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  1. The Ramones - Somebody put something in my drink
  2. Well, I thought I'd contribute some urban photography. Perhaps not the kind of beauty you want to see, but the photographs are fantastic. This last one isn't what I'd call an image of beauty, but it captures a moment and emotion very well. I just think it's a great photo..
  3. Heh, a fitting title ) And thank you, thank you, I feel like I've actually contributed with something for once. Even if it is useless Whoever said I did?
  4. Here: If you take two points from that curve, one below the x-axis and one above the x-axis, Bolzano's theorem states that that curve will pass the x-axis somewhere in that interval.
  5. I've heard of tennis, you know, with a yellow ball. Is NBA tennis with an orange ball? "
  6. Hmm, right. Bolzanos Theorem, a useless mathematical theorem: For two real a and b , a < b , and a function f that is continuous on a closed interval [a , b ] such that f(a) and f(b) are of opposite signs, there exists a number x0 belonging to the interval [a , b ] with f(x0) =0. This basically means that if you have a continuous function (the graph of the function isn't "broken" anywhere) in 2 dimensions with one point below the x-axis and one point above the x-axis, then that function will cross the x-axis somewhere. Hard to imagine huh?
  7. And boy do you guys go for it, I can't walk down the steets of Helsing
  8. I suppose it'd look sort of bad if a said I was for Denmark wouldn't it But I mean come on, all you guys have is cheap beer :D
  9. Hmm, seems my birthday (17th January) coincides with amongst others Al Capone, Muhammed Ali, and Jim Carrey. Amongst the events included is the intiation of Operation Desert Storm and the disappearence of Raoul Wallenberg.
  10. Yes. But at the moment it's not very appealing. I've spent a minimum of 10 hours in school every weekday, and it's only the third week of this term Anyway, the program I'm studying translates to "chemical engineering with physics."
  11. I think Metallica started to decline with And Justice for All, but that's just me. There's some decent songs on both that one and Black album, but I don't think either come anywhere close to Master of Puppets, Ride the Lightning, or Kill em all. Listening to Megadeth - Hanger 18
  12. Well, I seem to be a bit late, but whatever. Congratulations Ender!
  13. I only got up to blue and almost red in Tae Kwondo, and lately I've been thinking of taking up Krav Maga, but I have no time/can't afford it. Anwyay, right now I'm doing a) Complex variables, and since I actually like it quite a lot, I'm gonna post an example of Cauchy's Integral Forumula at use (w00t) : b) Vektor analysis, which I don't particularly enjoy. c) Thermodynamics, which is okay. d) Try to play Megadeth solos. e) Going fast on a skateboard: Thanks to uni that's all I have time for nowadays, though I do squeeze in a beer or three now and then
  14. Go do some "adrenaline" sport. Try surfing, windsurfing, skydiving, hanggliding, DH-mountainbiking, or maybe downhill skateboarding (personal favourite :D ). I suppose the downside is that all these activities require lots of time and money, but hey, you might just get hooked! And I promise, going at 85km/h on a skateboard or enjoying the view while paragliding beats any computer game! P.S. None of the aforementioned activities should be considered insane. Just take the required safte precautions
  15. Yeah, those movies are awesome!! There's another english movie called Twin City I think, which is funny as well. Taking a bit of a sober turn, Trainspotting is a really good movie too. It's about a bunch of herion addicts and they're life, but it's got funny parts at the same time. Highly reccommended!
  16. Yeah, "Happy Gilmore" was good. Or, at least one of Sandler's better movies. I've only heard bad things about that latest movie of his, was it 40 first dates? I dunno...
  17. Ok, im quite confused now, was that aimed at me? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I'm confused too. Was it aimed at me ?? How could you??
  18. I didn't think Fight Club was all that great. It wasn't bad, but I wouldn't watch it again. I think everyone should see Schindler's List. That's a good movie.
  19. :ph34r: ...this is the first gaming forum I'm a member of :">
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