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  1. There are a few nice skins for a female Exile.
  2. Sith Lord. The other sith clases are overpowered by their jedi equivalents.
  3. Kreia was very easy to beat and so were the floating lightsabers. I decided to do a defence only character and I barely got hit. Malak, however, was very hard for me, but that was mostly because my character was poorly leveled. Still, even with a strong PC he was challenging.
  4. Replaying Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne for the 5th time.
  5. Black Bear, or just one letter S.
  6. Still, I think that one who is supposed to be "the death of the Force" has to be more powerful.
  7. True, that would be pretty cool if they did <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Well, it does give +2 persuade (only).
  8. The best one yet: saddam husein Mud in ass-head Also joseph stalin Hapless joint I don't know how to comment this one gordon freeman Anger of modern
  9. The tank droid in the underground base was a pushover. The hardest droid fight was with the droid in the Sith base on Taris.
  10. The Jedi Council refuses to act during the Mandalorian Wars: "The Jedi Doom Us!" After the battle at Malachor V: "REVAN SAVES US!" Jedi Civil War Begins: "Revan Betrays Us" Jedi Civil War ends (Revan is LS): "REVAN SAVES US AGAIN!" Revan leaves the Republic: "Revan Screws Us" or "Revan Got Enough of Us"
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