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  1. Found another long distant friend on social networks. I'm wondering why I'm always the one who goes out to find these people, not the other way around. Maybe because I wasn't as important to them as they were to me, more than likely. Oh well.
  2. Maybe the staff's in a cannibal orgy to get the feel right for Fallout 4.
  3. Maybe they can do birthday parties ocasionally?
  4. Except Ubi's DRM is also constantly spying on your AC2 installation, to see if you're playing a legit version. As bad as StarForce? Probably not. Technically still spyin', though. It's all a cumulative list of ways in which they don't trust PC consumers.
  5. And to think the other day I spoke about the male-dominated gaming landscape, using Dragon Age as example as it grants Achievements to players who have sex with female characters. Screw that, they know consumers better than I thought!
  6. El Laberinto del Fauno (Pan's Labyrinth). Miami Vice. Trying to keep up with movies I missed is turning out to be a very good thing. Both were very surprising (in different ways) and very good films to boot.
  7. Not today, but close enough. Got two Fighting Fantasy books for 5
  8. I'd make a whole story out of the stickmen, and you'd need to position the victims in a certain fashion so as to read it from start to finish. Then when you got to the last part you would realize I was behind you. STAB!
  9. :is a sad panda: Oh well, that's alright. Still living the dream of catching them all! ^___^;
  10. Hehe. Let me try. "Pidesco is a liar because he never got to sent me those Fighting Fantasy books, and has dinosaurs." Hmm. Not as good, I'm afraid, and has dinosaurs! (PS: Hey man, found me two new books for the collection. 5
  11. It's kinda like videogame meta-commentary, a comedy reworking of Twin Peaks and all around bad game design, innit? That probably sounds more interesting than what it actually is. Also, it actually does sound more interesting than Heavy Rain.
  12. I was much more of a Sonic CD fan, though, but Sonic 3/Knuckles were pretty good too (also: pinnacle of scrolling platformers were Super Metroid and Super Mario Bros. 3 ). Sonic 4... Only thing so far that doesn't gel well with me is the running animation. Still in development, of course, so we'll see.
  13. What are you, Geekologie's writer?
  14. Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing. It's weird how, being so cynical, I'm enjoying this. Playing across its colourful and Sega blue sky stages, with its selection of characters from their past games, I think it's quite telling - moreso of me, perhaps - that fun is a more noticeable imperative than "let's squeeze some bucks out of these nostalgic suckers". When the game's breathing down your neck, with its racers hunting you down at high speeds and shoving missiles up your exhaust pipe or sending homing boxing gloves against your chassis, you get the feeling there was a conscious decision to not let it sink into franchise hubris. Yes, you can tell Sonic's past has perhaps influenced the roster too much. Robotnik is a given, sure, but one could do without the furries that parade alongside him. I suppose the subhumans who create communities to speak about their dreams of matrimony with Sonic or Amy (or, God help us, both) are technically considered a "market". Thankfully the game shines in how it manages to pay respect even to the characters and their games, from character animations and their poses as they win races, to the thematic tracks that range from Sonic to House of the Dead to the neons of Jet Set Radio. You can unlock - read: buy - characters from past games. So on one hand, I feel dirty for having "bought" Ulala. On the other, I'm pimping out Ryo from Shenmue in every track I can. I can't say I'm enjoying it as much I enjoyed Outrun 2006: Coast to Coast or Burnout Paradise. But then, it's not meant to be a game about taking your girlfriend places or building a temple to car crash porn: it's revivalism for people who didn't know something needed to be revived in them. I'm always up for something that stirrs my insides. Except bowel movement. So, SaSASR - not bowel movement, then. More like hyperventilating at the roller coaster of my youth.
  15. The best thing about that is reading the text as a warning to birth control. SCORE!
  16. No, that is not all, I'm afraid. You forgot to mention the forced, untoggleable mouse acceleration. Stupid, stupid, stupid. I play using *SHOCK!!!* keyboard and mouse. Why do I have to have gamepad control aids forced on me?! Well, you're right. That's not all. At one point in the Marine campaign, you're trudging through a temple. A Marine leading the way is grabbed by an Alien. I immediately open fire on the xeno... Only to find it's been made intagible for purposes of "creating suspense". Likewise at one point you're being dragged by an Alien and your grunt automatically fires a couple of pistol rounds into it. Nevermind that it could be made interactive (think Dead Space's tentacles around the ship), he automatically takes down an Alien with weapon skill he never manifests anywhere else in the game. As an Alien, you have to center your aim towards a gap, hole or crawl space such as ceiling vents, then press a button, then be allowed to enter it. Which takes around 2 or 3 seconds, ample time for a Marine in pursuit to blow your acidic brains. Compare to AvP in 1999 where every access point in a level - crawl spaces, holes, ventilation shafts - could be entered immediately and without having to train your sights into them. I'm afraid of finding out more, actually, and between the terrible audio logs ("Tequiiilllla!") and pointless fluff like harvesting humans with Face-Huggers (a non-interactive sequence about 5 or 7 seconds long - a sequence where you can be shot at and not even have the dignity to retaliate or escape, apparently, much like what happens when entering crawl spaces - which has no bearing on the game itself, since it's all about level scores and achievements), I'm not sure I want to.
  17. So Wasteland had a post-apocalyptic Las Vegas. Fallout: New Vegas is set in Las Vegas. ???? Profit!
  18. On Call of Pripyat. Ventured off into an area past the first boat/tanker. A monster came by. It vulched around me, phasing in and out of sight. It grapples me several times and makes brain-sucking noises. I see read. Game over. Schweeeeeet.
  19. The jumps are semi-automatic I think. No INI I've found after a long hard look at the game folder and the My Documents folder. EDIT: yes, you can jump but some jumps are Gears of War-style: you can only vault over an object the game lets you. So, it's common to find crates from which you can't jump over sitting right next to others you can, etc.
  20. No, it's plain stupid when every goddamn humanoid enemy in the game leans, crouches and takes cover and your Marine doesn't. Yeah, except when they're forced and further highlight the wobbly PC optimization job.
  21. The new Aliens vs. Predator on PC. You can't crouch. You can't lean. As an Alien you manually place Face-Huggers on people's faces. Anisotropic Filtering is forced and there's no way to deactivate Motion Blur. That is all.
  22. What I found was the art, sound and overall feel was pretty much the same as B1 so - it's a plus, but also a prop that worked well and is used again. Same location of course, so it makes sense, but on one hand it's less mesmerizing this time although no fault of the sequel itself (I suspect people who never played the first may appreciate discovering it); on the other, there's also the feeling there's not much verve on the level design as a whole (later levels, for instance) or that the team didn't risk enough. Also, the Big Sisters come after you regardless of you rescuing or harvesting the girls, and IIRC, they attack every time you clear a level of Little Sisters.
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