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  1. without cheats (dead guy on koriban glitch, took like 20 mintues to gain like 20 levels) i got up to level 50 and had a defence of 56
  2. for dant go into the lower entrance of the jedi acadamy and find a datapad sayindvrook is kidnapped in cystal cave, then go rescue him
  3. who are these people? When do they join your party?
  4. Can someone post full party compisision light and dark and nuetral. i want to know who joins you and who it doesnt. the other question is what plant do you get the prestigue classes on??
  5. What planet is after TelosI hope is dantione so i can get my lightsaber
  6. does anyone know the total sales of kotor 2 as of yet. every gamestop has been sold out of it and many other stores (i still havent found one in like 30 minutes from me that still has it) have sold out to. I supect in must have sold like 1,000,000 copies already.
  7. since i will have the game in sevral short hours there is no more need to look at the forums. Thanks for the memories and info. goodbye till kotor 3
  8. i need game now or i might just snap and kill something that burger over there looks good
  9. they are slow to update their website so problably after the game is already out like in a week.
  10. it did say in an interveiw that there is a cap but only a select few will ever got all the way up to it
  11. when do you guys think kotor 3 is coming out. it is enviable
  12. do think at any point in the game will we be able to fight more than one sith lord at the same time. that would definatly make the game a little harder.
  13. more detials on other party members. who is the enchanti. who is the diciple. why is mandalore with you.
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