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  1. I can't see any reason most people wouldn't hate an mmo like that.
  2. I go from Mass Effect 3 (since I recently got the last bit of dlc.), WWE 2K14, Dishonored and Red Dead Redemption.
  3. Ok you've got me. I just downloaded it. Tired to redownload it to see if It'd give me the same message as you it didn't. So I'm lost on how to help you. Sorry. :sad:
  4. Ok so far you've got everything right. Just go back to options and click on download content again and you should be ready to go. I've not sure if you have to have gold membership on Live or not download stuff though.
  5. Let me track my game down and I'll tell you exactly how to do it. I got a new 360 and I don't have Yavin either.
  6. Yeah you have to Yavin through Live. At this point it's free to download.
  7. He is in the Upper Markets of the Ward almost in a corner I think in front of some stairs. You have to leave the Citadel and completing a mission you can go back and he will be there.
  8. It was LOTR: The Third Age vs. KOTOR II. Two rpg's going head to head.
  9. I have no choice but to shop at Wal-Mart. It's the only place in my town to buy video games, plus my sister works there. I'm atleast gonna rent Revenge of the Sith along with Lego Star Wars, just to see how they are.
  10. http://www.portalcomic.com/wallpapers/gifs...heetara_800.jpg Enjoy. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> (w00t) Here kitty kitty.
  11. While reading this I was using a straw, needless to say um I'm no longer going to use a straw.
  12. It's probably because there were times you couldn't get back to the ship no matter what, It would have been pointless to try to find the ship on Telos's surface if you could just transit there. Maybe since there were a few times when you'd lose or leave your ship it was just easier to take out transiting to the Hawk. And the Telos Station you had to transit because they didn't have streets.
  13. I never really knew kumquatq I've been here almost a year which makes it even sadder. But to mourn this loss, I will be playing Hero of the day by Metallica in his honor while swearing vengence on those damn dirty apes err chimps.
  14. Um I thought the fans were the ones who over hyped him. So maybe Obsidian just ran with it because of fan reation. Who knows. But I think it was a good move.
  15. True enough. I wonder if the alignment viz-a-viz force powers system will work the way. That is, focus entirely on one side or the other w/o mixing and matching in order to avoid penalties. I hope not cuz when I got lightside I like to have those darkside powers ready to use.
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