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  1. i used single-double-wielded LS when i plyed the first one, when i plyed the second one, i used single LS, i think single looks cool than 2-wield, feels like a real jedi
  2. i'll just replaying the sith lords, and find some mission that skipped from my last game, or sleep
  3. same here, i dont have any bonuses too, i think it's a bug or something worse or it's just in the sheet, or just virtual who knows??
  4. same here, in full one week i managed to finish this game three times! so i'm now very sleepy, but this was a GG very well indeed, best sequel i think
  5. i want the opening music of star wars!! anyone has it or do you know where to d/l it??? pleaseeee!!
  6. here's what i liked on TSL: 1. Robes man!!! the new armor for the jedi are amazing, when i see the screenshot reviews on web site, it's shivers me, it's cool (w00t) 2. the story-line, i'm always liked the darkside, so i want to experience to becoming a darth myself and i manage to do that! 3. the features about you can teach your companions the way of force is cool too :ph34r: 4. the fighting style is different from KOTOR I, so i'm curious to the new moves, i'm bored to death when i played the 2nd times on KOTOR I 5. the fate of revan, but i dont know it though, i dont know wh
  7. i think the gangs did it, because i look the armor is metal and some kind of shiny, the same as the gangs put on
  8. sorry, my mistakes, i mean Bao-dur :"> :"> :"> but you must use this opportunity when he hasn't told you about lightsaber!, or your gonna be"Nevermindersss"
  9. use the mandalore/T3/other companions ability to give you more items that can be destroyed, but you must have less than 10 in your inventory, i'm ussualy used mandalore, he can give us infinite mandalorian shield, so break that shield until it's under 10, or zero ofcourse, and then talk to hi to receive the infinite shield and breaking em'
  10. i'm just turned 21 :D , 4 days ago and i think the "0-10" is really exist, my nephew, was 9 and he's alot better player than me it's sucks, but ussualy younger people plays better
  11. Yeh, you were wrong about this force, they're the best defensive technique i found on KOTOR, increase it for your owns safety
  12. inthe tomb of dxun, is end Mira(for computer), visas(force storm), mandalore(for mines), i think it's the best, i used it too when i played as darkside, but no mira of course, i sent the wookies to do her job
  13. you dont know if you become the sith marauder, you could change to light side and get other bonuses as well?? but i havent check it, because my marauders now on the way to light side, 3/4 or so, you could be "an evil jedi master" too!, but i dont know the bonuses, just try it if you're curious
  14. there are 2 types of ending 1. escape from malachor 2. become the darth, and the malachor doesn't destroyed
  15. i think soo too, when my level are 20 or so on, i found the game really easy!, i could make an enemy a "meatbag" when i used the master force speed, if you do korriban glitch, i think it's make the game worthless to play, ot's too damn easy!
  16. but you have to be dark side not light side, so follow the storyline you WILL get that crush
  17. what i know is 50's is the largest level, so i think one of you reached that level, but i think it's too high to reach i finished the game 3 times to aware on this thing
  18. i have one bug! when i land on nar shadda, i noticed that atton got alot of DS! but my character is LS(full) but i didn't see the character sheet, but i know because his face became cracked like DS when i have a conversation on him!! is this normal or just me?? this game had alot of bugs
  19. this is just like balck jack!(if you have five cards at ahnd and you didn't past 21, you'll win!) pazaak is using this rules
  20. hello! i know you all must've been finishing the game maybe twice or so... i'm aware of that my character level when i end the game was only 26 or 27 so... so could you tell me what level are you when you end this game?? 1st game(lightside)-> lv 27 2nd game(darkside)-> lv 26 3rd game(neutral)-> lv 29 (the largest) (w00t)
  21. the mandalorian way!!! about that switch you know? i think the best is Insanity->Stun->Whirwind->Step away-> and then the finishing move is throw lightsaber on him/her!!!
  22. cool!, i hope i could draws like that! how many hours you do to sketch all those drawings??
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