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  1. Not the original name for France, Flatus. The word meaning 'nerve'. As in: I have the nerve to correct you. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> In that case you want "gall" For example, I find it galling that you have the nerve to correct me when: a) I was not in error b) You failed to notice/mention the spelling mistake :D
  3. Oh, thats easy for you to say Mr. I'm-too-good-for-an-avatar-and-so-will-comment-on-a-hilarious-riff-on-Superman. :wub:
  4. I do think that most of the things can be explained logically but if the "security system" turns out to be something too fantastical that could ruin it for me. I've read a lot of net opinions that were disappointed with teh finale (surprise, surprise ) I liked it cos it turned a lot of preconceptions on their (collective) head.
  5. I heart [insert place name here] t-shirts. The epitome of taste.
  6. Rory Bremner was great back in the day and he is an awesome impressionist. However I find B,B&F to be too far up its own rectum to be funny. The first two series of LoG were awesome; the third series was so-so and the film... well that should just be erased from existence. Little Britain is well past its sell by date. Rock Profiles is better IMO.
  7. Yeah that sounds cool, my solution is to have DivX player, although burning discs is tiresome. I dont have an Xbox so will purchase a wi fi player when i can be bothered.
  8. Logical explanation for everything? what about the invisible mechanical Monster thing?
  9. Blackadder 2 and 3 are also awesome. The Day Today Brass Eye.
  10. Tis infinitely less geeky to buy a Wi-Fi DVD player... or is it?
  11. Alls i knows abowt da nu seezun is: The passengers from the tail section survived and are on another part of the island and the original bunch "are not who they think they are" or something.
  12. If both your eyes arent exactly the same with regards to vision then i guess Magic Eye doesn't work well, at least thats why i think it doesn't work for me Its not fair to pirates!!
  13. ....but only to get to the yummy soft caramel centre. ^_^
  14. In the UK certain high street retailers have stopped selling Cubes for a while now and those that do, sell them very cheap (compared to its launch price, competition and conparative price of n64 during this stage of life cycle) If this is common in other countries then the profit report is hardly surprising. The GBA has probably reached saturation and reaching maturity. If the Revolution fails then it would be time to worry. (no comment on PSP v DS as the former has not been released officially in Europe yet.)
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