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  1. What the hell are you doing here was going to be my question. Instead, it is whether you are still Swedish. I am still technicly a swedish boy in sweden, but I self-identify as an Australian potato. "Brude the Spud" is my real soulname
  2. I was thinking about how much Im going to play the **** out of PoE2 tonight and accidentally came back to these forums for the first time in years!
  3. Building a robot that looks and moves like a human is the easy part. We're still decades from creating an AI that has the wits of a fruit fly
  4. They will sponsor all attractive women with free "bearded horror" make-up kits
  5. You should only be held responsible, if you were being responsible when you said it. <---deep thought. needs pondering. It is too! I was going for the whole "How can you be expected to accept the negative consequences of an action, that you at the time werent aware would have consequences?" that apparently dates back to the ole' moral philosophers. It's all about the idea that the only crime were punishment is moral, is one that is completely rational where the purp knew something was wrong, but decided to do it anyway. If you punish an offender that wasnt rationally aware of
  6. Im in tired&stupid mode right now so I cant contribute anything coherent right now except this thing I thought up on the train home: You should only be held responsible, if you were being responsible when you said it. <---deep thought. needs pondering.
  7. My opinion is that no individual should be punished(because that's what 'held accountable' is a euphemism of) for anything he writes or says as a private person on social media and the internet in general. In my mind it's no different from someone listening in on a private conversation held in a public place like a restaurant. It is something that is inherently private, but available publicly. But if your company has something like an official facebook page and you write dumb **** there in their name, they do have the right to punish you for it. I dont want to live in a society where I ha
  8. What qualifies as a death threat if not: "I am going to kill gabe newell. He is going to die." For it to be a death threat, you have to communicate it to the person you're trying to threaten. Writing that you feel like killing a certain celebrity on your twitter feed doesnt count. It's like being at a bar and shouting "I want to stab that stupid kid in his stupid fat face!" if a Bieber song comes on. People say they're going to kill other people all the time, it really doesnt mean much unless it's written on a note attached to that persons boiled rabbit. Scandina
  9. When me and my friends play Battlefield 4 online on public servers, I usually recieve about four death threats, numerous racist insults and one or two instances of people claiming my mother was promiscuous. It's just the way people act on the internet when there is no filter. The trick is to have the filter in your brain, instead of relying on the goverment or whomever to put a physical one there for you. Clarification: by private twitter feed, I mean one that is tied to a private individual. Not a company, organisation or public persona. The kind of thing that is read by five peop
  10. I think there should be a law that you get like 10 free passes a year for doing dumb **** on the internet. BOSS: You wrote on an internet forum that I like poop. You're fired!! YOU: You cant fire me, I use internet free pass #5! BOSS: Fine! You're not fired! But if you do it more than five times before the end of the year, your ass is outta here!
  11. But if you read the article, it becomes clear that the headline should have read "Valve reads frustrated man's private twitter feed, then removes the game he helped make from STEAM" Some guy got mad about his indie game not launching smoothly on steam and wrote some angry tweets to his friends and followers, and because of that, STEAM took his game down. Then to make it even sillier, some game journalist goes off and spins the mess into a "That showed him!" story. The guy didnt send Gabe Newell anything, he essentially said "Im gonna kill 'em!" which is a perfectly natural reaction to bein
  12. That's quite impressive! I couldnt function without coffee, and as I regurarly work with nuclear engineering thingies, you probably would want me to function. Especially you danes across the pond, you'll love it when we re-open Barsebäck, it's going to be awesome :D
  13. As a veteran troll of the internet, Im deeply offended by this prepostrous slander. We just have a weird but well-developed sense of humor, that's all. ...btw, people who send death/rape threats are not trolls. They're ****.
  14. Im going to drink even more beer and enjoy the **** out of my new Marshall
  15. My name is actually completely random, formed from the words for: and what Tigranes said: Danish mods are great. You're constantly drunk and inattentive
  16. More familiar faces! :D Am I the only one who's been away?
  17. We had 65 shooting last year and 79 the year before that, which is a lot for a small city. One or two people get shot every week. Half are immigrant gangs and the other half are biker gangs like hells angels and so on. Like today: http://www.dn.se/nyheter/sverige/en-person-skots-till-dods-i-malmo/ (one person shot and killed)
  18. I moved here because of work.. which is actually in Helsingborg so I have no real reason to bere except stupidity and laziness. ...and if anyone tries to shoot me, they're in for a treat
  19. I was lost, but then I was found and put in a big box called "lost and found" where an employee of the company who owned the box picked me up and put me on a shelf in his home. Then I was sold on ebay and now I have no clue where I am
  20. Im very good, enjoying the hell out of Wastelands 2. These days Im living in Malmö, which scarily enough is only like a 30min trainride from Rosbjerg No way. Moderating is for suckers!
  21. You shut your dirty finn mouth, you soumi bastard! What you're thinking of is "coprolalia" which is a disorder/state where you involuntary say or shout swear words or obscenities. It's a substate in some tourettes sufferers, but you can get it as a result of any kind of brain damage or even an epileptic seizure. The reason is that the function of the speech center in the brain is reduced so you're only left with your most forceful expressions; typicly profanity. A friend of mine, who sometimes gets epileptic seizures as a result of his diabetes, once had a really bad attack wh
  22. I was, and still is, a very nice swedish lad who never ever said or did anything naughty! Not even a little!! p.s I did go see a brain-doctor a few years ago who said that I actually do have a mild form of tourettes. So I demand a free pass on trolling hereonafter, since I just cant help myself.
  23. I havent been in here for years and years and even more years, but I still see a lot of names I recognise. What have you guys been up to? Me I got a degree in computer graphics, a job, another job, some other jobs, quit some of the jobs, moved all across the country, grew a beard and a third eye... ate some bugs, ate some grass, used some leaves to wipe my.. tears
  24. Not to be forgotten, Al-Qaeda is not a real tangible organisation with a hierarchy of leadership. It's a name that any islamist group or individual can claim to be acting under. Every time you bring them up as this big scary threat you give those nutbags credibility. I think the silent treatment could be very effective. Because we can never defeat them, that would be like trying to stop all crime in the world. It's just not going to happen.
  25. RWD cars in winter is just fine. You might find an uphill road here and there that you wont be able to get up, but other than that its alright. And 2005+ Mustangs are pretty and sound very nice, so who cares? My friends brother has a 2006 V8 and we're in bloody sweden, the snow-coloured hell.
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