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  1. So I've gotten PoE a few weeks ago...during the 1.05 patch. So far the game has run well enough for me, but lately I been experiencing a really annoying crash/error that seems to happen sporadically. Although from the notes I been taking it seems to happen more during when the game is first started up. After I relaunch a couple times it seems to go away or stabilize. I'm sure theres been gameplay bugs as well but I can manage playing around those...I just can't stand crash errors though. So posting here to get feed back on whether its my laptop that needs tweaking or upgrading or is it something else. Running on the game on: Mac Book Pro 2.4 GHz Intel Core i5 4 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 Intel Iris 1536 MB (retina display) with 38GB free Hard drive space (after game has been installed) Anyway the main problem for me is that it frequently crashes when loading into a new area, new map, saving, etc. and I an error message. That list a lot of threads but at top says GRAPHIC ERROR occurred. Any suggestions? THanks IN advance
  2. I notice an annoying bug where the screen will be panning (I think usually down and to the left) so my characters won't be on the screen when the page loads. I have to click somewhere to stop the panning, go to the map, and recenter on my players. This happens every time I change scenes. I'm running Ubuntu 14.04 and the latest patched version through steam. Short youtube video of the occurence. https://youtu.be/vm-kwDrNcxg
  3. I take it those clusters of black pixels I highlighted in the attached screenshot are not supposed to be there, are they?
  4. Current Content Build ID: 579590 What's gone done got broked? After downloading the latest patch on steam (It was ~578mb) and then loading up my game, i immediately noticed my characters feet were pink and any of my characters obscured by something, such as my rogue half behind the gate, and his pet dragonling. Weird, but i thought it might go away. Walked off and entered scouting/stealth mode and suddenly all my entire party turned a shade of pink. I tried changing areas and restarting the game, and also playing with the graphics settings but to no avail. Here are my current settings: So going back into the game and deciding to just play on i discovered it also occurs on items (aka dead bodies yet to be looted) on the ground where there shadow would normally be and also on NPC's as they entered/left the fog of war. Though i forgot to screenshot those. Then i opened my map to quickly move somewhere and saw this: Eww... It stayed like that as i moved around and had the same strange... stuff, all over it on other maps too. Though when you moved the mouse over either a character or a map marker it changed to this: Have attached a DxDiag and the output log. I know i'm not currently running the latest drivers for my graphics card, but i'm still using the same drivers/setting i was using yesterday before this patch and while i was having no graphical glitches like this, so i don't imagine that that is actually the issue unless something major was changed to affect the way model/spite shading works in the latest patch. DxDiag.txt output_log.txt
  5. well, the title says it all could you guys please add some map note functionality, pretty please? ) personal preference, curious what others think about it.
  6. Once you have completed the first level of "The Endless Paths of Od Nua" and you have left the dungeon through a cellar door, clicking on the cellar opens the map where you can pick the dungeon level you'd like to go to. However, opening the map first displays an empty map. The only unlocked dungeon is on top of the screen. I don't think that it was intended that I first need to scroll around. Compare screenshots and savegame.
  7. Edit: Sorry I ended up in the wrong forum. Please delete. Here the discussion goes on: *click*
  8. Does anyone else think the encounter/point of interest density is too high for the maps? There also seems to be very clear "zones" to maps, which can often make the maps feel artificial and constructed. For example in Dyrford Crossing: The map is practically divided into 4 quarters, each with it's own group of wildlife. There are also 3 points of interest/dungeons on the map. To top it all off, the map is quite small. It really makes it feel like you're stumbling over encounters at every step, and that the "ecosystem" is designed and artificial. The terrain is also artificial - there are rivers and cliffs perfectly placed to funnel the player and maximise every square inch of space and seperate "zones". It reminds me of one of those exploration missions in Starcraft where the map funnels the player down a maze to maximise the distance the player needed to travel within the confines of a square map. In Baldur's Gate I loved the feeling of exploring each of the vast maps and of not quite knowing where the encounters would be. IMO the spread of encounters and content in that game was fantastic. Which brings us to another point - I sincerely hope there are much larger maps in the full game. Within those I hope that there's more constraint in placing points of interest and encounters. Hopefully this is just a beta thing and map density has been increased for the purposes of giving players a lot to play. Thoughts?
  9. In recent news, in the latest update, it struck me that "Hey, couldn't you make a concept tile editor fairly easy?" There's already some assets to use. A, It could help with creative concepts. B, It could be fun :D 1. Dungeon from a Dungeon! http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/63207-update-39-non-core-classes-cooldowns-attack-resolution-damage-vs-armor-and-a-tileset/?p=1302826 2. Forest from a Dungeon/Which can be transformed into "Tilesets" as well: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/63207-update-39-non-core-classes-cooldowns-attack-resolution-damage-vs-armor-and-a-tileset/?p=1302944 I don't think Obsidian should waste any resources on it. If you've played around with "Legends of Grimrock", with the "Dungeon" tiles in the screenshot you could at the very least create a "Dungeon Maker". I'm already halfway through one right now but "Photoshop" gets clunky in some ways, and I'm feeling "Is there some more effective way to do this, more effortlessly?", which is why I'm asking here.
  10. I remember when I would play some of the IE games like BG/BG2/Fallout and whenever I would be exploring an area that there would always be two kinds of Fog of War. The black opaque kind, and the transparent kind. Now if I was exploring an area to remove the opaque FoW, there would be places that I couldn't go due to my way being blocked or there really being no reason to go there (because that area was only for aesthetics purposes or it was a huge lake - somthing like that). So that area would remain opaque black and I would never be able to see the entire map. Sometimes it might not have much mattered (if there is an endless ocean that reaches to the edges of the area, but at other times, there would be actual parts of a city or dungeon that might not be involved in the action, but were aesthetically pleasing to look at. I know that there were ways to circumvent around this (explore() function or something like that - A lot of mods were made for this, or the clairvoyance spell but that only worked for outdoors maps and so you are still left with dungeons) but then you saw the entire city/dungeon before you had explored it (making you possibly aware of things you shouldn't have been). A big reason I'm buying this game is because I think that the IE games with the isometric views were aesthetically pleasing to look at. But I absolutely abhorred when I couldn't disperse the FoW from an area just because I couldn't walk there. I also didn't like that the whole city would have been explored when I arrived there for the first time (oh wow, I've never been here before but my area map shows everything!). Please Obsidian, do something about this tragedy. I'm not sure if clairvoyance was supposed to never work with indoors maps, but please let me see the entire map somehow. If you have to implement some sort of "synchronize viewpoint" method like they do in Assassin's Creed where once you reach a certain location you can see the entire map, so be it. Just don't let me lose out on the beautiful artwork of your employees. Possible remedies (I don't really like many of them, but they're just ideas): 1- Allow players the opportunity to buy maps from storekeeps for areas that they wish to explore in the future (probably only cities, never dungeons) so as to give a reason why the outdoors in the cities is transparent. Maybe do something similar in dungeons where you can find a map that has explored the area map for you. 2- Make an indoors "clairvoyance-type" spell but with a smaller area of effect. I believe Warcraft III did something like this called "Farsight." I don't care that I have to cast that spell a hundred times - let me see everything (my OCD demands it!). 3- As previously mentioned some sort of synchronize area/ explore()=1 point in the map that allows me to see it. I really hate this idea. Edit: This is what I'm talking about: This is our beloved screencapture. This area has been set as "indoors" for this example. There will be similarly beautiful images in dungeons that will definitely be set as "indoors" for so-called "stealth" purposes and not knowing the dungeon map will be important. This is possibly the locations that our adventurers can walk. And finally, I'm sad to say but this would be what the map would have looked like if I played vanilla BG2. I know nobody wants that. Especially Hector.
  11. Hi! Wanted to first say what an amazing piece of art. Good job. It is very beautiful. I've looked at it with a zooming glass, just because I appreciate the detail you managed to capture half a face in the waterfall as well, an angry God perhaps? Maybe even a statue in the waterfall which the water runs off from? No matter. The rock just next to the boat looks like a bearded man's head as well. Has the thought struck you about one big world? One giant canvas? How intriguing does it seem versus the workload it naturally presents? Out of the scope or possibly a reality? A sandbox painting. There'd be prestige in it, no doubt. But is it something anyone would like to touch or even work with? Is it easier to create split areas instead of having a large painting?
  12. Yo! Windows Let me explain, in Baldur's Gate (I)nvetory is its own interface. What I'm curious about is if it could be handled like a Window screen. Statistics as well, perhaps the Journal too. Maybe I could customize it as well and press 1 button and bring up 4-5 windows on the screen. It'd be easier to drag and drop items to my team mates as well if I have Character 1 and Character 2 up on the screen at the same time. Tabs Customizable tabs in the Log, one could be for Dice Rolls in combat, one for purely Dialogue, I know there was a 3rd idea as well... perhaps a "Search" tab for finding traps or other stuff. It'll be easier to relocate what has been said with not having everything in one log. I could scroll up the Dialogue (A quick fix "Journal") to recall what has been said, the Journal would go a little bit more into detail of Quests and such. The combat log would obviously be important for combat, removing any subtitles of Battle Cries and such and mainly be focused on dice rolls. Sorry if I'm posting in the wrong section, thought it'd fit here better than Widgets but yeah, you'll be the judge of that Moderator [EDIT] Here are some links to other threads: Combat Log #1 Combat Log #2 Conversation Log & Combat Log Scrolling text log for dialogue and combat [/EDIT] And of course, what is your thoughts on the matter/topic?
  13. The map of Faerun makes no sense. There's deserts in places where you'd expect jungles, rivers with no credible source, badlands where by rights should be forest. I know, it's a fantasy world. so maybe I shouldn't care. But I do notice these things, surely I'm not the only one?
  14. I'm quite partial to the Baldur's Gate 1 style: it gave me the feeling of a massive world (contrary to the continuous maps like Skyrim, which scaled down world aspect feel wrong to me), and the feeling of freedom, and the discovery aspect. Oh and I love roaming in the countryside, I hope they'll put in a lot of non-city areas to explore.
  15. So all I really want is a cloth map in addition to my digital download - I find I always do nothing with all the other junk that comes with and takes up space, and I'd up my donation by up to 40 bucks to get one by itself. I don't want to pay $120 to get the map and tons of stuff I won't use. anyone else in my boat?
  16. I didn't see the following question covered in any other thread, so I'll ask here ... Does the Collector's Edition box contain the cloth map, or are they two separate items? I'm considering a pledge increase for the cloth map, but don't want to open the Collector's Edition box. I'd like to keep it sealed, and just play the digital download version that comes with the tier. This is especially important to me if I went with the Signed Collector's Edition box. Does anyone know if the map is inside the box or separate?
  17. My brother and I have both played through Baldur's Gate 1 & 2 countless times since we were teenagers, and we were debating the other day about which we prefer. We both more or less agreed that BG2 was an improvement on BG1 in pretty much every area: storytelling, combat, NPCs, classes and character specialisation etc etc. But despite all of that, in a way I still prefer BG1 for one reason: the immersiveness of the world, due to the inclusion of 'unimportant' zones across the world map. In case you haven't played either game, compare these two maps: In BG2, if you want to get to the Umar Hills, it's a single click from the Athkatla City Gates, and you're suddenly on the other side of the map. In BG1, after you leave Candlekeep you have to traverse two entire zones to get to the Friendly Arm Inn. Then you go South to Nashkel, which takes you across 4 zones. If you decide to do the Gnoll Stronghold side quest, you have to go across about 3 or 4 zones. All of which are 'insignificant' not only to the main storyline, but also to the large side-quests. Yet these unimportant in-between zones add so much to the immersion of the game. In that way, it's very similar to games like Fallout 3 or Skyrim. You can spend endless hours exploring the scenery and having random encounters, without ever progressing through the main story. And that, to me, is what makes a great, immersive RPG world. What do you guys think? Obviously every bit of content that goes into the game takes time (and money) to build, so there has to be a bit of a tradeoff. Would you rather see a fully populated world, with lots of inconsequential zones between the quests? Or would you rather that more time and effort went into major areas where the quests are actually carried out? And in case anyone from Obsidian is reading: what is your opinion on this? Do you guys have plans to create lots of in-between areas?
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