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  1. Whoa!! Down to 112--and only 16 minor issues! That was quick! Edit: ... just noticed. The number done is "666". Awesome.
  2. Is there anything unskilled people could do? Heck, I'd even be willing to try to learn to mod. Whatever it takes; it just seems pretty sad that with so much progress, the project would be dropped. And there is a fanbase. I can think of four people off the top of my head (not forum-posters, people I know in real life) who are eagerly waiting for this. Some of them are a lot more skilled than I am (doesn't take much. :happy:), and they'd probably be willing to help out if they could. Is there hope, or is it already dead?
  3. Umm... I think you're making pretty good progress. Slow, yeah, sure, but the fact that you're still going is pretty amazing, considering how long you've been working on it. And since it looks like the M4-78 project may be dead... :sad: Anyway, yay. Progress is being made. It shows up on my screen, anyway. :happy: Thanks for keeping going.
  4. Muahahaha... I have fallen. I have admitted my fall (which, as everyone knows, is a far more terrible thing). I have become the new Lord of BETRAYAL (in-training). Now, my little handmaidens, come to me. I want you... to take a vacation!!! Sorry. Just doesn't fit. They're dead, pretty certainly. Although you'd like to hope that Brianna escaped. Using her Jedi-Handmaiden Camo-robe of whiteness.
  5. I'm interested in getting a deck... probably two, if they're cheap enough, so I can play with other people rather than just count cards.
  6. If that's the case, that's pretty inaccurate. Girls can fight just as well as guys can. I should know; I just got my [rear] kicked by one a few days ago...
  7. In the dialog.tlk: "And all of Katarr was destroyed, all of the Jedi killed...Including Master Zhar... Master Vandar..." I remember it from in-game, too. When you talk with the masters on Dantooine, if you ask other questions before going directly to the point. I only got it by exploring conversation options I normally wouldn't... seriously, by that point in the game, not many people are going to ask about what happened at Katarr again ^_^
  8. If it's the lightsabers you're having trouble with, try running away with force speed. You can either lose them in the pillars or string them out; when you've got one by itself, attack it until it's dead or the others show up. Then run off again. Whatever you do, don't hang around near Traya; having her use force powers while the lightsabers attack you is not fun.
  9. One way to make it harder: play your alignment--completely. If you're a darkside character, don't learn heal. If you're lightside, don't learn force lightning. Either way, it's going to make things a lot more difficult.
  10. Nothing amazing for me, but I've played RPGs before. My mom, though... She keeps clicking through conversation without reading it fully. And sometimes she accidentally clicks on a reply. So for instance, even though she was lightside, she ended up killing the Sullustan you meet on Citadel Station (the one who's getting harassed by the thugs), keeping Ramana as her slave, and threatening to stick Atton with her vibroblade. And she's just on her first (chosen) planet...
  11. Exile: "What did you see?" Visas: "...I'm really not sure anymore... and I don't think I want to know." I really doubt the Malak theory, no offense to master_pendrak. Even excluding the fact that Malak was killed and then blown to bitty chunks at the end of KotOR I, Nihilus always seems more like a force than a person. Malak was a power-hungry Sith. Nihilus is just plain hungry.
  12. Atton's backstory makes him the most interesting, but Visas is probably the coolest Jedi overall... counting Jediness as a deciding factor. ^_^ Disciple is the worst. Preachy, boring, and scary teeth. Honestly, LS Bastila's less annoying than he is.
  13. I guess I'm one of the lame people... I didn't figure it out until the moment. I blame Canderous, though. I had a female character, and his conversations are buggy so that whatever gender you are, when he talks about how Revan destroyed the Mandelorians, he ALWAYS says "He". My siblings didn't believe me, so I played through again, found the spot, and showed the conversation. There are at least five "he"s or "his"s in that one talk... and I did all of the party member sidequests (pretty much all) before the Leviathan. I agree that it could have easiliy been figured out, though... with
  14. I never use him once I get his backstory... sorry, just gave me an odd image. The floating sphere holding two guns bigger than he is... although I suppose the same applies to T3. ^_^
  15. Don't be silly. They simply didn't bother with beta testers the first time around. "Let's see, we've cut off a planet, all of the different endings, and Atris's role. Anything else we can do to shave time?" "Dunno... maybe cut Malachor V entirely?" "Great idea! But wait, I've got a better one... let's cut the beta testing! If you want, we can cut all the stuff on Malachor that makes the rest make sense, just to be safe." "Good thinking. Beta testing's overrated. Even if there are a few problems, it's not like anyone wil notice..." :D Yay for TSLRP!!!
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