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  1. You have to be kidding? Bao-Dur's Remote helps? I have never seen that...Once I had T3 help, he must have been nearby to join in as in many other games it was just me. But then I never tried running around the ship. Sounds like fun!
  2. I was looking at some other gaming sites and there are other games that had that problem with the onboard sound but no solution was given except to get the drivers from your MB maker and update and/or flash the bios. I would highly recommend never using onboard video or sound for gaming. If it's a new rig it might be possible to get your seller to upgrade to a regular soundcard for little cost. (You can also tell them some programs won't run sound with the system as-is). Good luck to you, hope you get it worked out one way or the other.
  3. Appcompat.txt is just the report file that gets sent to MS when it asks you do you want to send an error report in? I don't think anyone except the folks at MS could decipher what the error information inside contains. You might try uninstalling, reboot, re-install. Check drivers
  4. It was the same with Carth. Too whiny many said. Of course if you played a female, Bastila was a cold fish to have to carry along for the ride, playing a male character she was fun to tease. As to Disciple; Perhaps the dislike comes from him portrayed as a straight goody-two shoes character and many play DS. Or even when some are playing grey/LS characters, his path/way of thinking is too light side? I thought Disciple was a decent character all in all, perhaps a little too righteous for my taste if anything but better than Atton for a romance option. (Sorry ladies I thought Atton was
  5. Revan, yes...she has to reunite with Carth! :D
  6. They were aboard the harbinger that arrived at the mining colony.
  7. Make sure Norton Internet Security or Zone alarm security suite is off when trying to start the game. (It may not have anything to do with these type programs however there are a large amount of newer games that get a black screen/won't run or run slowwwww when these programs are running in background.)
  8. Beware Spellforce 2 it uses StarForce. Glad you enjoyed the game. I hope Obsidian makes a Kotor 3.
  9. Disciple...Modded would be Candyman! After traveling so long with jedi's the force had to rub off on him a bit/alot.
  10. Shame on you! lol Honestly tho, in K1 and K2 you can turn him into a melee monster. He was great even on the sf in k1. I'm not biased on Candyman...no really...
  11. Dxun/Onderon - I like mandalorians and candyman of course. Onderon seemed more like a real world than many others. I would add Kashyyyk except for the fact in-game it takes a wookie 5 minutes to say hello. gah
  12. I would have preferred to talk to party members before flying off into the void, but oh well.
  13. That was great! Thx for sharing! (w00t)
  14. Actually Kreia did say the council was the cause of the Exile's losing the force. (she lied to further her goals). I also believed from the beginning she lied about the force bond being fatal. Without that pull the Exile might or might not have gone to malachor later depending on alignment/temperment. Adlibbing here don't have the exact quotes: PC:Wait...the council did this to me? Kreia: What did you think? You suddenly lost all connection to the force for no reason? No. Imho as always... Cheers, FD
  15. I disagree. In fact Han had nearly the same line about c3po as did Atton with t3 when piloting away from a bad situation. Also your *except* is Carth's whole outlook on life, nothing like Han at all, imho. As to my K2 picks, I have no choice but to choose Candyman.
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