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  1. I Voted for Darth Nihilus. Just for the fact of him being the most intriguing Sith mentioned yet. I made a theory of his past back when the game first came out but I want to know the true story. Darth Maul was my second choice.
  2. I liked the idea of trying to find the Jedi and then murdering them. I dunno, just must have been some hidden aggression towards the jedi or sumthin. I just kinda liked how you "stole" their forms instead of "learning" them.
  3. MS just needs to set higher standards. Out of all the console games I have played it's only the Xbox ones that have ever had bugs or come on a bad disk. Considering how few I play compared to the PS2 and GC thats kinda worrying. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I know, but I like some of the games that come out for XBOX since some of them are XBOX only.
  4. Oliro Spajo (w00t) (w00t) (w00t) :D Kinda funky ain't it?
  5. That LA forum moderators must be really stupid if they posted that. Academy started as a expansion pack for Outcast and later was turned into a stand alone title (its not even Jedi Knight "III"). Anyone that disagree with me on this must never played those games since Tavion shows up in both games (in Outcast as a aprendice to Desann and in Academy as the one using Marka Ragnos staff/sword) and Tavion dies in Academy, also there is a lot of references her role in Outcast, expecialy that she became that way because Kyle spared in Bespin. And Dark Forces ended in Dark Forces II: Jedi
  6. Last time I had been around the LA Forums, there were rumors of the next one being made. but I ussually take rumors with a bag 'o salt. Too much hype and too little facts.
  7. LA Forum Moderators posted about Jedi Academy that Jedi Outcast was the sequel to Jedi Academy. They also said that all of the line was a continuation of Dark Forces even though the name had changed. They stated it was the entire story of Kyle Katarn (Although Jedi Academy dumfounded me by having you pick a creat-a-character rather than play Kyle again, but you know about the EU, it is canon)
  8. Naw actually the next game will be Jedi Academy: Gray Jedi, then Jedi Academy II: Sith Academy, Sith Academy: Dawn of the New Empire, and then the final game, Sith Academy: Redemption.
  9. Meh, not really... The series changes name every time new titles come out, and every tim the story changes. EDIT - The trend seems to be DF, DFII, JK, JKII.... God I hope the next one isn't Jedi Academy II, I would buy that <{POST_SNAPBACK}> As I have been lead to believe it all 4 are actually of the Dark Forces Story Line (Not the books mind you) Although, Jedi Outcast is the Sequel to Jedi Academy. (Makes you wonder why they didn't do Outcast after Academy then)
  10. Ummm... No it wouldn't... That would be more like Jedi Knight III. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Technically it would be Dark Forces 5 The Line is Dark Forces, Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight, Jedi Knight: Jedi Outcast, and Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy.
  11. Thank you everyone for your assistance. And have a nice day.
  12. I was told to ask here, where can I download the Action Replay Game Save of the HK Factory??????????
  13. I see it this way our generation grew up from toys, and moved onto video games (At a young age) and never looked back after that.
  14. Nope, I haven't had any problems at all. I played smoothly through all five times and had no problems occur that I was aware of.
  15. Also I have noticed alot of the people I have met on XBOX Live are between 16 and 37 the majority of them about 20 to 25 in there. :D (w00t)
  16. You gotta think about it in terms of, we are the original Game Junkies anyways seeing that we first got hooked by Atari, and then "Bam" Theres the Nintendo, and then the rest went on to make history. I still remember those stupid ads about wearing out your thumbs from playing too much Nintendo. I have been playing since I was like three (Old enough to hold the Atari joystick) And My thumbs are in great shape. But yeah I think that alot of the market should be focused towards the majority grouping, which I can guaruntee (spelling???) you is most likely going to average the same way as
  17. 24, and I still run circles around the younglings.
  18. You all need to accept that we bought the XBOX version of a game and that due to the fact of it being a console title with no XBOX Live setup that a patch will never see the light of day. Even if they made a new version of the game would it really be worth it to trade in your current copy for 1/4 what you paid for it and then buy the new version? I just see it as a minor nuisance and have moved on to Republic Commando, I blame LA for not extending time to finish KotOR II but, what can I do about it, flaming the boards here is not really going to help, and besides the game isn't rea
  19. Bastilla, that little "mustache thingy under Revan's Lip" is called a soul patch. People might understand that term instead of what you have been saying
  20. Most can be converted, and not only one only each playthrough. For more info than that though you have to post in the spoilers forum.
  21. Skills (I.E. Comp use, Security, you get the point) and Unarmed Combat are the best way to go for Bao-Dur.
  22. Planets: Coruscant Falleen Ithor Unknown World (KotOR 1) Iridonia Corellia Hapes Cluster Rodia Zonoma Sekot Returning Characters: Bastilla Jolee Bindo Mira Visas Marr Handmaiden Mandalore HK-47 T3-M4 Atton Juhani Mission Zaalbar Hanharr Bao-Dur New Characters: Rodian Iridonian Falleen (Love interest?????) Dug
  23. Esrever DS Male Marada Tali DS Female Aromis Tallion LS Male Mirage LS Female
  24. No. Behold this masterpiece of illogic. First you proceed to take any blame off from those who actually made the game, and place it all on the publisher. Then you state how much you hate LA. Following which, you say you will buy any SW games that come out, no matter how crappy they may be. Yeah, that's pretty coherent. You love to hate LA. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Evidently you didn't read everything I wrote in my posts, since I never said I hated LA, I said I blamed LA for rushing OE in the game makin process you nitwit. I also stated the fact of everyone whining abou
  25. I want to see a Star Wars RPG done like the classic Anime RPGs
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