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Were you satisfied with KOTOR 2?

Were you satisfied with KOTOR 2?  

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  1. 1. Were you satisfied with KOTOR 2?

    • Yes (XBox)
    • No (XBox)
    • Yes (PC)
    • No (PC)

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Not sure the point of the poll, since you could get an idea what people thought of the game by browsing the various threads on this forum....but to answer the poll, yes I was satisfied.

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I loved the game, enjoyed it greatly, but 'satisfied'? Not the word I would choose. All games have their weaknesses, but if the weaknesses are concentrated towards the end of the game, what is the feeling you're left with?

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Its a good game but rushed .... the ending is poor.


KotOR 1 has more SW-feeling imo. In KotOR 1 there were so many great characters (NPCs) and much more interesting sidequests. The worlds of K1 gave you more space to explore, more freedom in the way you want to solve your quests and it wasn't so linear as K2.


Its so sad Obsidian had not more time to develop and realize their ideas.

KotOR 2 is unfinished .....

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Well there have been more satisfying things that I have experienced set in the SW universe.


I was more satisfied with the ending of KOTOR 1 than 2 which just left me wanting more closure.


Still it was more satisfying than The Phantom Menace and The Clone Wars put together! Not holding out much hope for Revenge of the Sith!

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Did I mildly enjoy playing it? Yes.


Was I satisfied with the game overall? No.

Especially not by what would seem to have been meant as a bleak pseudo-mystical parody of a brief cut of an ending... Hmm...


And now I dread the thought that NWN 2 might end up being the same... Fingers crossed...

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Totally satisfied :)


Hopefully part 3 will tie up the loose ends but I found KotOR2 to be even more enjoyable then part 1 (which is saying ALOT).


Just finished playing Jade Empire and that reenforces how much I loved KotOR2.


My top 3 RPG titles for last decade are:


#1- KotOR2 (awsome characters, awsome story, more detailed and mature storyline with twists)

#2- KotOR1 (mix of good and bad characters, great over all story, linear storyline that was pretty straight forward and predictable but still enjoyable, teen and under orientated storyline)

#3- Jade Empire (Awsome characters, Awsome story, lacking content (20 hours play time from start to finish).


Honestly all 3 were to small content wise but KotOR2 was the best of the 3 for initial play through.

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This is a tough question to answer, because you are asking two different things.

Was I satisfied?

Yes and no.

Was it what I expected?



This game was less--and much more--than I expected, in some ways.

First, I did not like being shunted off to a new character, but it was soon all right, because Exile was interesting, his background was believable and fit in with the general theme of K1. It deepened the story, and it built anticipation for the next installment. And the game became much more than I expected, with Kreia and the fact that it didn't hit me over the head with the points it was trying to make. Very deep, intriguing view into what a video game could be, if someone cared enough.

But it was frustrating and disappointing that after Dantooine-redux there really wasn't much interaction except endless fighting until the end. I could watch a movie or play Diablo for that. And this wasn't Diablo. I played that already. This wasn't that kind of game.


I like it. A whole lot. But I wish it had been polished and finished, the way it should have been. So I guess that's the answer to both questions. I'd spend the money again, no question. But I think I'll wait to hear some definitive word on K3 before I buy.

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I loved this game for most of the time I was playing it (2nd time through, as 1st time I got stuck with a bug...couldn't progress on Telos...and so stopped...started over a month or so later, and passed that part fine. 3rd time through, got the same bug again - post patch, and have given up trying to get through it), but the end was....very poor, I thought.


My overall experience with the game is that it could have been a masterpiece. But it wasn't. I am left with a final feeling of disappointment. Disappointed in a lack of finishing the story in a cohesive way. Disappointed in the amount of bugs that are GAME-STOPPERS, even after the patch, and prevent me from playing the game. Disappointed in what I see as a lack of good execution, from START to FINISH, of a pretty good story. Disappointed in what appears to be very poor QA on the part of whomever (Lucas or Obsidian, I don't really care) was responsible. Disappointed that Obsidian was given, and agreed to, only one year to make this game. It's obvious they weren't up to the task. I'm not sure if anyone would have been, though.


So, in the end, no, I was not satisfied with KOTOR 2. I have a game that it seems I have about a 50/50 chance of being able to progress beyond Telos everytime I play it. If I can't progress, I have to start over (or load from a save on Peragus).


I will probably give it another go when Aurora's project is complete, as I have no idea what the cut-but-still-on-the-disc story parts are, and am genuinely curious about what, perhaps, Obsidian intended for this story. I think it would have been spectacular with another 6 or so months to finish and polish the game.


I am much more interested and anticipating Aurora's mod than any possible (though unlikely) second official patch (which this game desperately needs, IMO), or even any other title by Obsidian.


And I feel like I was suckered by the name Knights of the Old Republic, and spent my money unwisely. Live and learn, I guess. Not a big LucasArts fan (only own the two KOTORs), but am a big Bioware fan. I learned that, pretty much, only Bioware can really make Bioware-style games well.

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No. I got more than what i epxcted with KOTOR1. I'm not the biggest fan of SW; but like BIO games so i evetnually gave the game a shot thinking it might be ok; but not great... was, I surprised... I epxect Obsidian to make a game in KOTOR2 that completely improved KOTOR1 in EVERY way. Sadly, I was wrong.


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I did like KOTOR1. I like KOTOR2 almost a smuch. big difference is I didn't expect all that much from KOTOR1. I expected ana wesome game in KOTOR2. It didn't deliver that. It just delivered a KOTOR1 with easier combat, better sue of skills, buggier, and writing that while soemtimes brillant was often horrible and lame.


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Overall i would say that i wasnt satisified with K2 that is why i joined these boards to see if i could find out what was wrong.


I liked K2 and loved K1. Yes K1 had a simpler storyline and theme but it had more "finish" to it.


K2 was a lot more ambitious and I liked a lot of the new ideas with game mechanics and the story but due to whatever reason those ideas werent developed and so the reult seems somewjat empty and disappointing

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KOTOR2 was probably one of the best games I had ever played. The characters had depth, the theme was grim and depressing (Much like Dragons of Winter Night in Dragonlance)


The second installment in any trilogy is always depressing. They set up the story just right...



But they friggen ruined the game with that ending. Now the only way they can make up for it is to continue your companions' stories. The solo mission on Malachor V ruined the entire game for me.


The long winded ending that really ticked me off.




Now as for a game, I'd have to say that KOTOR was great right up to the end. The end of the game is your last impression, and well, they really dropped the ball on the ending.


I wanted to see what happened to Visas, Handmaiden, Mandalore, Atton, Mira, Gilligan, The Skipper too, the millionaire, and his wife... the movie star, the Professor and Mary-anne.... Here on Malachor FIVE! :thumbsup:



You get my point though. I spend all that time learning about my party members. It is arguable that this is the most important part of the game given it's big advancement was the Influence additions. What do we get at the ending? I really don't know.



Take Hordes of the Underdark for an example. Made by Bioware, the finally got a Neverwinter Nights campaign done right. The ending is decided by you. You get closure on EVERYONE important to you. Hell, I had Sharwyn as a Henchman in the first chapter, never to see her again, and at the end I learned of what became of her. She was with me for all of 4 hours of a 40 hour game and I got closure for her story.



The game flopped at the end, and that is the worst place you can flop. The game's story can suck for the first half, but if you gradually make the story better and make a hell of an ending the player is left with a good impression of the game.



KOTOR2 started slow... very... very.. slow. Then after the first planet everything got better. It just kept on getting better and better and then BOOM! The ending comes and ruins the whole experience.



I obviously voted NO. I just hope Obsidian can make enough cash doing other folks' projects so they can get away from publishers like Lucas Arts and do their own stuff. Much like Bioware. That is when the games truly get good, when the people who care about the quality call the shots.

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