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  1. Oh quit yer lyin!! Lol seriously though, good to see you too. I also see Calax and Krookie are lurking about. Anyway, life happened (college, grad work), but I still thought I'd drop in and say hi in a hopefully-not-too-awkward manner. Bloody shame about Visceris though. Poor guy had a lot going on. Oh and yes, I'm still Christian. But I'd like to think I've matured a lot since those days of getting into internet battles left and right.
  2. That would depend on which half, wouldn't it? I see my presence went unnoticed. Pretty much what I expected though. Christ on a biscuit. 1600+ posts? Who are you, man? [/goon held by Batman] Yeah, I guess I should answer shouldn't I? I used to post here waaaaaay back in the day A LOT. Of course those were the days of Metadigital, pixies, gabs, visceris (who I see has passed, unfortunately), etc... So we're talking ancient history. You might remember me as the overzealous Christian named Mothman. All the KOTOR 2 restoration mods and playing Fallout made me think of this place, thus I decided to drop in and see how much the community's changed. But it's nice to see some of the old faces are still around.
  3. Pft, hope is a weakness. You're a real "I've been half eaten by a polar bear," Kind of guy, aren't you? That would depend on which half, wouldn't it? I see my presence went unnoticed. Pretty much what I expected though.
  4. And don't ever stop trying to be positive! It can be easy to be cynical, but a little positivity can go a long way. Especially in these times. You know what they say, in the darkest of times, it's your time to shine brightest! Or something like that.
  5. It's not really that big of a step up, and I sure as hell won't be shelling out the $479.00 for it, but I know some people will. On a personal level, I'm pretty annoyed with Microsoft at this point. I buy your console less then half a year ago, and already your releasing this guy? This is the first time that I've regretted buying a new console so fast. The HDMI port seems nice, but the 120 gig hard drive and black paint really don't even seem necessary. I still have my old X-Box with a ton of saved games, and haven't even come close to filling it. Nevertheless, I'm already feeling better about not getting the 360 just yet.
  6. I heartily concur. Sand is definitely giving Eddo some competition here.
  7. Basically, the equivalent of being prosecuted for staying alive. Only in America.
  8. because you base your opinions on different criteria than those that are against it. an unprovable statement. certainly they are not sentient in the same sense as you and i are, but there's no way of knowing to what level their "self awareness" extends. i.e., this is still simply opinion. taks No no, you misunderstand. Sand is always right, no matter the situation. Oh sure, he'll say he's wrong most of the time time, but he'll never admit defeat in any argument.
  9. everyone seems so set on chastising bush they seem to forget this is the one area he has shone brightly with. actually, bush's economy has been an uphill ride since the bubble, which started well before he took office. i.e. he is maintaining the economy. yeah, gas prices are high, but not when you consider average inflation over the last 30 years or so (oil is a commodity, so it doesn't track normal inflation). the over-heated housing market has cooled in the regions in which is was over-heated, but everywhere else it is chugging along. and, not surprisingly, our budget deficit is actually getting smaller now... eliminating the debt, however, is next to impossible unless we maintain a power split (i.e. dem congress repub pres, vice versa). the problem with spending over bush's terms is not necessarily a bush problem, it's a one party control problem. clinton would have done the same had dems been in control then. taks I've said before the economy wasn't entirely Bush's fault, but people like to point fingers anyway. Back to energy, it would definitely help gas prices if he strived for energy security. Let's face it, being entirely energy self-sufficient is unrealistic anytime soon. Energy security is a different thing, though. Mainly, if we can find other sources of energy so we can at least eliminate buying oil from the ME. Bush had a huge opportunity to push for energy independence right after 9/11, but as usual, he squandered it. It can be done, we just have to stop taking the path of least resistance. As for stem cell research, I'm in a little paradox because I support stem cell research, but I'm also staunchly anti-abortion. I've heard about bone marrow cells being potential sources, but I haven't really read into it and don't know the pros or cons of using that over unborn embryos.
  10. Shucks, that's good news, why do ya hate to tell me? But just because it's rocking doesn't mean it can't improve. But okay, how about a candidate who can maintain the good economy? And also help eliminate the debt, though that might not happen for some time.
  11. Anyone who can improve our economy, education, military, and help the immigration problems, as well as providing security. Any help on the energy problem, as well as allowing for stem cell research and being friendly to the Christian right, is a big plus.
  12. Better hope he packs silver bullets, then. But don't be surprised if later this year you hear news reports about a crazy Asian bisexual wearing a mask and night-vision goggles trying to assassinate the President.
  13. First arms buying, then a mask, now night vision goggles. Just what are you planning?
  14. I'm interested, which songs did you include on that mix? And I love Boston, definitely one of my favorite 70's rock bands. This is sad news.
  15. Boston - More Than a Feeling In loving memory. :'(
  16. Only after a can of Hormel Chili.
  17. I'll say it again...you are the wind beneath my wings, Cant.
  18. LINK to BBC article Just another blemish on what has become the ugly face of Iraq. If you're not shocked yet, just read what they did to the kid. I think it also helps to bring a reality check to those who still think the insurgents are merely "protecting their land" against US occupiers. The main reason I actually posted this though, is that I think this underscores a deeper problem in Iraq, which I've been saying for years now. That is, tribal hatred. Unlike Afghanistan, Iraq is marred by ethnic (and religious) prejudices that go much further back than Saddam's rule. As sad as it is to say, Saddam, as terrible as he may have been, might have actually kept the Iraqis from tearing each other apart through his own brutal reign. :sad: This is very sad, but it strongly reminds me of Blackhawk Down. Ask an Iraqi Shiite on the street, and they'll say they want peace. However, ask them if they're willing to share power with say, the Sunnis, or any so and so religious group, don't be surprised if they utter a big fat 'NO!'. I guess the question is, with all this prejudice in mind, helped in no small part by the power vacuum created after the U.S. invasion, can true peace be achieved anytime soon? Furthermore, will the U.S. actually be able to do anything about it? *Minor note: Please try to keep any religious trolling to a minimum. This goes doubly for you, Sand.
  19. Not to mention, of course, sheer size. Having a huge super-country would be a heck of a lot more difficult to manage.
  20. I think it has more to do with that it just is plainly a much bigger OS.
  21. Gee, thanks for clarifying. Gee, I wonder whom that could be. But surely it can't be any worse than the bile in my sig. And no, I don't think uniting North America is a good idea, nor will it be in the near future. Just the idea of that happening is simply ridiculous. We are all culturally different, and we get along well enough without being united. Plus, nobody in any North American country would be so willing to give up their cultural identity for unity anytime soon. My apologies, Walsh. Just had to tie up loose ends. Will be on-topic from here on.
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