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Your level when finished the game

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hello! i know you all must've been finishing the game maybe twice or so...

i'm aware of that my character level when i end the game was only 26 or 27 so...


so could you tell me what level are you when you end this game??


1st game(lightside)-> lv 27

2nd game(darkside)-> lv 26

3rd game(neutral)-> lv 29 (the largest) (w00t)

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Without the Korriban glitch on my first three games I averaged about level 23. My Currenty game I'm level 33 and I'm toatly wiping the floor with anything and everything.


I don't need 700 force points when the regenerate faster than I can cast things.

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Level 29 (barely) - playing first time LS.


I always had Kreia along for the extra 7% XP she provides as a party member.

I could never get the dialog option with Grenn to pass on Vogga's offer and complete the fuel quest.

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Lvl 29.

I don't think it's even possible to reach level 50 by just playing the game (no glitches etc).


Once I won, I loaded up saves and tried the set/disarm mine trick just to see if it worked (it did - and you can do it anywhere/anytime), but that's also very tedious. Good way to gain a few levels very early on tho, if you really desire power-gaming for some reason. :D

“Things are as they are. Looking out into the universe at night, we make no comparisons between right and wrong stars, nor between well and badly arranged constellations.” – Alan Watts
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Level 28 on my first try. Only used Kreia when she had to be in the party, so I probably could have had another level from her mentor ability. Guardian/Weaponmaster with Light Mastery.

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1st completed game: level 28 - just sniffing the roses as it were

2nd completed game: level 31 - powergaming for max XP but without exploiting any of the infinite XP glitches*


I agree with draakh_kimera, the levels above 20 were silly and the XP values are ridiculously inflated. I mean, up to 400 XP for enemies that go down in a single attack round? Also, the d20 system only works reasonably well up to level 20 or so, and extensions for epic levels require great care. This care was not taken.


Every class gets +1 BAB every level even after level 20 (this is a stupid idea even for normal level ranges, but I digress) and so you get a situation where pretty much everybody can hit pretty much everybody else because of stupendously high base attack boni and it isn't worth bothering about armour anymore. Against equal enemies around level 30 you need lots of CON and deal lots of damage per round, and armour ceases to be a factor (unless you want to do a DEX build which can indeed achieve AC in the fifties/sixties, or exploit AI limitations).


*) Because of the way the game works, a max-XP run poses interesting constraints. One part of this is basically a puzzle, when you make a plan. And then you must execute the plan, which may require doing some stunts that you would not normally do - e.g. Guardian with 16 INT :D - and which can also yield interesting and challenging combat situations. My last run was not bad (486944 XP, less than 10k to lvl 32) but it was far from optimal. So level 32 should be possible even for the same planet order which was Dantooine - Nar Shaddaa - Dxun/Onderon - Korriban (light side male on 'difficult', no medpacks/stims/shields/explosives, but with crafting). With different planet orders even higher levels may be possible.

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1st play through (LS; Jedi Counselor/Master) - 29

2nd - (LS; Jedi Sentinel/Watchman) - 25 (stopped half way through game to try new strategems)


3rd (current) - (LS; Jedi Guardian/Weapon Master with 16 INT; High Dex; 12 and 11 WIS/CHAR) - Currently at level 17 and only done one planet (Nar Shadda). No infinite XP glitches. MUCH slower progression, so far...


I agree that the level cap needs to be put back on. The D&D rules have it for a reason and level 20 is actually supposed to represent the entire lifetime a character spends working toward their ultimate mastery (like with the Prestige classes like NWN has). The trend, unfortunately, in PC D&D games is to go from "zero to hero" in less than 24 hours to give casual gamers a sense of accomplishment.

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All three times I've averaged around 26.

Is it true that the random items are better the higher your level? It seems like it, and if it is true, why would they put all these lvl 50 items in the game, when (without glitches) you can only reach around lvl 30?


This game I'll try to reach a higher level, and also use blasters/rifles the whole game - no lightsabers or forcepowers (except heal, and only for party members).

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