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  1. hell no!!! the game sucked after i heard what they left out!
  2. Lucasarts suck obsidians ****. those mother ****ers ruined the whole god damn game!!!
  3. "bold ****ing statments" Practically anyone who has delt with Supershadow end ups knowing he's a fake. I once believed his bull****, until I started watching his answers to questions closely. Episode 3 spoiler For months and months, Supershadow raved at how Padme would survive Episode 3, because Lucas said so. Later on, Lucas pronounced Padme would die, and he covers it up with a,"It was a last minute descision." Though in news reports later on I found out that Padme was supposed to die the whole time. He spoke of a Jedi Traitor in EPisode 3, and there never was one. He said that the Lucas wouldn't make a 7,8,9 but instead REMAKE the original Trilogy, where the Ewoks were giant ****ing lizards. And I get many reports of him cheating his subcribers out of their money when he had this special "Shadow news section" with cool Episode 3 info. He later ended it. Please don't fall into the crowd with lieing **** heads. Fall into the crowd of the bastard, like me. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Damn!! thanks alot man! I should post a question or comment like this to him lmfao!!
  4. you guys really think hes fake?? Give me some examples because those are some pretty bold fu*kin statements.
  5. Kotor 3 is definitely coming out. Lucasarts is going to make it and release it in Christmas of 2006. Supershadow talked to the people of lucasarts and thats what they said!! For those of you who dont know who he is, Supershadow is great friends withh Lucas and is helping to create Revenge of the Sith. Lucas allowes only him to post spoilers from the new movie and stuff. If you go on Supershadow.com and check questions that he answered one or two days ago, you'll see what he said about it. Lets hope lucasarts doesnt make it. If they do, well the graphics will suck along with a couple other things. Enjoy!!!!! :cool:
  6. Good for an action game, not an RPG. RPG don't have stories about events that have been chronicled. And the events of the Mandalorian Wars, Malachor, and Endar Spire are pretty much complete. No need to base a game about them. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Or maybe you can pick to be lightside??? But you would have to think of something really creative to tie in with kotor 1.
  7. OKay guys I got an idea. Now here me out first before you all bash me.... a Prequel. HUH?? PLay as revan learn, from kreia, the whole star forge jazz, malachor V, and then ending on how you got on endar spire. And during the game maybe being with the exile?? Oh and playing with revan in his suit with mask!!! I'm think it's a brilliant idea. Well you guys got anything to say???? :D
  8. obsidian alreddy started working on kotor 3??? or are hoping??
  9. what cores and stuff do you remove in the ancient computer to get that damn box open?
  10. Give in to anger. MWWAHAHAHAH! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> *struggles for a minute then sees atriss's face and pants rip in front*
  11. this game better be pretty ****ing good for the wait. IF ITS NOT THEN IM GOING TO GO TO OBSIDIAN AND....... *sigh tell myself to control anger*
  12. its comin the 7th beacuse all major releases are on tuesday. (mostly) so expect it to come tuesday id say. hopefully 6th because i want a taste of how the game is like.
  13. thats why youre a dumbass. LOL im just kiddin
  14. im just gonna get the game when i comes out. i mean whats an extra day???? what about you guys??? are you going to try your hardest to get the game a few hours before??
  15. same here im just gonna go away until next week. or i might go on unspoiler forums.
  16. no one is releasing it tomrrow i think? everywhere is SHIPPING tommorow but will have on shelves tuesday.
  17. definitely yes because then it will sell more and contribute to the making of kotor 3!!
  18. i just gotta 50$ gift certificate from my siblings(yesterday was my 13th birthday :cool: ) for best buy so im just going to buy it on the 8th <_< but its okay cause i dont mind the wait too much.
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