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  1. Damn doomsday preachers!... tossing out the old liver and getting a new one isn't an option I suppose? Sort of a sharp reminder to enjoy every day to the fullest and not take tomorrow for granted. Even if/when they give you your years back, it never hurts to spend more time being happy than being grumpy. Mate, still hoping for the best Thanks all. Gorth, considering my dismal prognosis, I'm not even elligable to go on a transplant list. Can't really disagree. Organs don't just grow on trees and organs that come available should be given to someone younger and get more milage out of it.
  2. Update as to what's new and exciting lately. Daughter was out recently. We spent a great deal of 'My' money and got some very neat trinkets and had a great time. Had a really nice bit of private time in the mountains and 'broke' the pendant that I had made for us. Apparently I wrote the service wording right since she was very moved by it. All in all, we were both very happy with it. Still working close to full time at my job and freaking loving it. Had a new PET scan tuesday however. Present chemotherapy is not working any longer. For as long as I can remember, I have always had
  3. Hard to say. Virgins are so difficult to come by these days. :wink: After about three days the remaining lobster started to smell untrustworthy. I have no interest in lobster so it's entirely on my wife to finish the plate before her. I'm more of a fried this and that kind of palate. Not terribly sophisticated. I can't tell the difference between mayonnaise and miracle whip.
  4. Yes, I'd like an update as well. I hope Tarna's doing ok. Doing alright. Started to post around the Holidays and decided against it. Let's see...remaining kidney function swings between 56 and 72 percent. Anything below 60% forbids a CAT scan. Doc got the insurance co to approve a PET scan. PET scans are far better ( and expensive! ) but only about 10% or less of patients with my of kind of kidney cancer actually shows up on a PET scan ( something odd about this flavor of cancer ). Luckily mine showed up and my Doc says that if it showed up once then it will always show up. Since the PET a
  5. Cancer Doc is trying to get emergency insurance approval to try a new med tomorrow. It's an IV drip unfortunately so I'll possibly be spending a couple of hours each Friday getting an IV. I guess the alternative could be worse. :wink:
  6. Last month's CAT scan show that my cancer was reponding ( reducing in size ) to the chemo meds. Yesterday, the new scan shows that the cancer in my liver has tripled in size. Getting a little annoyed at this. I get good news and start feeling like I might have a 'regular' life and someone kicks me in the ass. Celebrated Yule on Saturday. The wife's son and his wife and the two grandkids came over to spend the evening ( and get their gifts ) . Wife made up a meal of all sorts of good stuff. A large ribeye roast that was so tender I didn't need a knife to eat it. Got a large slice on it alm
  7. Just figured out what I can do to put myself in the Christmas spirit. We've had snow here for a while now. It's not melting as quickly as usual. I'm going to pack a couple of fair sized boxes with snow and then giftwrap them and leave them on my porch as though they were dropped off. Since many in this neighborhood are little more than walking garbage that would steal their mother's fillings, I'll give 'em a means to practice their future vocation. Thought about filling the boxes with dirt or rocks but the ground is still frozen and they might return the rocks through my new windows.
  8. Picked up a couple of gift cards today for my boss and dispatcher. They've both treated me extremely well throughout all this. Had someone else write on the envelope To- 'boss/dispatcher' with all my love. signed- 'the name of a tech that they both really hate'. He's been long gone from the company but I still amuse myself as his expense at times. I was just going to throw them on the desks anonymously but decide to do it this way. Over the years I'll make a small donation to some charities that I used to do volunteer work for but I send it in the form of a money order with his name and add
  9. Received my Roger Waters tickets in the mail today. Nearly two hundred dollars extra in shipping-handling-scalpers fees. Oh well...they're good tickets and I probably wouldn't have gotten them myself had I tried through the regular ticket outlet. Very much looking forward to the show. Still somewhat sick with my cold and my hair is now growing in white. Don't know if it is due to the chemo or the surgery trauma. Kinda gives me that 'distinguished old f**ker' look though. At least until they hear me open my mouth. ( God, I wish I was on that flight with that s**t-stain Alec Baldwin )
  10. Gives me something to do when I'm not adding names to my 'Better Dead' list of those that have wronged me in the past. Those on 'the list' should be glad that I'm still faily stable.
  11. Nobody will touch me as far as life insurance goes. I'm definitely a bad risk . My wife already had a $50,000 policy on me from her work and we bought several years ago a policy that pays for the house if either of us die. That one will be kinda handy since we lost most all of our equity when the housing market crashed. I've got some things to do around the house to make it easier for my wife to function with it. Things like changing all the valves to 90 degree turn ball valves, relocating the main shut off valve for the house from under the house to somewhere inside. Some automation. Some e
  12. Don't give a rat's ass about my 'blood family'. Treacherous (sp?) slime all. I've presently set my 'expiration date' to around 5 1/4 years. If I am still working by that time, my wife will get a regular pension check for me for the rest of her life. If I assume room temperature prior to that, she gets a one-time payment. Haven't gotten the numbers on that yet. She has a policy from work that will give her $50,000 which sounds good but won't go that far when you consider funeral costs and remaining credit card debt and what not. I've already told her not to spend one cent more than needed
  13. I bought them from one of those ticket scalpers before they even went on sale. Paid nearly $600 USD for the pair. They're good tickets and I expect it to be a freeking fantastic show but was a little pressed when I saw what they were charging. It was either them or take my chances on the morning of sale on a computer at work. I don't have a 'bucket list' per say but this concert was something I really wanted to see. I hope it lives up to expectations. Oh and I caught a cold virus recently. I'm F**king immune compromised as it is and I catch a cold. I'm treating it symptomatically and sin
  14. I GOT TICKETS FOR ROGER WATER'S "THE WALL LIVE"! Also got my drain lines removed from my side so I can now start exercising and stretching so the weight I hope to gain comes back properly. Also...my oncologist ( cancer dude ) says that at least some of my cancer is responding to the chemotreatment ( only one month ) so that's a plus. Start round two in a week. Presently enjoying a 10mg percocet with a double rum and coke chaser. Life is good :wink: Did I say that I GOT TICKETS FOR ROGER WATER'S "THE WALL LIVE"!
  15. Sorry about going 'dark' for so long. I got sprung from the hospital a couple of weeks ago. Returned to work the next Monday to find that the work computers had a similar filter as did the hospital. Since I wasn't overly interested in working on the computer ( chemo, IV antibiotics and such ), I only just fixed my internet connection at my house ( bad router ). Anyway, my return trip to the hospital was after almost a week having returned to work under limited duty. On the fifth day ( Friday ), I couldn't stand up lond enough to properly complete my morning shower. Had to squat down every few
  16. Damn Enoch. Not really anything to say but my best wishes are with you are you wife. The only good thing to say is that I'm glad it's not a congenical problem. I know that's a little cold but I do mean and hope for the best for the two of you and that the two can try again under better conditions. Sorry for the clumsiness of this post, morhpine and percoced and all. ( doesn't mush matter at times when posting I guess. ) scott
  17. Got home from the hospital late last Friday. Feelin fairly rough buy glad to be back home. Will return to post more later.
  18. Thanks all. Talk at you soon.
  19. Good for you. It's always good to see someone take their balls in hand and open up a project they've never done before. And Succeed! Besides your morale taking a tremendous boost, you saved yourself a lot of money and won't be afraid to do the next project be it simply changing a light switch to repairing your furnace. Keep the 'Can Do' attitude. It'll serve you well throughout your entire life ( and in may aspects ). Surgery scheduled for 8 AM this Friday. Looking to take 5-6 hours. So far the grocery list is...1 Kidney ( all or part ), 2 tumours floating around in my abdomin ( between ro
  20. Good for you. You show more courage than most folks. What was wrong with it?
  21. There's something to the saying 'Dying Well'. I don't wish to be remembered as a sniveler. Besides, talking s**t is way more entertaing than crying about the 'unfairness' of Fate. I knew I could count on you guys. Surely, even Volo isn't that much of a prick! Hey now! I like Volo. Good news and bad news. The good news is that I am now taking 15 mg of morphine twice a day. The bad news is that it's woefully insufficient. Imagine getting kicked in the abdomin very hard. Now imagine getting kicked a few dozen more times. Good times eh? Good news and bad news. T
  22. Hey tarna, Gfted1 directed me here, really sorry ti hear about your diagnosis, kick cancer's ass! (Sarah AKA Calliope AKA Pirotess and however many other user names) x Hey Lady! I certainly do remember you from BIS as well as Interplay and The Lair. Good to see that you are still around. How's Preacher? Pissy Missy? Got a brain MRI today ( to find nothing but a sign saying "Space For Rent" ) as well as a lung CAT scan. Apparently kidney cancer spreads to brain, bone, lung and something else ( I don't remember ). Blood work says that bone chemistry looks good and the other sca
  23. How do you even respond to something like this? With sick and twisted humour as I would! :wink: Got the biopsy done but probably won't get any results back 'til Monday late or even Tuesday. I did however get a pleasure of having some cold-handed fiend roll my nuts in his hand for a bit as part of the 'exam'. Next on the list of sadism was a prostate exam. A bit of discomfort as the 'Doc' was poking into areas I'd have normally considered an exit, but when I felt both hands on my shoulders during the exam I had to speak up ( ...uh Doc? ). Pictures at 11. ( well...maybe not :wink:
  24. Good thinkin! Might only have a few games of Baldur's Gate left in me.
  25. Got diagnosed ( yesterday ) with stage IV kidney cancer. Beat that Forumites! :wink: Presently enjoying a delightful mix of percodan and rum and coke. Tomorrow's schedule is a fast from midnight ( 1 1/4 hrs from now ) til 2 PM or later while they drill out a biopsy to decide if/what they are going to do. Surgery presently scheduled for Tuesday the 23rd. Pictures at 11. :wink:
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