main reason I couldn't finish Neverwinter Nights 2 (and subsequently never bought the expansions), not just the unfriendly camera and sleep-inducing combat.

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Isn't InXile allegedly working on a Wasteland sequel? I heard they got the rights.

Yeah, they are. Brian Fargo even said that it wouldn't be even close to the Bard's Tale game, but a lot more true to the original. But a collaboration would be nice! Especially seeing as InXile are busy working on slighty.. hrmm, let's say slightly less ambitious projects at the moment.


(although if you look at the three topmost tiny pictures, they do show a wasteland.. yay!)

Swedes, go to: Spel2, for the latest game reviews in swedish!

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To Obsidian folks, since you apparently can't reveal the setting etc. yet atleast give us the project name :down:


Just count the States

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