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Best RTS?

What is the best RTS you've played for PC?  

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  1. 1. What is the best RTS you've played for PC?

    • Starcraft
    • Warcraft 3
    • Command and Conquer
    • AoE
    • Age of Mythology
    • LoTR: Battle for Middle Earth
    • Other

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I chose Starcraft although I haven't played LOTR :wub:


None of those comes close to reproducing the genuine emotion while I played Starcraft. Maybe it's because its because of raised expectations but that's the way it is.


Warcraft obviously deserves mention as does the AoM concepts - like the myth units ^_^

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Of the ones I've played Age of Mythology. I really would like to try Battle for Middle Earth though. I plan on buying it when it goes down to $20-$30. After all, it's most likely like Star Wars Battlegrounds was. Age of Empires but in the LOTR setting. (not that that's a bad thing)

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A good RTS is an oxymoron :wub:


Age of Empires was probably somewhat tolerable though.

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Myth: The Fallen Lords.

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Rome: Total War. Though seeing as it included meaningful resource/economy management and some actual unit tactics, I don't know if it counts as an RTS. Nonsensical, over-simplistic resource management and non-existent unit tactics might be a prerequisite to the title "RTS", and anything with any depth in either respect is "strategy" or something else, in which case I guess my favourite RTS would be AoEII.

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Total Annihilation should have been on the list.


WH40K : Dawn Of War is great fun. One of the best new RTS released. Also awol I see.


Starcraft is the most balanced, polished though, having three very unique & cool races.


I recommend Dawn of War to those that liked Starcraft.


Its interesting noticing the resemblances and differences of both.


I hope if or when Blizzard makes Starcraft 2 they look at some of the gameplay implemented in DoW.

That is if they want to make something new and exciting instead of just cashing in on a sequel. A sequel that is long overdue I should add.


Hear me Blizzard ... I want Starcraft 2!

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None of the above. 0-guy said it best. I agree with Yst also, although I don't really coubt any of the above as RTS's, more like action-RTS's. Only DoW and the Total Wars/Close Combats are not clickfests.

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I don't think the games even have much strategy to them. Most of them seem to be a test of how fast you can click the mouse to mine and build. Then you send 50 units to go fight 50 of the enemy's untis and you hope you can out-produce them.


Where is the real strategy in that?

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Medieval: TW (haven't played Rome) and Kohan.


I think Kohan should get a lot more love that it does. Isn't there anyone on these boards who likes the game?

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C&C I liked that game. AoE is good also but C&C was my first RTS I played and i guess nostiglia gives it the vote.

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I'd pick Dawn of War. The strategic points were sheer genius. Total Annihilation was pretty awesome too.


I'm looking forward to Company of Heroes. Fully destroyable terrain, units with 'thinking AI' that take cover behind debris and flank on their own and 2000 animations to represent the complexity of their 'thought process'. It'll also have an upgraded strategic points system from DoW. If the AI is as independant as they make it sound, YOUR focus as the player will not be so much on micromanagement, and that's a good thing.


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Nothing like it before or since.


Total Annihilation has much higher claim to that phrase.


The fact that it isnt even in the poll shames the thread starters repertoire of RTSs.

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