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  1. had a weekend to myself as my gf has been off in another city playing a gig my flatmates were away at a wedding as well, so had the house to myself, which just meant the cat was starved for attention and has been very clingy and has pretty much been sitting/sleeping on me whenever i sit down
  2. got around to seeing Iron Man 3 today definitely better than the 2nd one, and i'd say on par with the first couple of wtf moments, but overall pretty good not sure what to think of what they did with the Mandarin though...
  3. i've never been a comic reader really, but recently i've been giving it a shot currently working my way through the Civil War comics - catching up on all these old storylines i've heard about
  4. im always a bit bemused at everyone's love for Dany i found her storyline one of the most dull developments in the entire series
  5. first time out in a while last night gf was playing a gig and had a friend over from Melbourne so it was good to catch up with him as well as everyone else was getting lots of comments about the beard. guess that shows how long it's been since people have seen me
  6. i found Game of Thrones purely by accident i've always been a big reader, and so whenever my mother goes to library book sales she just picks up a whole bunch of books she thinks i might like if i don't, then who cares - they only cost like 50 cents i like it mainly because i've read so many fantasy novels in the past and i got so sick of the cliche farmboy/orphan hero who happens to be the object of a prophecy and the saviour of the world etc etc
  7. incidently, i deal with members of parliament on a semi regular basis at work, and was kinda amused to see that most of the ones i already hated were opposed to the bill i feel a bit more justified in my dislike now
  8. my sister and i at our grandmother's 90th birthday last year
  9. my immediate thought was "about bloody time"
  10. So as of about half an hour ago, gay marriage is now legal in New Zealand
  11. "privates" investigator!
  12. 18 when i joined this board, 25 now strange to think of the transitions i've gone through in that time i started as a shy teen in a tiny town where i didn't know anyone. i then moved to the "big city" where i came out of my shell in a spectacular way i'm sure some of the older fellows remember my escapades from the "what you did today" threads since then i've become quite a quiet chap. i hardly ever go out anymore and am quite happy to chill at home with my gf and play games or watch movies together
  13. My workmate is an... interesting chap. He gets bored easily and starts absurd conversations or tries to find ways to entertain himself. Tonight he ran out of things to do so he hunted around the supply room for tape and created a web around me/my desk and wanted me to try and get out without touching any of it. It was like a low budget homage to the movie Entrapment
  14. haven't shaved in over two months - looking like a bit of a hobo was considering cutting all my hair off too, it'd be the first time i've had short hair since i was 14 gf said she'd cry if i got rid of it though
  15. i feel like a plague doctor every night i get home from work and hear wheezing and coughing throughout the house. everyone is sick except for me, and i kinda hope it stays that way got a new tv and xbox set up in my room, so the gf's been huddled up in blankets playing fable and mass effect. her excuse for being horrible at said games is that she's sick and is allowed to suck
  16. haha right in that case i just created a lvl 1 account on NA server BeardJudas
  17. we could all create new accounts on the same server maybe? that way we're all on the same level, rather than some of us being level 30 and some level 1 etc
  18. i cant find mekathi or oner on NA server
  19. i work funny hours, so best time for me would be a weekend if we're thinking this weekend then sunday is best for me saturday is full of birthday festivities for the bajillion friends with birthdays this week
  20. im in nz and play on the us server usually around 160-200 ping but then i can't be bothered with ranked games so it doesn't really matter i usually support, top or jungle - BeardJesus if you need me
  21. Shryke


    haha good old Alestorm my gf's little brother's band opened for them a few weeks back in Auckland gotten back into Rome again lately this track is particularly Tom Waits-esque
  22. never really bothered with the valentines thing just got home from work and my gf has been out all afternoon drinking with her old flatmates i ordered some pizza because i never got a chance to eat while i was at work, and because i know she'll be drunk when she gets home and want greasy hangover preventing food
  23. just got home to an ambulance pulling up outside i guess my flatmate didn't take the funeral last week too well as he's tried overdosing fun times...
  24. i don't know who wrote it, but one of the messages on the coffin was merely "here lies the sunshine" looking past the coffin and out the big windows and seeing the mist and grey cloud over the ocean, it really struck me
  25. honestly i could use a bit more exercise i've become rather complacent and haven't gone on a night time adventure wandering through the hills for months now the extent of my exertions is walking home from work. it's only 20mins or so away from home, but there's a pretty steep hill in the way i get quite put off by the idea of lifting or push ups or anything because my right shoulder is royally ****ed dislocated it about a dozen times over the past few years and every morning when i wake up i can barely lift my arm at all
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