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Which character has the deepest personality?

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I was just wondering who everyone thought had the deepest, human (just use that term despite the fact that there are aliens), most realistic personality. Who thought their type of character was convincing enough to make you fall in love with Bastilla (in the game) or to be good buddies with Canderous because of his fun attitude towards war, death and destruction.


Or who had the most heart-breaking past and the saddest backstory that made you weep for Carth or be determined to help Zaalbar rescue his people from the Czerka Corp. slavers on Kashyyk.


Or who fell asleep listening to Juhani's boring stories and could not care less about her. Or who ignored the wisdom of Kreia or Jolee in spite of their old age or endless ramblings?


It was just a question I was interested in that I wondered what everyone else thought.


For me personally, Carth has the deepest personality and heart-breaking back-story. I become good buddies with Carth and he often fights along side me in battle against the Sith. I do the romance with Bastila, feel sorry for Carth, help Zaalbar on Kashyyk, ignore Mission's whining and fall asleep listening to Juhani, if I don't kill her

in the grove on Dantooine in KoTOR I



What does everyone else think?

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I felt most involved with Malak and his storyline as were it not for his love(before anyone jumps in homophobically i was referring to platonic love, i.e. that between best friends) for Revan he never would have fallen to the dark side as is mentioned in the story in dialogues and in the flashback to when they find the dantooine starmap. So really the most upsetting story is how Revan is responsible for the corruption of his best friend.


Of characters that you can use in your team I found HK-47 to have the deepest personality in KOTOR, carth i found annoying, bastilla was just far too arrogant and juhani and mission whined too much.....zaalbar was pretty good as were canderous and jolee especially when you were rude to jolee, t3 was ok for an almost silent little robot although he does butt in occasionally in a quite amusing way, haven't got TSL yet as am in PAL territories and have to wait another 14-15 days. :thumbsup:

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Have to go with the main character in KOtoR1, alias Revan. Great storyline, good surprise factor despite a somewhat "open" ending.


Surprised you don't have HK-47 on that list, I enjoyed his 2nd most in KOtoR1...


As for the story of bastilla: To be quite honest there wasn't much in that in my opinion. Sure, there was the part about her mother, but the rest of it was tied so much to Revan's backstory that I count that under him.


EDIT: Oh yeah, also somewhat surprised you took Revan in the list but not the Exile? Weren't there enough options to add? :)

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I said Carth... just becuase I love that pixcel-man. :p His dialog in the redemption story is just squee-ful... and so heart breaking.


"Stay... with me... on the Star Forge. We won't have time to get off, not if you stop Bastila."


"There's no time. And there's now other place that I'd rather be than here.


You were very brave to make the decision that you did. I, I love you. You know that, right?


There isn't much time. It should be over soon."



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Id have to say Revan has the most interesting back story just because he was the main character in part one and a player in part two.


After him Id say the Exile has 2nd most interesting story to be honest.


But really Revan and Exile should be void of descussion because they better be the most interesting as stories revolve around them.


Far as NPC Party members (from both games) go, Thats a tough one.


I prefered, in general, Part 2 characters and how most of them had something to do with actual storyline, like Bastila did from part 1.


I guess I would go with Visas as she was interesting, there was a reason for her to be there, and she was by far my favorite of all the NPCs.


After that would seriously be a tie of Bastilla, Mira, Handmaiden, and Atton.


My least favorate however are easy:(includes least favorite storyline and actual character)


GoTo (total waste of time)

Carth (whiny pilot, who cares)

Both Wookies



I would be a happy camper if characters in least favorite list NEVER got mentioned ever again in any following KotOR games.

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Jolee was a cheap rip off Obi Wan.


yes, because obi-wan left the jedi order because he felt the jedi failed him in their decision about what to do with him when he didnt slay his wife and no longer really pays attention to the jedi code. :rolleyes:

I meant that both had students who fell to the Dark Side. Also both of them have been in a backwater planet for almost 20 years doings absolutely nothing. Plus both were lecturing the main character.

And by the light of the moon

He prays for their beauty not doom

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Visas, hands down.  Nobody comes close.



Really Visas? I wasn't all that compelled by her story, kindof boring

People laugh when I say that I think a jellyfish is one of the most beautiful things in the world. What they don't understand is, I mean a jellyfish with long, blond hair.

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I liked Juhani's story and it was far worse then carth story. Her dad gets kills mother dies she made a slave. When you meet her old master she might be able to kill him if she not following the jedi code. Carth at less gets the chance to have his son back in his life. If you don't kill him. Juhani has nothing to look forward to at the end of the game.(if she lives) the Wookie goes home with honor(probaly take mission). Carth has his son.Canderous finds a new purpose.Bastilla has her mom. Jolee probably goes to some planet to help others.

Hk-47 master becomes weak. This all happens if your the light side.


DS Revan Kills Carth or his son, Kills the Wookie, Jolee, Juhani and mission. Dumps Bastilla(who would want Malaks hand me downs or trader just waiting to kill you. :wacko: )

And cripples Canderous who builds a army for his sith master.



Goto also has a nice story.

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My favorite ones are:

1. Atton

2. Jolee

3. Zalbaar

4. and Mandalore

5. Malak, Nihilus, Sion and Kreia


Least favorite ones:

1. Juhani- holy crap its sooo boring

2. G0-T0 - i hate that stupid arrogent thing

3. that bounty hunter wookie? (Name??)

4. mission- shes really annoying

5. Darth Bandon (wait what back-story?

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I really like all of the companions in TSL, except maybe GOTO who I found annoying. I'd have to say my favorite as far as back story goes would be Bao-Dur, maybe because being a soldier myself I really identify well with his story and the way he's so loyal to the Exile, his former commander. It helps that he also happens to be the single most useful character to have in your party, especially if you make him a Jedi Guardian.

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I'd like to say Bastila, her being my dream-jedi-girlfriend :thumbsup: . But truth be told, while it was good, it wasn't great. I did like Visas's, I thought that one line she kept repeating while you listened in on her thoughts was pretty cool. Maybe I'm just biased as she's the hottest character in the game :wub: ... Atton's backstory was pretty cool too. Carth's reminded me of every sad, lonely, hero story. Kreia's was pretty good, awesome character over all. Darth Nihilus was cool, i'd like to learn more about him.

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1) HK-47 (love his stories about his masters)

2) Carth (good romance, better if u go dark side and kill him)

3) Canderous (tough guy, good war stories)



1) HK-47 (love what he says about the jedi and carth and bastila)

2) Atton (good backstory if you are darkside)

3) Visas (sad story, i like having her get revenge)



"Are you an angel? Aw, I'm just kidding. That's the worst line I've ever used. Hope some poor kid doesn't start using it."

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