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  1. I have finished the Civil war quest and after I cut the queen down like a dog General Vaklu said I would be welcome back once they had cleaned up after the war. So I can never go back?
  2. Yes it sucks that only the main characters Repair skill has a bearing on the breakdown amount.
  3. I just did it as the last planet before the Enclave. Can i ever go back?
  4. YEs i know but I have found that the repair skill of the character using the beach doen't make any difference to the number of components. And even the best items haven't got more than 90 in them. For some reason I have never got the dialogue option to get sheilds for Mandalore?
  5. Do an of the game merchants deal in components? I need many more for all the upgrades I want to make. Any other way to score a lot of them?
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