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Next Gen Consoles


Which Next Gen Consoles Will You Get?  

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  1. 1. Which Next Gen Consoles Will You Get?

    • PlayStation 3
    • Xbox 360
    • Revolution
    • None
    • Unsure as yet

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I'll be getting the PS3 once the next GTA is out, and I'm considering getting the Revolution, because of its backward compatibility (oh sweet nostalgia, plus now I can finally play all those N64 and Cube games I wanted to give a try but didn't feel like buying a console just for them).


Please don't turn this into a pc vs console debate. I used to think consoles are for kids, but latelay I'm slowly losing interest in pc gaming. Not that I don't like the games anymore, just don't feel like spending a fortune to upgrade my machine every year. On top of that, I don't have as much spare time as I used to, so console games - which are generally shorter and/or have "pick up & play" gameplay - are more interesting for casual gaming, and to have some friends over and play and laugh together, instead of sitting there alone in front of my pc monitor.


Bottom-line: pc gaming is too costly, too time-consuming, and too anti-social; so I'm going back to the roots! (I started gaming on a NES)




edit: dammit, how do you make multiple options available?

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Got a 360, might get a Revolution when it comes out, depends on the games though.

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Out of the 1 that is currently available? None. Why?


1. Xbox 360 has no killer apps (for me anyway)

2. The price is likely to go down when the PS3 is released and in time for next christmas. I'd rather wait.


I would adopt a wait and see policy for all consoles since i have no idea whether i would like any upcoming games. Although based on the hardware, the Revolution piques my interest due to the novel controller. A lot of people say they will go for PS3 because of the Blu Ray player. I'm not convinced that this will translate into better (IMO) games and the movie format war is not over.

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In my opinion, a normal PC is much better than any of those. A PC can do many useful things like writting word documents and using Internet, for example, and still be used for playing games. Not to mention that these "Next Gen Consoles" are quite expen$ive and do almost nothing than play games. There might be some extra features, but most, if not all, can be handed equally well by a PC.

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I'm going to wait around and see. Being cheap and patient, I'll probably get all three somewhere down the line when there are certain exclusive games I REALLY want to play for each console. The price would have to drop too.


This will probably take place near the end of the next generation consoles' lives.

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Cookie's post was as "enticive" as was Pope's. I believe there's no reason to warn them, nobody would be so daft as to get pissed over someone backing their own opinion with reasons why.

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I wish there were an "I'm not sure yet" option. I voted for the xbox-360, but that's mostly because, if I don't buy one for myself within the next year, I'm sure someone will buy an xbox-360 for me. In that case, I wouldn't be unhappy. On the other hand, I like some of what I see from the other consoles as well. If xbox live offers more content/games I play, then I'll definitely go for xbox.


Other than that, I'm looking forward to muddling through all of the heated, crazy debate over the next several months. It's almost as entertaining to watch folks fight over the platforms as it is to play the games.

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With Obsidian, Bioware, and Mistwalker supporting the 360, that would probably be the system I would support, if EVER I was to get back into console gaming. Squenix and the PS3 is nice and all, but the company hasn't made anything worth my attention in the past 4-5 yrs, so meh. Besides, it will support the 360 to some extent, so we'll see. As for the Revolution, there really isn't any genre that I could see the new controller being better than the mouse, EXCEPT for some swordplay game. Swashbuckling galore!


(Approved by Fio, so feel free to use it)

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I can't vote as I'll likely get two consoles.


I'll get a PS3 if it has reverse compatiibility AND sony doesn't get bug ******* stupid and add that strange new copy protection they developed recently.


I'll get a Rev if it has reverse compatibility AND I can play my old NES/SNES/N64 favs :)

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Oh yeah, and of course, the console that support Fallout 3: The Chosen One Must Choose wins by default.



Isn't it clear man? Fallout 3: The Chosen One Must Choose will be released on the Revolution, in glorious 2D w/ Isometric Top Down 3/4 Perspective! The remote will be used like a mouse, for a higher amount of control than ever seen in a console game!

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