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  1. I notice an annoying bug where the screen will be panning (I think usually down and to the left) so my characters won't be on the screen when the page loads. I have to click somewhere to stop the panning, go to the map, and recenter on my players. This happens every time I change scenes. I'm running Ubuntu 14.04 and the latest patched version through steam. Short youtube video of the occurence. https://youtu.be/vm-kwDrNcxg
  2. Running Ubuntu and Pillars of Eternity (patched to 1.3) under Steam. I loaded a game (started before the patch if that matters) and added a new companion--a fighter--to hold the line and at some point during a battle at Caed Nua and noticed he was no longer wearing any clothes. I opened up his inventory and sure enough he was missing his chest armor and large shield. I retraced my steps on the map wondering if it was a game mechanic (like a disarm from an enemy), but didn't see any place he could have dropped it. I opened up my load menu and jumping back to the autosave where I entered Cae
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