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  1. lol no i mean in the as a padawan would you be guardian, sentinel, or consular? then choose prestige. I personally would be consular but i only kno 1 prestige class thats jedi master i think?? anyone no any others??
  2. I am really curious as to what class you would be if star wars were real? ( i know this is stupid but, oh well ) would you be a light side jedi guardian jedi master??? A dark jedi sith marauder?? what???
  4. the pink side is insignificant to the power of the light side of the force. (what is the pink side
  5. ayo kazic anything new on wal-mart????
  6. im goin to every store to see if they have tsl!!!!
  7. can we get back on topic you stupid douch bags??
  8. anybody got any new info???? kazic?? anyone??????
  9. this thread had a good run but now its time for it to step down because theres no new info comin in. the first like 30 pages were kool and all but now its just getting off topic and **** so maybe we should start something new???
  10. ur all talking about titties and having sex and things. what happend to the mature adult stuff all of you were talking about. sounds to me like some of you are hypocrites.
  11. lately alot of you have been getting a little too horny
  12. You wnat to know what a sticky is or are you actually wondering what is sticky?? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> lol i wanna kno sticky on this site
  13. YAY!!!! i just pre-ordered the game!!! :cool:
  14. All of those things factor in in different ways, all in the name of replayability. Some of the divergences will be subtle, others will be a little easier to spot. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> r u sure????
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